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October 30, 2011 AD


Against the onslaught of an increasingly anti-religious government and an increasingly larger Muslim immigrant community, many have gone to defensively group all Christians with Jews by using the term Judeo-Christian. The supposed tie between Christians and Jews is the common legal heritage of the 10 Commandments of Moses, from which Judeo-Christian morality is supposed to flow.

Convenient for the Jews that our joint religious morality stopped with Moses, leaving the entire teachings of Jesus on the cutting room floor in the construction of this grandeous monument, but in fact, as I will prove, there is not a man alive calling himself Jewish who believes anywhere remotely as Moses does.

When I was a child, many Americans called themselves Anglo-American. Pat Buchanan is one of the last of that dying breed.

This hypenated-American word was perhaps sponken in the past mostly as a way for ethnic identification, as many in those days called themselves African-American, Irish-American, Italian-American and so forth.

But in fact, what do Americans really admire and respect about England?

With the Declaration of Independence, America declared herself free of the rule of England, not even wanting to be a part of her Commonwealth.

With the Constitution, America declared that she was not to be ruled by an absolute dictator. The American people would not to look to a King for guidance in their day-to-day affairs, and certainly would never leave the grave matters of life and death in the hands of one man.

With the Bill of Rights, American Christians declared that they were not going to be ruled by a dictator in the matter of their religion either. American Christians were not going to look to government for guidance in religious beliefs as the Church of England was forced to do by the King of England. America would reject any King James who commanded a Bible be written under his authority and then commanded what those words meant to all. America would reject the religious wars of any Queen Elizabeth as she did against Scotland and Ireland.

Of course, there was always the understanding among American Christians that they would declare war against any group, including even against any religious group, who would dare to attempt to destroy their Constitution, as the Jews attempt to do today, or as the Muslims would do if in great enough numbers.

While it is a fact that Americans mercilessly starved the Plains Indians into submission by killing off their buffalo herds, it is also a fact that once safely on Indian reservations, America insured that the pagan Indians were converted to Christianity and well fed. In contrast to England, where England's Christians allowed their Irish Christian neighbors to starve in their potato famine, over differences in mere sects of Christianity, where their great-great-grandparents both shared the exact same Christian beliefs.

America certainly has a heritage from England, but she also was not ashamed to fight two bitter wars against her either.

Today, many Christians feel a heritage with the faith of Judaism, but the tie with ethnic Jews is much weaker than the tie with the English or their religion.

Religiously, Judaism is a non-Christian religion - it specifically rejects the teachings of the Son of God. The Anglican Church on the other hand is very similar to all other Christian beliefs, including the Catholic heritage it came from.

Ethnically, real Jews are a Semitic people, closer to the Palestinian Arabs they fight; whereas, most Americans are of English or other European heritage.

Nationally, Christians in America feel an undivided loyalty to their adopted country, with little to none toward England; whereas, Jews feel anything but loyalty to their adopted country, with much loyalty to Israel.

Moses, the great unifier of Christians and Jews is not so unifying after all if you logically deduce what Moses believes today. Sure he was a Jew when he brought down the Ten Commandments, but then everyone was a mere religious child in those days. It was only after Moses died and went to heaven, that he grew up religiously, because only at that time did Moses become well acquainted with Jesus, seeing Jesus sitting at the right hand of God, as Earthly Jews would become aware much later with the arrival of Jesus on Earth.

I can safely say that there has not been a Jew alive for the last 2,000 years who believes as Moses does.

Jews today are still pre-Jesus religious brats, who throw tantrums and outright reject the adult teachings of Christ.

If Jews and Christians cannot even agree about the fundamental beliefs of Moses, then why bother calling each other Ten Commandments-based Judeo-Christians?

How can Christians believe that the people of any other religion, ESPECIALLY JEWS, are God's Chosen People, when God went out of his way to bring Jesus to those exact same people?

Christians and only Christians inherit the mantle of God's Chosen People.

Sodom and Gomorrah rejected God's Word and He destroyed them, but Jews for the last 2,000 years have also reject God's Word, his most important Words, spoken through his only begotten Son, and evangelical Christians worship at the feet of the Jews who were given the Light to see the path, but who then refused to follow in the footsteps of Christ, the ones who had Christ crucified.

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