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November 3, 2011 AD

Why were the Romans so cruel?

Expose on
Replacement Theology

To believe in Replacement Theology, you have to believe that God abandoned Israel and "replaced" Israel with the Christian Church.

This is a hideous falsehood.

Christians do not believe God abandoned Israel. In fact, Christians believe God strengthened his love of Israel by sending his only begotten Son to his Chosen People in his Promised Land -- and as per the plan since Isaiah, his Chosen People started following Christ.

The Left Behind Jews are the twig that has died and broken off due to their arrogant denial of God's ultimate gift of Christ, and their sinful denial of Christ's salvation, while God extended his blessings to the Gentiles by allowing them to be grafted to the living vine, to become fully-pledged citizens of Israel.

"Before the First Jewish Revolt,
Christianity was basically
a sect of Judaism,
as were the
Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes."

-- The error of Replacement Theology,
-- by Clarence H. Wagner, Jr.

I do believe I see the error in The error of Replacement Theology.

In order to place Jews on the same level as Christians, Clarence Wagner had to place the Son of God on the same level as the Pharisees and Sadducees who Jesus condemned as the Synagogue of Satan.

Is this an example of calling good evil and calling evil good?

The Pharisees and Sadducees petition Pontius Pilate to crucify Jesus, and now avowed Christians like Clarence Wagner are saying that the Pharisees and Sadducees are as godly as Jesus.

It is a sad day for Christianity.

The rest of Clarence Wagner's dissertation goes downhill from there.

In paragraph after paragraph, Wagner explains that it is the Christians who have moved away from God, not the Jesus-denying Jews. Nope, not the Jesus-denying Jews who went on to create for themselves the Talmud between 200 AD and 500 AD. Wagner never mentions the fact that the Jews now guide themselves by the Talmud over the Torah.

Wagner never says that the Jesus-denying Jews have themselves ALSO moved away from their Jewish roots.

Some of Wagner's quotes read like "Paul's missionary journeys brought the Christian faith to the Gentile world, and as their numbers grew, so did their influence, which ultimately disconnected Christianity from its Jewish roots."
See, he believes Christians started forgetting where they came from, like a country hick moving into the big city.

And it's all Paul's fault.

Next Wagner states, "Many Gentile Christians interpreted the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem as a sign that God had abandoned Judaism, and that He had provided the Gentiles freedom to develop their own Christian theology in a setting free from Jerusalem's influence.
Did Wagner just say that it is Christians who develop Christian theology, NOT Jesus Christ.

Wow! I thought that that the infallibility of the Bible was the one thing set in granite stone, but Wagner has straightened us all out now, he did.

Next up for Wagner, "It is important to understand this change, because it influenced the early Church Fathers to make anti-Jewish statements as Christianity began to disconnect itself from its Jewish roots."
I love that it that the word "anti-Christian" never comes out of the mouths of these mouths. For example, Clarence could easily have said, "the Jesus-denying SECT of Jews who murdered Jesus Christ in the Bible were perhaps a shade "anti-Christian"".

Nope. The word "anti" only goes one way when making accusations against Christians - or whites - or men - or Europeans - or rich people.

And anyone who mentions our poor Jesus freely giving himself up for crucification, by daring to mention that Jesus-denying Jews had any hand in it at all, are automatically labeled anti-Semites by the religious PC.

And again, "disconnect from its Jewish roots"? Wagner implies that Christians do not see themselves as a continuum of O.T. Judaism. Which of course, Wagner later states that the problem with Christian is that they DO BELIEVE they are the continuum of Judaism. "Logic" only flows one direction as well for Wagner.

Wagner now starts playing dirty, "As the Church spread far and wide within the Roman Empire, and its membership grew increasingly non-Jewish, Greek and Roman thought began to creep in and completely change the orientation of Biblical interpretation through a Greek mindset, rather than a Jewish or Hebraic mindset. This would later result in many heresies, some of which the Church is still practicing today."
Wagner believes that Christians are not capable of reading the inerrant word of God.

According to Wagner, "Christians are heretics".

But dirty was only a start for Wagner, "As Christianity grew, the Romans tried to suppress it. In an attempt to alleviate this persecution, Christian apologists tried in vain to convince Rome that Christianity was an extension of Judaism. However, Rome was not convinced. The resulting persecutions and frustration of the Christians bred an animosity toward the Jewish community, which was free to worship without persecution. Later, when the Church became the religion of the state, it would pass laws against the Jews in retribution."
A very, very good question Wagner's statement begs asking.

"Why did the Romans try to suppress Christianity?"

Many Christians may look to their Bibles to understand this, for they may remember the Jesus-denying Jews telling the Romans that Jesus was a heretic to Judaism and that the Romans should be persecuting the leader of the Christians by crucifixion.

Naw, Roman persecution could not be the fault of the Jesus-denying Jews whispering into the ears of Romans that they know Christians and Christians are evil.

Sure Romans tolerated the Jews. Can't figure that one out because Jews say they are the ones everyone loves to hate from time immemorial. They are the only persecuted peoples, they say.

Sure Wagner himself states that the Romans had to suppress Jewish revolts, yet still the Romans continued to tolerate the Jews, whom Jews say everyone loves to hate.

But as our history books and cheap Jewish-produced bread and circuses "feed the Christians to the Lions", movies tell us, Romans persecuted Christians because everyone knows that the Romans were just blood-thirsty intolerant SOBs. (This is sarcasm of course)

And then, according to Wagner, after Christianity, against all odd, converted the entire Roman Empire peacefully with love and compassion to Christianity, again according to Wagner, those cruel Christians leaped at the chance to persecute our poor innocent Jewish friends. (more sarcasm)

But hey, the purpose and intent of Wagner's blog is to trash Christianity not Judaism.

Perhaps Clarence Wagner Jr. is not really Christian but a secret Jewish writer pretending to be Christian?

Otherwise, I would say it was he who was the heretic, not the entire Christian world he condemns.

Replacement Theology is a falsehood

It bears repeating once more.

God never abandoned Israel, but strengthened his love of the Promised Land of Israel, by sending his only begotten Son to his Chosen People so that they could know salvation through Christ.

  • Justin Martyr (c. 160 AD) in speaking to a Jew said: "The Scriptures are not yours, but ours."

  • Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyon (c. 177 AD) declared: "Jews are disinherited from the grace of God."

  • Tertullian (160-230 AD), in his treatise, "Against the Jews," announced that God had rejected the Jews in favor of the Christians.

  • In the early 4th century, Eusebius wrote that the promises of the Hebrew Scriptures were for Christians and not the Jews, and the curses were for the Jews. He argued that the Church was the continuation of the Old Testament and thus superseded Judaism. The young Church declared itself to be the true Israel, or "Israel according to the Spirit," heir to the divine promises.

  • Hilary of Poitiers (AD 291-371) wrote: "Jews are a perverse people accursed by God forever."

  • Gregory of Nyssa (died AD 394), Bishop of Cappadocia: "the Jews are a brood of vipers, haters of goodness..."

  • St. Jerome (AD 347-407) describes the Jews as "... serpents, wearing the image of Judas, their psalms and prayers are the braying of donkeys."

  • At the end of the 4th century, the Bishop of Antioch, John Chrysostom wrote in his 4th Discourse, "I have said enough against those who say they are on our side, but are eager to follow the Jewish rites... it is against the Jews that I wish to draw up my battle... Jews are abandoned by God and for the crime of deicide, there is no expiation possible."

  • St. Augustine tackled the burning question of "If the Jews and Judaism were cursed by God, then how can you explain their existence?" In his "Sermon Against the Jews." He asserted that even though the Jews deserved the most severe punishment for having put Jesus to death, they have been kept alive by Divine Providence to serve, together with their Scriptures, as witnesses to the truth of Christianity.

    -- The error Of Replacement Theology by Clarence Wagner Jr
  • Indeed, expanding on St. Augustine's comments, "Moses-denying Jews to not exist today, so why do Christ-denying Jews exist?"

    When Moses brought down the Ten Commandments, the Jews who refused to follow God's Ten Commandments were all unmercifully put to death.

    In contrast, when God brought down his Son, the Left Behind Jews who refused to follow God's Son Jesus Christ were mercifully spared by the very ministry of Christ's love and their purposes will be made clear in the end times.


    God sent his only begotten Son to his Chosen People so that they could know salvation through Christ, as proof indeed that he never abandoned his love of Israel, but there can be no doubt that, much more than was Jews received from Moses, Christ brought forth an enlightened spirituality received from God for his people to observe.

    As Christ proclaimed, "It is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise." (Romans 9:6-8 )

    Jesus, the Promise fulfilled, proclaims Christians to be the true Chosen People of Israel.

    The Left Behind Jews who have arrogantly rejected God's ultimate gift of Christ, who have rejected the Kingdon of Heaven, by clinging to the Promised Land Kingdom on Earth, who have openly and knowingly rejected the salvation of Christ, and who have henceforth turned themselves into a dead, broken twig on the living vine of Israel, can only mean and imply that, so long as these Left Behind Jews remain steadfast in their sinful rejection of Christ, they are excluded from God's graces.

    And it needs to be said, that God in his infinite love has expressively extended his grace and blessings to both Jews and Gentiles alike by allowing Gentile Christians to be grafted to the living vine of Israel -- same as the native-born seed of Abraham, Jewish Christians -- thus making Gentile Christians full and complete naturalized citizens of Israel.

    Source: Clarence H. Wagner, Jr.
    The error Of Replacement Theology

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