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September 25, 2011 AD

"Know your Enemy"
Swindler's List

Col. Alan West
"Know your Enemy"

Let me say this. I don't care about being popular or whatever.

First thing you have to do is study and understand who you are up against.

And you must realize that this is not a religion you are fighting against.

You are fighting against a theological-political belief system and construct that has been doing this thing since 622 AD, 7 centuries, 1,388 years?

  • . Do you want to dig up Charles Martel and ask him why he was fighting in the Battle of Tours in 732 AD?

  • . Do you want to ask the Venetian fleet at Lepanto why they were fighting a Muslim fleet in 1571 AD?

  • . Do you want to ask the Germanic and Austrian knights why they were fighting at the gates of Vienna in 1683 AD?

  • . Do you want to ask what heppened at Constantinople and why today it's called Istanbul, because they lost that fight in 1453 AD?
You need to get into the Koran; you need to understand their precepts; you need to read the Suras; you need to read the Hadiths, and then you can understand that this is NOT a perversion -- they are doing exactly what this book says.

I want to close by saying, until you get principled leadership in America that is willing to say that, we will continue to chase our tail, because we will never clearly define who this enemy is, and then understand their goals and objectives -- which is on ANY Jihadist web-site -- and then come up with the right and proper objectives, to not only secure our Republic, but to secure Western Civilization.

Thank You.

Obama Believes he "Knows the Enemy"

Obama nitpicks
the Christian Bible

Reads of Biblical "evils" of condoning slavery, the requirement for the stoning of children and conversely, how the Sermon on the Mount requires that Americans fight no wars

Obama cherishes
the Islamic Koran

Obama talks about his Muslim faith, his Muslim upbringing, his Muslim tolerance, his Muslim understanding, his Muslim outreach. Says that America is a Muslim country.

Obama's Team "Knows the Enemy"

Secretary of State's closest advisor
Muslim Huma Abedin

Jewish A. "Weiner" with wife
Muslim Huma Abedin

Ezekiel Emanuel


White House Medical Czar

Thomas Frieden


Centers for Disease Control

Douglas Shulman


IRS Commissioner

Richard Haass


President of CFR and
Obama’s ambassador-at-large

Hillary Clinton


Secretary of State

Lloyd Blankfein



Ken Feinberg


Corp. Executive Compensation Czar

Cass Sunstein


Office of Regulatory Affairs

Daniel Fried


Overseer of USA’s gulag camps

Steven Rattner


Obama’s Task Force of Auto Industry

Alan Bersin


Special Representative for Border Affairs

Todd Stern


Climate Change Czar

Carol Browner


environmental advisor and
Energy Coordinator

Gary Gensler


Chairman of Commodities Futures Trading Commission

Elena Kagan


U.S. Solicitor General

Ron Klain


Chief of Staff to Vice President Biden

Eric Lander


Council of Advisors on Science and Technology

Jacob Lew and
James Steinberg


Deputy Secretaries of State

Ellen Moran


White House Director of Communications

Mary Schapiro


Securities and Exchange Commission

Sheila Bair


Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Mona Sutphen


Deputy White House Chief of Staff

Donald Kohn


Vice Chairman,
Federal Reserve Board

Richard Holbrooke


Special Envoy to

Karen Mills


Small Business Administration

Jon Leibowitz


Federal Trade Commission

Julius Genachowski


Federal Communications Commission

Dr. Margaret Hamburg


Food and Drug Administration

Susan Sher


Chief of Staff for First Lady,
Michelle Obama

Source: Bill Zwecker of Chicago Sun-Times
Hillary Clinton hates seeing Rep. Weiner’s wife ‘humiliated’

Source: Texe Marrs from Power of Prophecy
Swindlers List: Obama's Zionist Jews in Power

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