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November 20, 2011 AD

Rosa Parks
and the

Why is this segregation not headlines?

Jewish Women
in New York City
Judeo-Taliban Men
to Ride in the
Back of the Bus!!!!

"Blacks Only"
Bus Station
Durham, NC : 1940

"Whites Only"
Greyhound Bus Terminal
Memphis : 1943

"Jewish Men Only"
Hasidic Taliban

"Precious Jewish Daughter:
Please move to the side
when a man approaches!"
(Yiddish Translation)
New York City Street

On one New York City metro route, the Jewish Taliban men rule.

Jewish "Rosa Parks" mothers are forced by their cruel Hasidic Jewish brethren to pay the driver at the front and then move all the way down the aisle, with stroller and children in hand, to sit at the back of the bus.

"Oh, we Jewish women want to ride in the back with all the other women," will say the Jewish women.

"And your religiously-fanatic Jewish men have nothing to do with this, right?" asks the fair and unbiased reporter.

"We are nothing like the Muslim taliban. We would NEVER beat our sisters and wives if they disobeyed us," say the Jewish taliban.

Oh really? Without a belief in Jesus to moderate Judaism, what exactly has changed for Jews?

Biblical Sharia

1. How the former slaves of Israel treated their own slaves.
    a. Non Israelites taken as slaves for life. (Lv 25:44-46)
    b. A Hebrew slave was obligated for only six years of slavery but he had to leave behind the wife his master gave him, along with his children. (Ex 21:2-6; De 15:12-18)
    c. They could beat their slave savagely with a stick so long as he or she did not die within a day or two. (Ex 21:20,21 compare to Ex 2:11,12)

2. Exterminate thy neighbors.(Lev 19:18)

    a. All of them, some of the time. (De 3:1-6)
    b. Men only at other times. Women and children are considered plunder. (De 20:10-18)
    c. Everyone except virgin girls when the mood strikes. (Nu 31:13-18)

3. How the Israelites treated their ladies.

    a. Women get their hands cut off for defending their husbands by seizing his attacker's testicles. (De 25:11,12)
    b. They executed the victim of rape if she was engaged to be married. (De 22:23,24)
    c. They forced the victim of rape to marry her rapist if she was single. (De 22:28,29)

-- Geo Hernandez

Mind you: This segregated bus is NOT a totally private, "totally secular" bus such as Greyhound which New York City Jews came South during the 1960's to help the Rosa Parks of the South overcome racial discrimination, but a "private bus company" on a "public route" won in a "public competitive bid" in the Yankee North.

How could a religiously-based company win a public transportation bid anyway and not get sued by the ACLU?

Oh, they are Jewish - not Christian. Explains why everyone is cool with it.

Women in the back,
Controversy up front in NY Bus

The exterior colors are different: red, white and blue. The price for a single ride is the same, $2.50, but MetroCards are not accepted. The bus does not run Friday night or most of Saturday.

But the most obvious sign that the B110 is different was demonstrated Wednesday by Gitty Green, a 30-year-old mother who boarded the bus on Wednesday with her three children and a stroller and headed straight to the back.

As her two older sons perched on the seats behind her, she looked ahead at the men seated in front, mostly Hasidic Jews in wide-brimmed hats, and said, because her religion dictates the separation of the sexes, she never wondered what it would be like to sit with them.

“It’s such a normal thing for us that women and men are separate,” she said. “Most of the ladies go to the back.”

The B110 bus, which runs between Williamsburg and Borough Park, has been run by Private Transportation Corporation since 1973, under a franchise with the city. And to many in the area, the bus’s tradition of separation comes with little surprise or indignation.

But this week, the bus’s practices gained widespread publicity after The New York World, a Columbia Journalism School publication, reported that a female rider was told by other riders that she had to leave the front. The story was quickly picked up by bloggers and even came to the attention of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday, the mayor said that segregating men and women was “obviously not permitted” on public buses. “Private people: you can have a private bus,” he added. “Go rent a bus, and do what you want on it.”

Discriminatory practices?

Even though a private operator runs the bus, it was awarded the route through a public and competitive bidding process. Seth Solomonow, a spokesman for the Transportation Department, said the bus was supposed to be “available for public use” and could not discriminate.

-- Christine Haughney of NYT

Men exiting bus in front
Women exiting bus in back

Same "Back of the Bus" mentality in Israel

Source: Christine Haughney of NYT
Women in the back, controversy up front in NY bus

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