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October 3, 2011 AD

Media Manipulation
Chris Christie
Mitt Romney
Herman Cain

The Republican leadership, in partnership with the Jewish media-Scribes, are busy as of late filling American Republican heads with propaganda that "you are not satisfied with your current choice of 9 Republicans running for President. You want someone else!"

The media-Scribes are not going to tell me how to vote. I am 100% satisfied with my choice for President -- A real corruption-fighter Ron Paul.

Many others are perfectly satisfied with one or more of the other 8 (now 7) contenders.

Is there anyone who believes that these candidates do NOT cover the entire gambit of Republican beliefs? From fiscal conservative to cultural conservative to even (as we wil see in the videos below) to non-fiscal cultural liberal?

Would 20 more choices on the Republican side help the selection much?

If ANYONE should be utterly displeased with their choices for President, it should be the Democrats.

What choice do Democrats have but one single DICTATOR named Barrack Obama?

  • . Who fights wars like a Neo-Con Republican!

  • . Who supports the immorality of gay Democrats but condemns the morality of blue-dog Democrats!

  • . Who fundraises with fat-cat corrupt rich donors more than even the most RINO of Republicans do, to the tune of $1 billion dollars.

  • . Who does not have "the heart" to put "their jobs" as his "job one", but instead has his heart, mind and soulless soul set toward fancy, elusive, fat cat country club golf courses.

  • . Who claims to be a class warfare fighter - for the poor - but whose "best friend" is the absolute richest man in America -- Warren Buffet - a man who has not had a real job in decades, but gambles in the stock market "stealing" his riches straight from your 401K and pension funds. I thought Democrats can't trust filthy rich people, so why are they trusting the likes of the mega-rich like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates?

  • . Whose concerns are more for his Muslim countrymen in Kenya, than with poor Americans who donate more to their church charity than he does to any charity.
Needless to say, we are told by the liberal Jewish media-Scribes that EVERYONE is clamoring for Chris Christie to enter the race on the already overflowing Republican ticket.

We should all thank them for their deep concern for the small town conservative Christians in this country. (A huge amount of sarcasm intended!)

But do NOT be lured by the word "Christ" twice contained in the name Christopher Christie. It is yet another trap set by the same media-Scribes who wanted Obama as the Messiah last election and wants the Republicans to have "Christ"ie this election!

Let there be no doubt -- The Jewish media-Scribes want "Christ"ie to replace the last guy they put into office.


Chris "Christ"ie campaigned for Daddy Bush and Baby Bush, later being appointed by Baby Bush as a federal prosecutor. A little New York Time "investigation" after he wins the Republican primary but just before the general election against Obama, will tell Republicans and more important - Independents" -- that Christie got his job as a federal prosecutor, as a favor to the "One World" Bushes, whom Republicans learned to hate. The taint of scandal to discredit "Christ"ie is already pre-arranged.

He became Governor of New Jersey by default, since he was running on the Republican ticket as a "corruption fighter" (federal prosecutor), at the exact same time it was revealed that the existing Governor Corzine, running for re-election, was a corrupt Democratic politician (corrupt = Democrat -- redundant, I know!) That is, Governor Corzine defeated himself!

As Governor, the media-Scribes built up "Christ"ie's UNDESERVED "national" reputation for in-your-face fiscal austerity. They know that the Tea Party will eat this up. But in fact, there is nothing about "Christ"ie that is true.

According to Joseph Farah of World Net Daily:

  • . He is a big proponent of government-managed trade by agreeing to "cap and trade". Meaning: "Christ"ie is not a capitalist, but a die-in-the-wool socialist.

  • . "His budget included new taxes, new fees, federal stimulus funds and none of the across-the-board tax cuts he promised. His budget is actually 6 percent bigger than his predecessor's, and the budget for the governor's office increased tenfold." Meaning" "Christ"ie looks more like George W Bush or even Obama-lite.

  • . "Despite his popular anti-union rhetoric, he has yet to eliminate even one state employee." Meaning: "Christ"ie talks like Ronald Reagan but "Christ"ie is no Ronald Reagan.

  • . "Jersey conservatives say his Cabinet is filled with the kind of progressives that would be equally comfortable in a Barrack Obama Cabinet. He has refused to join other states in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare, but he accepts federal funds for the implementation of a program in New Jersey that will likely someday be called "Christie-care."" Meaning: Getting the message why the same liberal media-Scribes who elected Obama want the Republicans to draft this guy?

  • . "He supports amnesty for illegal aliens, supports the construction of the Ground Zero mosque and favors strict gun control" Meaning: "Christ"ie is the perfect "Democrat" to run against Obama.
And there's more...

"Christ"ie is the darling of the New York City hedge fund managers. BIG RED FLAG ALERT! Are not these the same guys who got us into this mess in the first place?

Meet the Draft Christie committee, a small but influential group of Republican-leaning donors and activists, many based in New York, united by a shared desire to see Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey run for president.

There is Kenneth G. Langone, the billionaire Home Depot founder who is perhaps Mr. Christie’s most fervent booster; Paul E. Singer, the publicity-shy hedge fund magnate and Republican activist who is among the most-sought-after Republican donors in the country; and David H. Koch, the industrialist, Tea Party benefactor and, according to Forbes, the richest man in New York.

Charles R. Schwab, the personal investment guru, is also among those who have shown interest in seeing a Christie presidential bid, according to published reports and people familiar with the discussions, as is the financier Stanley F. Druckenmiller. So are the hedge fund managers David Tepper and Daniel S. Loeb, a onetime supporter of President Obama.

-- Wealthy, Influential, Leaning Republican and Pushing a Christie Bid for President

Then there is the fact that there is no Christ in the word "Christ"ie.

Mr. Christie’s decision to tap Muslim-American attorney Sohail Mohammed to a state bench, as well as his previous pro-choice stance and support of civil unions could give voters pause, Mr. Perkins said, even though the New Jersey governor has since cast himself as an ally of the pro-life movement and a supporter of traditional marriage.

--Conservative leader: Christie wouldn’t get evangelical vote

Summing it all up

Eastern liberal New Jersey politician Chris Christie is now being promoted by the propaganda machine of the media-Scribes because their standard-bearer Eastern liberal Massachusetts politician Mitt Romney can't get any traction even when the press is covering his tail by hiding these National Republican-killing past campaigns of Romney's while running for office in Taxachusetts.

Romney STRONG on Abortion

Federal Reserve officer Herman Cain may beat "Christ"ie to the hearts of the swooning Republican masses if the Jewish mass-media-Scribes will continue to cover for him by hiding this wishy but sneaky lie.

Cain speaking out both sides of his mouth on Abortion

Source: New York Times
Chris Christie

Source: Joseph Farah of WND
Chris Christie's accomplishments

Source: New York Times
Conservative leader: Christie wouldn’t get evangelical vote

Source: Nicholas Confessore at New York Times
Wealthy, Influential, Leaning Republican and Pushing a Christie Bid for President

Source: Joseph Farah of WND
Why Romney can't win

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