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November 28, 2011 AD

Super-States in your backyard

Much has been made of the United Nation wanting to create regional super-states, such as the North American Union, The European Union, and upcoming African and Asian Unions, which would be able to circumnavigate the sovereignties of their individual countries (for the common good of course).

We are led to believe that the North American Union was stalled with stiff American resistance, or so we thought, but unfortunately, this monster has been resurrected and is now growing like a cancer within our States.

You may have heard of Agenda 21?

I have many times, but it didn't mean anything to me -- until Henry Lamb explained it.

First off, America itself is already a super-State of 50 States and one Federal government, all under the umbrella of the Constitution, each having its own sovereignty, (until that is, the 17th Amendment in 1913 removed the State's authority over the Senate, leaving the Federal government without that critical vertical checks and balances it needed to restrain its' growth.)

In Agenda 21, regional shadow governments are being created within the States largely answerable only to the Federal government by way of the purse strings and federal laws the Feds brings to the table.

Local cities and counties are being co-opted from their first allegiance to the State. Their allegiance are turning to the interlocking arms of the Department of Housing and Urban Renewal, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Transportation, among others.

These regional governments are not subject to direct elections by the people, and hence control by the people, as the States are. They are the seeds of dictatorial control over all the States, directed by Washington.

If we are to survive, the States MUST select and fund their own Senator to run in the next election, answerable ONLY TO THEM!

And once in control of the Senate, the States should have the House bring them Articles of Impeachment, so that every corrupt criminal can be removed from the Supreme Court to the Executive.

Then not just a repeal of the 17th Amendment, but a tougher Amendment that would REQUIRE each State legislature to do its duty to select Senators to represent their State, forbidding a DEMOCRATIC vote for Senator by the People, who already have a voice in the House.

Last but not least, bring treason charges against the Judeo-Usurpers of the Constitution who have caused this grief.

As Henry Lamb believes, we must regain "the consent of the governed."

Source: Henry Lamb
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Source: Henry Lamb
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