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October 3, 2011 AD

The Politics of G

“Politicians are like diapers;
they need to be changed often and for the same reason.”

-- Mark Twain

The Christian Solution has a slightly different definition of left and right, liberal and conservative.

The left liberal worships G - Government.

The right conservative worships a different G - God.

Left Liberal

To the left liberal, there is the one and only G, so the polytheistic G of 50 relatively independent State G's is blasphemy. They must seek to have one monotheistic G in one almighty Federal G.

In the decentralized United States, the three evils of 1913, the Federal Reserve, the 16th Amendment and the 17th Amendment were what enabled the left liberals to accomplish this conversion to the worship of the One Federal G, slowly like a cancer over many decades. Russia was already a centralized G focused on the other G, so four years later, the 1917 Communist Revolution was able to accomplish as much with one fell swoop.

But to the purist left liberal, that is still not enough. They see a world awash in G polytheism.

The Communist left liberal tried to spread their G worship worldwide through subversion and invasion, and with collusion in Washington and London, that attempt was largely successful having spread to China and Eastern Europe but it eventually stagnated and failed.

So the new fight for the left liberals is for a One World United Nations G built of regional super-states.

To a left liberal, the Lutheran speaking German, the Catholic speaking French, the Orthodox speaking Greek, and the Anglican speaking English, can unite all their vastly disparate interests into the worship of the one European Union Super-State G of the United Nations.

Having accomplished this phenomenal feat in Europe of which neither Napoleon nor Hitler could boast, the left liberal is easily proceeding now with the trivial task of an Arab Spring, to destroy the secular polytheistic G's of the Muslim world's Hosni Mubaraks and Moammar al-Qaddafis, in order to unite all Arab-speaking Muslims under one Middle Eastern Muslim Super-State G - excluding Israel of course.

In the America, the North American Union (NAU) Super-state G of Canada, the United States and Mexico was pushed openly for a while, but now proceeds underground after push-back developed.

In this worship of government G's within the G super-states, there can be no worship allowed of the other G - God. Communism was the strictest about this, while the crackdown is being slowly implemented in the European Union and the emerging NAU super-states.

Islam is the power and unifying feature behind the Arab Spring super-state G, but the eventual result will be an Arab Union super-state G which violently suppresses the other G, mostly when it wants to confront Israel, who will become its BFF.

Right Conservative

The Right Conservative openly and proudly worships the one G, Creator of heaven and earth.

But not all the right conservatives are in agreement as to the one G, so they try to live their lives under a government G which will respect their religious G.

In the United States, with many versions of right conservative G worship, they rightfully do not trust in a singular government G and wants 50 independent State G's in which to choose to live under.

In England, the right conservative wants to speak English and worship an Anglican G.

In France, the right conservative wants to speak French and worship a Roman Catholic G.

In Greece, the right conservative wants to speak Greek and worship a Greek Orthodox G.

You get the message.

Have they in the past started wars to conquer and impose their religious G upon their neighbors? -- Sure!

But is that the major concern these days (even from the threat of Muslim-based G's?) - No!! Absolutely Not! The major threat to everyone's religious G today, Christian as well as Muslim, is the G of the left liberal.

And the left liberal leaders are primarily not Christian nor Muslim, but Jewish. Hummm!!!

Left liberal tactic against Right Conservatives

The basic tactic of the left liberal Jewish leaders is to tell the right conservative Christian leaders that there is absolutely no room for his religious G in their government G and furthermore, their left liberal G worship encompasses everything in life, from birth, to education of the child, to marriage, to children from the marriage, to work, to entertainment, to retirement, to death.

This tactic of theirs fails with 50 powerful State G's.

For instance, what Lutheran living in Arkansas cares if the majority Baptists in Arkansas creates a Arkansas G based upon the morality of Baptist G, if he knows that if it bothered him too much, then he could freely move to North Dakota which has a State G built upon the morality of the Lutheran G?

The only loser in a 50 State G system is the Jewish worshipers of the Judaic G, who are not even close to being the majority of any State G.

But the tactic of the left liberal Jew wins if the 50 State G's are subverted into one federal G, since no version of Christian G worship is now a majority. In this case, the threat of one or another version of another religious G worship becomes a MAD principle - Mutual Assured Destruction. With MAD, it becomes easy for the left liberal Jews to talk the right conservative Christian majority into agreeing that no one's religious G will have any influence in the left liberal Jewish worship of their G.

Throw on the icing of the prohibitions contained in the 1st Amendment upon the religious G in the federal G (but not in the State G) and they have won the war.

Basis for right conservative Christians to overrule left liberals.

The answer to the priests of the left liberals who constantly tell right conservatives that they have no right to bring their religious "intolerances" into the sphere of government, is for the right conservatives to tell the left liberal priests that they have no right whatsoever to bring their worship of immorality, such as same-sex marriage and abortion, into THEIR GOVERNMENT!

That's right! The Christian religious G created the State G, and the Christian religious G wants right conservative Christians to participate in the State G. (Matt. 22:21; Romans 13:1; 1 Tim. 2:1-4; 1 Peter 2:13-17)

"The Solution" proposed by the Christian Solution is to reverse the 1913 triple evils of the Federal Reserve, the 16th and 17th Amendments, to remove the United Nations from our soil, to insure true freedom of the press and finally, to make sure that State governments are subject to the citizens of the State, EVEN IF the majority of their citizens want their State government to have the same morality as they do.

Source: Godfather Politics
Politicians are Like Dirty Diapers

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