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November 17, 2011 AD

Who says
Ron Paul is not Conservative?

There are many who say they would not vote for Ron Paul because he is too liberal.

For instance, in the same fashion that Ron Paul argues that "Saudi Arabian" hijackers on 9/11 was a propagandist crisis that could not go to waste, giving America the excuse to invade "Iraq", now these propagandists are saying that an attack plot on "Saudi Arabia's" ambassador, is a reason for the United States to attack "Iran". And once again, they say that "Ron Paul is a liberal and on the wrong side"!

These neo-Con war-mongers cannot even connect the dots in any sane manner! But they call Ron Paul the crazy one!

I don't have to like Iran to say that Iran is doing what we should have done!!!!! Why punish Iran? This incident is not even our fight and Saudi Arabia is NOT our friend!!!!

OK, the Saudi Arabian puppet ruler is our "friend", but the people of Saudi Arabia obviously hate us.

Seems this is not the way the world works in reality. Normally, we seem to only attack a country if the ruler hates us, knowing full well that the people are like any other people and will be killed by the millions -- think of Germany and Japan as an example.

From every report I have ever seen about Iran, the Iranian people actually love America. It's just that crazy Iranian ruler that we have to kill -- to free these loving but oppressed people you see.

See a pattern yet?

Saudi people fly planes into our skyscrapers and we do not attack the Saudi Arabian people, but Iranian people love us and we want to attack the Iranian people? Common sense eh?

But Ron Paul does not want to attack Iran and he is deemed to be too liberal??

No way!

According to, Ron Paul is to the right of Attila the Hun. There is no one in the last 50 years to the right of Ron Paul - not even Barry Goldwater or Ronald Reagan.

Out of 3,320 politicians listed, from the #1 most liberal, Ron Paul ranked as the dead-last liberal at # 3,320!

In his Plan To Restore America Press Conference today, Ron Paul counters propagandists who say that government is not regulating Wall Street, banks or business enough(or even regulating "We the People" enough - if we happen to have too much money) -- the real problem, according to Ron Paul, is that there is too little regulation of government.

So in Wolf BLitzer's interview, he tells Ron Paul that he is not in step with other Republican leaders in his military policy.

Ron Paul's response, "I'm closer to the American people and to the people in the military."

Most sane Americans believe Ron Paul is right and want him to go to Washington to clean the White House!

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