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September 17, 2011 AD

It's Constitution Day!
Do you Remember
its Original Intent?

The two top Government stories this Constitution Day, 2011, are both about failing businesses -- one, the United States Postal Service, not normally considered a business by most, while the other, Solyndra, most certainly being considered a business.

The President of the United States has claimed to be creating jobs in America after the Fed-created housing bubble burst and corrupt federal politicians created the second Great Depression and just before the imminent Fed-created greenback collapse to follow, along with more corrupt federal politicians, which will then make the last Great Depression look like a day at Disney World.

Heck, even Neo-Con Republican politician hacks like Rick Perry believe he "created" jobs in Texas.

What we must remember on this Constitution Day is the failed philosophy of the Fascists and Socialists who believe government is the answer to every problem.

We must remember what the ORIGINAL INTENT of the Constitution was.

Government BUSINESS Failure

Fascists want government to run businesses. But these fascist politicians running the postal service cannot compete with privately-ran FedEx or UPS even given the huge advantages of big government. The government-ran USPS is just a niche player in parcel delivery at only 15% of the market, and who knows what they would be if they did not have government rules guaranteeing them a monopoly in mail delivery.

When they get in trouble financially, instead of declaring bankruptcy and handing over the remaining 15% to efficient operators which the customers prefer, such as FedEx or UPS, they go to the taxpayers for a forced bailout. As if the USPS being a tax free corporation is not enough of an advantage, they want other people's tax dollars to help prop up their red-ink bleeding.

Oh but complain about their failures, and the postal apologists will say that they could compete successfully -- IF NOT for the regulations of the Bush administration -- or IF NOT for the bureaucracy of the Obama administration ---- AND ISN'T THAT THE POINT?

Government REGULATION Failure

Socialists believe they are better than Fascists, but in fact, they would NEVER DIRTY their hands with the real work of business. But, they certainly do want to tell the big, bad, mean Corporations what to do and how to do it -- Socialists like to call this "regulation".

Even worst these days, Socialists want to decide which corporations get to live and which they want DEAD.

A Short Historical Aside

Even by socialist standards, may we look at the historical record to show what dismal failures these clowns truly are?

FDR socialists build the Hoover Dam, lighting up all of Las Vegas and beyond during the last Great Depression. FDR socialists later went on to defeat Germany and Japan in under 4 years.

Let us be clear, Bush Fascists and Obama Socialists have not defeated a far less worthy adversary in the 10 years since our modern-day Pearl Harbor -- 9/11.

About energy, let us be no less clear.

In the 38 years since the 1973 Oil Embargo resulted in the creation of the Department of Energy, we have a Department of Energy funding a $500 million dollar solar power company TODAY, who never generated one single kilowatt of solar power for any consumer.

But we have the Hoover Dam, created 75-years-ago, still generating COMPETITIVE CLEAN electrical energy to this day.

My, my, how the standards for government socialist success has dwindled.

Obama's Agenda Today

The 1960's Bill Ayers anti-establishments brigade are now the establishment.

Everyone knows that Bill Ayers best friend, Barack Obama, wants to strangle the oil and gas business (-- we may add, all businesses centered deep in Red States.) His executive order to stop off-shore drilling is one famous example of his interference in the oil market.

Under Obama, Oil and gas companies are declared not sustainable and they pollute -- so, the government order goes out to get rid of them then before their time.

Whereas under Obama, solar power is declared sustainable and does not pollute -- therefore, the government order is to bring them on-line before their time.

Solyndra is the perfect example of government interference in the market place gone awry.

Solyndra gave campaign contributions to the green candidate -- Obama. Surprise! He then grants them $500 million dollars -- from your taxes paid into the government.

-- But, aren't these the exact same people who scream bloody murder when Exxon donates money to politicians who do not want to destroy their business but instead promises to protect them from the Obama types? HYPOCRITES!!!

Then Obama praises Solyndra for their "success" knowing full well that they were failing. Worried that it would affect his re-election chances, making this a corrupt political calculation, not an honest business one.

-- But, aren't these the exact same people who always want to know "what did he know and when did he know it" when directed at an Enron or a Haliburton or a political spy activity at the Watergate? HYPOCRITES!

What are the complaints this time -- "they can't compete with the private businesses" -- "Chinese companies are producing cheaper".

And these are the brainiacs who tell us they have all the answers in their "5-year-plans"?

Communist "5-year plans" will never work!

The best regulation is not greedy, self-serving politicized government regulation, but the honest self-regulation of the marketplace.

And the best place to enforce contracts between private individuals is not at the Federal level, but at the State level, because that is YOUR absolute best opportunity for liberty.

YOU get the choice of a handful of different companies to do business with and YOU get to choose from among 50 different State governments to protect YOUR property and contracts. A near perfect checks and balances!

This Constitution Day,
begin to make it work

Have your State bring anti-monopoly charges against the same mass-media-Scribes who convinced Americans that Standard Oil needed broken up. What better way to a better Constitution than a real freedom of the press?

Socialists love their affirmative action programs, so how about a 1st Amendment Affirmative Action program. Instead of 98% of the news delivered by a wealthy Jewish minority, how about 2% delivered by them and 98% delivered by real Christians?

Have your State announce their choice for US Senate and have you State back that choice up with generous campaign contributions. The 17th Amendment gave power to the extremely tiny mass-media-Scribes who controlled the information pipeline, while emasculating the States.

With the Jewish minority information pipeline broken, and with U.S. Senators once again beholding to the State they represent, then our Constitution will be well on its way to being restored to its ORIGINAL INTENT.

The ORIGINAL INTENT of the CONSTITUTION was to keep the government under control -- to keep its fires reigned in from unchecked power, and to keep that awesome power contained to productive use in a fireplace, but checked by the Constitution to insure that embers do not become ejected onto the carpet of the house lest it destroy everything in its path.

    "Government is not reason, it is not eloquence. It is force, and like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

    - George Washington

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Job creators or socialist engineers?

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