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November 10, 2011 AD

Why Axelrod
Herman Cain

Israel's Supreme Court on Thursday ordered their former President Moshe Katsav to spend seven years in prison for rape.

America's former President, Bill Clinton, raped a woman, sexually harassed several others, and had a fling with a Jewish intern while President, and he is still considered America's elder statesman, collecting a federal pension, while his wife is the current Secretary of State.

Our current President, Barack Obama, took crack cocaine while having homosexual fellatio performed on him several times.

Why don't Jewish gypsies in America like David Axelrod have the same sense of morality while being guests of our country?

Jewish lawyer David Axelrod is no idiot and he appears to have vast national support. Axelrod can call up a Jewish administrator at Harvard, and for the good of Israel, Obama's Harvard records disappear. Axelrod can call up a Jewish clerk in Hawaii, and for the good of Israel, Obama's birth records are sealed. Axelrod can call up a Jewish county clerk in Chicago, and for the good of Israel, private sealed court records can be read publically.

According to Ann Coulter, while Obama was running for Senator of Illinois, Axelrod was able to make public everything that was legally made private in the private profile of Obama opponents.

And we may presume that it was also Axelrod who coordinated keeping private everything that was legally made public about the public profile of Obama's life.

So why the HUGE slip up that allowed the world to clearly see David Axelrod's fingerprints all over this Sharon Bialek bimbo eruption?

Sure, we all know NOW how deeply David Axelrod is involved in all three corruptions. The first two corruptions helped Obama win his Senatorial elections, but came to late to be of any value; whereas, the bimbo eruption corruption which has now helped make Herman Cain a martyr was uncovered 5 seconds after she opened her mouth.


Let there be no doubt -- this has all the markings of anointing Herman Cain as America's saintly martyr hero for the cause of removing the vast corruption of the Obama administration.

Who wouldn't now want to help Cain push out Jewish traitor David Axelrod and his crony puppet Obama?

In defense, I just keep retreating to my common refrain: "If the Jewish media-Scribe monopoly did not want the information out - good or bad - then they would not be talking about it day after day."

For instance, why do the Jewish media-Scribes CONSTANTLY talk about Catholic priest abuse of Catholic boys and girls, but they NEVER EVER talk about Rabbi abuse of poor Jewish boys and girls. See my point?

All we hear about now is Herman Cain. No more talk asking why Ron Paul is not being covered fairly. Nope, got to talk about the big current issues. If it bleeds, it leads, and Cain is "bleeding" right now.

But why help cast Herman Cain as a black "Joan of Arc" by leaving clumsy clues laying around easily traceable back to Obama?

Why would David Axelrod want to help Herman Cain and hurt Obama?

The answer is because David Axelrod is not really a Obama supporter. He created Obama for his agenda. Obama is his puppet to do his bidding.

David Axelrod is a Jew and hence a supporter of Israel first, and fact are that Israel is about to embark on one of its most dangerous affairs since its founding - a massive, premeditated, preemptive war with Iran.

David Axelrod knows that when Israel finally decides to attack Iran, it will need a strong, unwavering, American President at its side. And the man for that job is not Obama -- that man is Herman Cain.

Obama is being positioned by Axelrod as pro-Muslim, anti-Israel, so the Republicans are likewise being postioned to win.

Herman Cain has made his pilgrimage to Israel.

Herman Cain has pledged allegiance to Israel.

Herman Cain has virtually declared war on Iran already.

Herman Cain is a neo-Con who will take America to war on his command.

Herman Cain is 100% kosher.

Herman Cain is who Israel wants in their fight against Iran.

David Axelrod knows his job is to deliver the American war machine to Israel in 2012.

And let there be no doubt, Ron Paul is the last man on Earth Israel wants right now.

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