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November 3, 2011 AD

A Dirty Jew
Jack Abramoff
"I felt dirty"

Teflon Jack

Per the movie "Casino Jack" currently out on Netflix, Jack Abramoff, the infamous and consummate K-Street insider, is depicted as totally innocent of all wrong-doing.

And if any of his dealings look bad, then that was only because everyone else was doing it.

I find it very interesting that Hollywood would display an openly "devout Orthodox Jew" smack in the middle of the biggest financial scandal of pre-Jewish finincial schandals of Jewish Ponzi schemers Bennie Madoff and Nevin Shapiro days.

And what is truly interesting is the clear display of Jewish whitewashing bias in the film.

For instance, Jack Abramoff is considered the smartest lobbyist in Washington, yet in the movie, none of the swindling ideas were his. Nope, that honor went to Tom Delay's press secretary, Michael Scanlon.

Jack Abramoff is depicted as a good family man only wanting to provide for his family. Indeed, he wanted to start a Jewish school so his kids could get a good Jewish education. Only problem is that he had to play Robin Hood to do it -- steal from Indian tribes to give to the Jews.

And to give the excuse that "everyone was doing it" -- when Jack Abramoff was the glossy centerfold for K-Street bribes-for-influence schemes -- stretches all credibility.

Not just Herman Cain on the left and Barack Obama on the right
Teflon Jack on the left and Reality Jack on the Right

Speaking of Cain, why just today, Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington (CREW), the same group who broke the Abramoff scandal is putting a little more mustard on Cain's jacket with a story about the Koch Brothers saying that "Cain and his campaign manager, Mark Block, violated election laws by using $40,000 in funds from a non profit founded by Block to pay for iPads and charter flights for Cain's presidential campaign."

Seems that the old bribes-for-influence has not stopped. Of course everyone knows that, since you only have to look at Solyndra, SolarReserve and others. You only have to wonder how Romney and Obama obtained so much cash in their campaign when few voters with any money wants them. Ron Paul being the glowing exception to the Washington rule.

Book Release of Capitol Punishment, by Jack Abramoff

Jack Abramoff was as dirty as one gets in Washington, and he admits it.

"Then in the middle of the battle [for Ronald Reagan's MX missile funding], I received a phone call from a Democratic congressman from Corpus Christi, Texas, named Albert Bustamente, who asked me to come to his office immediately to discuss the MX missile vote. … I was in a cab before I even hung up the phone," he wrote.

Bustamente immediately said, "By my count, you are six votes short on the MX missile in the House. I have 13 votes for you, but I need something in return."

"Yes sir, what can I do for you?" Abramoff reported saying.

He related how Bustamente said the Defense Department was planning a new naval base and he wanted it in his district.

"If I get the base, you get the votes. If I don't, you don't. The votes are from the Hispanic Caucus, and they are solidly in my control. What do you say?" Abramoff recalls the congressman saying.

Facing a demand for an immediate answer, he called the White House and explained his predicament.

"A … White House staffer came on the line. 'OK, tell him he has the base,'" Abramoff wrote.

"Bustamente, who would later go to prison for similar antics, was impassive when I told him he'd get the base. He knew all along he'd get the base. The only one unsure about any of this was me.

I left his office feeling dirtier than I had ever felt in politics before. Unfortunately, I would soon become used to it," Abramoff wrote.
If that was as dirty as Jack got, I would call him a Washington hero. Getting a much needed missile defense system in a trade for where a much needed naval base would be based is not a scandal of any sort of the imagination. That is all American patriotism mixed with only a little bit of congressmen looking out for their own districts. Heck, it even helped a minority group which would make liberals happy as well.

Naw, the real dirt is what Jack did all on his own.

Yes, corrupt dirty gentiles are always corrupting our poor innocent Jews when Dirty Jew Jack Abramoff says

"I felt dirty!"

(See my full coverage of Casino Jack here)

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