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October 2, 2011 AD

Jews planned Genocide against Germans

The media took a poll and said that "68% do not trust mass media".

Which means the truth is "98% do not trust mass media".
So, you have a Zionist organization who finally got tired being the world's gypsies for the last 2,000 years and decided that "This year, we will meet in Jerusalem".

In practice, it took more than a few years for the planning and execution stage, but they pulled it off. Israel exists!

How did they do it?

Plan 1

Most of the world's Jews at that time were in Russia, so the Zionists figured they had to create such a living hell in Russia for the Jews that they would want to leave and return to their "God-given" homeland in Jerusalem.

The Christian leader of Russia at the time, Tzar Alexander the Liberator, was assassinated in cold blood by a terroist gang of Jews. This was calculated to cause a major reaction among the Christians in Russia in the form of pogroms against Jews, making many Jews want to leave and many did leave in the 1880's out of fear for their lives -- to Christian America!! Not to Palestine as predicted!

The Zionists had a small problem they had not resolved first. Helps to get Jews to move to Palestine if the Zionists already had control of Palestine first. If I were a Jew, I would not go there with the Muslims in charge. Would you?

So the plan to have so many Jews invade Palestine at once and overwhelm the locals did not work out so well.

Plan 2

So they created World War I, where Churchill's major strategy was to defeat the Ottoman Empire, not the Germans. This was done, not to free Constantinople from the Muslims for the Christians who died in battle -- but to free Jerusalem to hand over to the Jews who were not fighting.

England gave Palestine to the Jews for literally nothing, since the Jews had started the war in the first place and had promised that they would end the war by dragging America into the war on England's side -- if England gave them Palestine.

I would not call what was done mutual help -- I would call that blackmail!

After WW1, the Jews converted Russia into a living "atheist" communist hell -- and even with control of Palestine -- the Jews leaving atheistic communist Russia for a better life in the 1920's STILL went to Christian America or to Christian Germany and Christian Poland.

So, here you are -- a committed Zionist -- trying to convince enough Jews to come to Palestine to make it a viable country.

How in the hell do you convince a Jew living in beautiful Germany or Poland, tolerant to your beliefs, appreciative of your skills, controlling banks and major corporations with all the luxuries which go along with that high status, to just give up the good life?

How do you convince this urban German Jew that he wants to move his family to the middle of a hot forbidding Middle Eastern desert as a common farmer on a communist Kibbutz, complete with no running water, no electricity, no sanitation, right in the middle of a sea of hostile, bloodthirsty Muslims?

Answer -- you don't!!!! You can't!!! They didn't!!


Plan 3

You make life so incrediably unbearable to the typical German Jew that he would give anything to live ONLY with his own countrymen.

And to have that to happen, you have to create a German MONSTER!

You had to make the common Jew believe that ALL Christians were a GREATER DANGER to them than the Muslims in the Middle East.

And to do so, the Zionists had to be so unfair to the Germans after WW1, and make it so blatant who was doing them harm, that the Germans would naturally want to strike back at the Jews!

Many thanks here to Brother Nathaniel for his insights.

  • Jews were key advisers of the Versailles Treaty of 1919 which carved up Germany after WW1.

    • President Wilson was advised by Rabbi Stephen Wise before he traveled to the Versailles peace conference and by the Jew Bernard Baruch at the conference.

    • British Prime Minister Lloyd George was advised by the Jew Phil Sassoon.

    • French leader Georges Clemenceau was advised by his Jewish Interior Minister Georges Mandel aka Louis Rothschild.

    • The banks were represented by Jew Paul Warburg, chairman of the Federal Reserve and by his brother Max Warburg, head of the German banking firm of Warburg and Company.

  • The Versailles Treaty was extremely unfair to Germany.

    • The Austrian Empire was balkanized.

    • The Weimar Republic was imposed upon them, whose Constitution was written by the Jew Hugo Preuss

    • The Weimar Republic government was filled with Jews - 20 times as many in government in 1932 than in 1919.

    • The Jewish terrorist leaders Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Leibknecht were agitating for communist revolution, while the Weimar Republic did nothing.

  • With all the immigrants streaming across their borders from the Communist Revolution, the German citizen were well aware of the Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution. And they were well aware, in their fragile state, how Jewish terrorists like Rosa Luxembourg threatened their own national life.

  • Rumors were circulating that the Weimar Republic was in the back-pocket of the international Jewish bankers

  • Rumors were circulating that the Jews had an agreement with England, called the Balfour Declaration, which sold Germany down the river for the price of the Jews getting Palestine.

  • German social mores began to decline from the culmination of all the Jewish influenced theater producers, newspaper owners, poets, artists, and writers of the Weimar Republic. The Jews promoted sexual perversity and pornography, the most famous of which was George Grosz.

  • As even Jewish Dr. Manfred Reifer said,

      —— “Whilst large sections of the German nation are struggling for the preservation of their race, we Jews fill Germany with our vociferations. We supply the press with articles on the subject of its Christmas and Easter. We ridicule the highest ideals of the German nation and profane the matters which it holds sacred.” ——

The Weimar Republic was imposed on Germany by international Jews, the Constitution for the Weimar Republic was written by a Jew and filled by Jews -- with the resulting government considered to be a historical case study in how not to set up a country.

(((How can it NOT be a case study -- Hitler was the result -- Can't have your argument both ways!!!)))

The Jewish bankers from other countries punished Germany without mercy causing hyper-inflation.

The Jewish-created Great Depression finished off Germany's patience.

All for the purpose of creating a German brown-shirt window-smashing mob!

The only part was to insure that the wild brown-shirts was controlled by one of their own. They had to make sure that its leader was someone they could control -- a fellow socialist -- a Hitler.

Hitler made Chancellor
January 30, 1933

  • On January 30 1933 Hitler was appointed Chancellor of the German Reich and the corrupt Weimar Republic ceased to exist. The German government began removing seditionist Jews from influential positions and transferring power back to the German people.

  • On March 24, 1933, with Stalin well on his way to starving the second million of the 7 million Ukrainian Christians he would slaughter, by way of THE REAL HITLER, Lazar Kanganovich, the Jews redirected the world's attention away from their favorite dictator Stalin and toward the 2 month old rule of their newly discovered arch-enemy - Hitler.

Worldwide Jewish Boycott of Germany
March 24, 1933

    "Judea Declares War On Germany:"
    "Jews Of All The World Unite"

    “The Israelite people of the world declare an economic war on Germany.

    It is not sufficient that we should buy no goods made in Germany. We must refuse to deal with any shopkeeper who sells any German-made goods.

    What we are proposing is to bring the German people to their senses by destroying their export trade on which their very existence depends”

    -- London Daily Express, front page headline, March 24, 1933 edition.

German Boycott of Jews
March 28, 1933

As Brother Nathaniel succinctly says:

Hitler’s boycott order [4 days later] on March 28, 1933 was in direct response to the [Jewish] Declaration of War on Germany.

Today, Hitler’s boycott order is described as a naked act of aggression, yet the circumstances leading up to the order are left out of even the most detailed histories of The Holocaust.

Munich Agreement
September 29, 1938

Five years have passed and the Jewish boycott on Germany has only made Germany stronger.

Now Hitler and Neville Chamberlain come to an agreement called the Munich Agreement which called for a peaceful resolution to the wrongs committed by the Treaty of Versailles.

Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy to convene later to work out the arrangement.

But once again, the Jews insure that "history strikes".

Assassination and Kristallnacht
November 7-10, 1938

A month after Munich, on November 7, Polish Jew Herschel Grynszpan (Greenspan), murdered the German Secretary of State Ernst von Rath. Part of the declaration of war by the Jews upon the Germans.

Munich was dead.

Kristallnacht began two days later as retribution to this senseless act of anarchy.

Jewish propaganda insured that the Kristallnacht would be denounced the world over.

Jews plot their own FINAL SOLUTION
August 18, 1941

Theodore Kaufmann (February 22, 1910 - April 1, 1986) was a Jewish-American businessman and writer...

In 1941 he wrote and published Germany Must Perish! which called for the sterilization of the German people and the distribution of the German lands.

The text was used extensively in Nazi propaganda, often as a justification for the persecution of Jews, and was specifically cited as an excuse to round up the Jews of Hanover, Germany.

-- Wikipedia -- Theodore Newman Kaufman

"Used extensively Nazi Propaganda" -- do you think!!!

All this Jewish man is suggesting is mass genocide against German peoples the world over.


Most Americans grew up believing that Goebbels just made all this stuff up about the Jews. Decades later, we are now finding that the real propaganda masters are the Jews and the propaganda was used on us!

Did other Jews at the time condemn this book?

No, they ran ads for it in the New York Times and gave it reviews.

Kaufman summarized Germany Must Perish! in the [New York] Times ad as:
    "A dynamic volume outlining a plan for the extinction of Germany and containing a map showing possible dissection and apportionment of its territory."

An interview with Kaufman in which he attempts to justify his plan for "sterilization of all Germans" appears in The Canadian Jewish Chronicle in its September 26, 1941 issue.
A Sensational Idea!
(Time Magazine)
A Provocative Theory - Interestingly Presented
(Washington Post)
A Plan for Permanent Peace among Civilized Nations
(New York Times)
Frankly Presents the Dread Background of the Nazi Soul
(Philadelphia Record)
Utterly strange coincidence : the Holocaust seemed to have started about this time.

On August 18, 1941, when Hitler was absorbed with Operation Barbarossa, Goebbels paid him a visit and showed him a copy of the book [GERMANY MUST PERISH! by Theodore N. Kaufman].

Hitler was angered by it and gave Goebbels approval to immediately begin requiring all Jews to wear identifying armbands, which Goebbels on his own changed to the yellow star of David rather than the intended plain yellow and white armband.
When the Jews of Hanover were forced from their homes on September 8, 1941, German authorities cited Kaufman's book as one of the reasons.

Kaufman responded
    "This is just a flimsy pretext for another of the innate cruelties of the German people ... I don't think it was my book that prompted this barbarity. They employed every possible German cruelty against the Jews long before my book was published"

Do you think that an ethnic group who threatened your very existence should be rounded up and put into concentration camps? Americans certainly believed this was perfectly OK. We rounded up all the Japanese Americans we could find to put into concentration camps because we were concerned about them being a Fifth Column inside the United States by performing terrorist acts and spying on our military movements. I know, I know! We did it to protect them from the "racist Americans" who wanted to rip them apart after Pearl Harbor.

Perhaps Hitler rounded up the Jews as well to protect them from "racist Germans" who were afraid of them for their genocidal instincts and wanted to do to the Jews before the Jews did to them.

There can be no denying that Kaufman was directly responsible for the unnecessary deaths of millions on the battlefield, because the Germans were not about to give up this time and allow their family members to be sterilized.

The firebombings of Dresden may never have happened with a more rational civilized view of the war. And Dresden seemed like a genocide to the Germans.

But in the end, the media-Scribes will portray Kaufman as yet another innocent Jew not wanting to hurt a flea -- only sterilize every German Christian man, woman and child in the entire world!!!

This book was the basis of the Morgenthau Plan of 1944 which strategized death by starvation of ten million Germans in the first two years after the war.

Henry Morgenthau, who authored the Plan, was born to Jewish parents in New York City.

Of course, Hitler knew that Stalin with his Jewish Commissars did in fact starve 7 million Ukrainians just before he took power, so the plans of Kaufman and all the eager readers of his book should not be dismissed as harmless dreaming.

No, per the history books, as written by the winners, Hitler was the only evil in the world!


Germany was mistreated by the Jews and reacted by electing Hitler.

A German ambassador was assassinated and Kristalnatch was the response.

Germany was credibly threatened with genocide by the Jews, and Jews had genocide used against them.

Action - Reaction

But only publish the Reaction for the world to see, never the Action.

The Zionist plan was complete.

The Holocaust showed that "Christians were worst than Muslims".

Jews started pouring into Palestine from around the world.

Israel was born of blood.

The blood of 100 million Gentiles to 6 million Jews (If that 6 million number can be believed)

Source: Brother Nathanael
How The Jews Prompted A German Backlash

Source: Jim Condit
Jim Condit - The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler (Adolph Hitler)

Source: Pat Buchanan
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Source: Pat Buchanan
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