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November 3, 2011 AD

Children of the Promise
are the
Children of God

"It is not
the Children of the Flesh
who are the Children of God
but the Children of the Promise."

-- Romans 9:6-8

Does God command Christians today to believe that Jews are God's Chosen People and hence God commands Christians to worship Jews?

Or is the reverse closer to the truth in that the quote given here from Romans 9 more correct?

Paul tells us that Jesus was the Promise to the Children of the Flesh - Jews, but Paul also says that only the Children of the Promise - Christians -- are now the Children of God.

Did the Jews who listened to Jesus on the Sermon on the Mount lose their rights to be called God's Chosen People, or were they transformed into the New Testament version of God's Chosen People?

Did these Jews whose hearts were opened to the Word of the Lord lose their citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven by becoming Christian or is Paul telling us that the Jewish natural-born citizens by blood, who rejected the authority of Jesus, are to be thrown out of the Kingdom of Heaven?

Did the Children of the Flesh lose their birthright to being called Children of God by refusing to become the Children of the Promise?

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