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September 5, 2011 AD

England's New
Immigrant Problem

Oswald Mosley's protests against Jewish Immigration into England in the last Great Depression is compared to English Defense League protests against Muslim immigration into England in our current Great Depression.

English History -- Last Century
Jewish Immigrant Problem
Fascist Oswald Mosley

It's hard to peg England's most famous fascist.

At any time in his life, he was of every political persuasion, from a conservative in love of liberty, to a socialist wanting government to control liberty, to a fascist (- well, same thing as a socialist).

    Oswald Mosley's chameleon political character

  • Conservative (1918–1922)
  • Independent (1922–1924)
  • Labor / I.L.P (1924–1931)
  • New Party (1931–1932)
  • British Union (1932–1940)
  • Union Movement (1948–1973)
  • National Party of Europe (1962–1980)
Elected as a conservative, Mosley fought early on against his fellow "conservative" British government sending in the "Black and Tans" to treat their Irish fellow-Christian next-door-neighbors far more harshly and far more cruelly than they would ever think of treating non-Christian Indians from far across the globe.

Even Indian Mahatma Gandhi noticed and was siding with Mosley on this one.

Protestant England has had a long history of harsh persecutions of their Catholic Irish cousins.

From the start of the Protestant Reformation, Queen Elizabeth was slaughtering Irish Catholic civilians who simply did not want to participate in their grand Protestant Reformation, thank you very much, and wanted their freedom from England to live as Catholics, as they had for well over a thousand years. Later the Irish Potato Famine saw no sympathy from Englishmen for the millions of starving Irish children. These are the same Protestants who tear up and can't let a Somalian Muslim starve to death after participating in a self-inflicted civil war, but let the potato harvest shrivel up due to no fault of the Irish, and it is said to be God's punishment on the Catholic Papists for not following the true Anglican Pope in matters of religion - the King of England.

Because of the Black and Tan brutality, Mosley no longer called himself a conservative, but for a while, became an independent.

Mosley was at this time falling out with the Conservatives over Irish policy, objecting to the use of the Black and Tans to suppress the Irish population.

--Wikipedia -- Oswald Mosley
The Black and Tans were not subject to strict discipline in their early months in Ireland and as a result, their deaths at the hands of the IRA in 1920 were often repaid with arbitrary reprisals against the civilian population.

In the summer of 1920, the Black and Tans burned and sacked many small towns and villages in Ireland, beginning with Tuam in County Galway in July 1920 and also including Trim, Balbriggan, Knockcroghery, Thurles and Templemore amongst many others. In November 1920, the Tans "besieged" Tralee in revenge for the IRA abduction and killing of two local RIC men. They closed all the businesses in the town and let no food in for a week. In addition they shot dead three local people.

On 14 November, the Tans abducted and murdered a Roman Catholic priest, Fr. Michael Griffin, in Galway. His body was found in a bog in Barna a week later.

Finally, the Black and Tans sacked Cork city, on the night of 11 December 1920, the centre of which was burned out.

The actions of the Black and Tans alienated public opinion in both Ireland and Britain. Their violent tactics encouraged both sides to move towards a peaceful resolution.

Mahatma Gandhi said of the British peace offer: "It is not fear of losing more lives that has compelled a reluctant offer from England, but it is the shame of any further imposition of agony upon a people that loves liberty above everything else".

-- Wikipedia Black and Tans

Staying an independent for a respectable time of two years to grieve over leaving the conservatives, he was now ready to switch to the Labor Party. And of course, Mosley became a socialist promoting all the socialist tripe of promoting the need for the nationalization of industry and social works paid for by big government.

But once again, Mosley was a socialist Fabian who want to do something, anything, therefor, he did not agree with the do-nothing attitude of the Labor Party at the start of the Great Depression, and left it to form his own party, the New Party.

Dare we say that the liberals loved this guy!

[In the Labor Party, Mosley] was given responsibility for solving the unemployment problem, but found that his radical proposals were blocked either by his superior James Henry Thomas or by the Cabinet.

Mosley was always impatient and eventually put forward a whole scheme in the 'Mosley Memorandum' to find it rejected by the Cabinet; he then resigned in May 1930. At the time, the weekly liberal paper The Nation described his move: "The resignation of Sir Oswald Mosley is an event of capital importance in domestic politics...We feel that Sir Oswald has acted rightly—as he has certainly acted courageously—in declining to share any longer in the responsibility for inertia."

The memorandum called for high tariffs to protect British industries from international finance, for state nationalization of industry and a program of public works to solve unemployment

-- Wikipedia -- Oswald Mosley

Was Oswald Mosley a false Leader?

In the poster below, you can see that the organizers of the anti-protest against Mosley have another agenda -- helping the communists fight against Spain's Franco.

These are the same people who slaughtered 10,000 priests in Spain. Perhaps most of the the anti-Protesters are Engish Protestants who love to see Spanish Catholic priests slaughtered, but my suspicions are that they are in fact communist Jews who love to see Catholic priests killed.

Judging from this poster and nothing else, most would have had to side with Oswald Mosley. These scum of the earth needed to be opposed and eliminated.

But the fact that Oswald was in fact a liberal tells my spider-sense that Oswald Mosley was in reality a plant by the communist Jews to mislead the English Christians from uniting in a significant way to eliminate the dangers to English society these scum were causing.

Communist March
against Mosley's Cable Street March (1936)

While the liberals loved the guy, liberals can't really win elections and hence Mosley lost the elections of 1931. So once again, this chameleon looked where all socialists looked in that day and age for inspiration, to the Fascist (and former Socialist) Benito Mussolini.

Hitler had his "Brownshirts", Mosley had his "Blackshirts", while Stalin was just "Red all over".

What is interesting to note here is why Mosley created a personal protection squad in the first place. Seems that the local Communists and Jews (same thing for the most part), were intimidating and disrupting his peaceful rallies. (Yes, peaceful or Mosley would have been arrested, but self-defense used to always be deemed acceptable. (Until some savvy Jewish media-Scribe rewords self-defense to instead be provocation) The fact that the rallies became less than peaceful seems to be due solely to the fact that the Jews and the Communists (same thing for the most part) were causing the violence, with the media-Scribes blaming Mosley for the violence, not the provocateurs. (ironically, the Jewish poster called Mosley a "Jew Baiter")

Once again a perfect example of the winners getting to re-write the history books.

After...1931, Mosley went on a study tour of the 'new movements' of Italy's Benito Mussolini and other fascists, and returned convinced that it was the way forward for him and for Britain. He determined to unite the existing fascist movements and created the British Union of Fascists (BUF) in 1932. The BUF was anti-communist and protectionist.

Mosley had found problems with disruption of New Party meetings, and instituted a corps of black-uniformed paramilitary stewards, nicknamed blackshirts. The party was frequently involved in violent confrontations, particularly with Communist and Jewish groups and especially in London. At a large Mosley rally at Olympia on 7 June 1934 mass brawling broke out when hecklers were removed by blackshirts, resulting in bad publicity. This and the Night of the Long Knives in Germany led to the loss of most of the BUF mass support. The party was unable to fight the 1935 general election.

In October 1936 Mosley and the BUF attempted to march through an area with a high proportion of Jewish residents, and violence resulted between local and nationally organized protesters trying to block the march and police trying to force it through, since called the Battle of Cable Street. At length Sir Philip Game the Police Commissioner disallowed the march from going ahead and the BUF abandoned it.

-- Wikipedia -- Oswald Mosley

English History -- This Century
Muslim Immigrant Problem
English Defense League

The English Defense League (EDL) is an anti-immigration, especially anti-Muslim, patriotic group that tried to stage a protest march laszt Saturday through a Muslim neighborhood.

The reason I quote Oswald Mosley having a protest match through a Jewish neighborhood during the "last" Great Depression, is not that I want to impute that the English Defense League are fascists, (The media-Scribes are doing that slander all by themselves), but to point out the similarities in how both protests were put down.

The same media-Scribe type are writing papers today in this Depression, who were writing them in 1936 while in the other Depression.

The agenda and hypocrisy of this report are blaring.

  • EDL protesters pegged as far-right -- counter-protesters not pegged far-left
  • EDL protesters violate the protest ban law -- counter-protesters do not violate law
  • EDL protesters MAY be violent -- rioters of weeks past WERE VIOLENT
  • EDL protesters protest suppression of free speech -- rioters "speak" through looting

If these EDL patriots were smart, they would take Oswald Mosley's cue and march where the real source of the problem began, not through the Muslim section of London, but right through the Jewish section.

Anoymous Commentor to the post

Funny how the article went out of its way to use the term "right wing" as analogous to being violent. Yet, the the opposition wasn't ever listed as being "left wing" or liberal. Nope, not one mention of that in the entire story. No, the counter protests were just that; counter protests. Thus giving the impression that it was "the people" against those evil right wingers. The truth is, of course, the protestors were fighting for their right to protest against a fascist ban on their right to do so.

Isn't it funny how only the right wing protesters were violating the ban. No such mention of the obvious correlation of the left wing protesters doing the exact same thing was ever mentioned. Nope, guess it was only the right wingers who were doing that.

I also loved the story linking the protesters to the Norwegian shooter because he had apparently been following the group on the internet. I guess that means that here in the US, every liberal must be suspect of possible attempts to murder members of congress since Jared Loughner was described by everyone interviewed that knew him, to have left wing politics.

The person who wrote this article is obviously trying to make political connections and analogies where there are none, and is certainly a far left liberal. I'll eat my shorts if that's not the case.

Yet, those liberals are the "peaceful" ones aren't they?? Yep, your friendly neighborhood liberal is the one who supports vandalizing private property for causes they find offensive.

It's not conservatives in the US who have burned down sub-divisions with million dollar homes being built (well, they "were" million dollar homes. Probably more like 500 thousand dollar homes now, but I digress). It's not conservatives who torched Hummer dealerships. It's not conservatives who vandalize animal research labs. It's not conservatives who throw blood on people they see wearing a fur coats. It's not the conservatives who planted bombs at the Capital and Pentagon like Bill Ayers. It's not conservatives making headlines with so called self defense clips on Youtube that have small children in the audience. It's not the conservatives who destroy businesses anytime a G8 or similar type meeting erupts with riots.

Now, I also fully understand that Conservatives don't have a clean record either. You'll never find me saying that. Let me repeat that...Conservatives don't have a clean record either. But I'm sure there will be at least someone who doesn't even read this far to see that statement, and will post something proving what I just said.

The difference is that it's not the conservatives who claim to be the "peaceful" ones to begin with. That is the domain of the liberal left. Liberals are as violent and aggressive as anyone else, they just like to portray themselves as if they are not....and it's a TOTAL LIE!!

As a conservative, I have no problem stating flat out that, I will, if necessary, resort to violence to save my family or other causes I deem to be worthwhile. if there is no other choice, then I will do what I have to.

The dirty little secret is that liberals will too, they just have a really hard time admitting that to themselves it seems, as they support their liberal brethren who engage in all of the acts listed above. Liberals are not anymore peaceful than anyone else....or tolerant, or open minded, or compassionate either.

Those are all complete and total lies of the left.

-- Commentor "ConservativeNotRepublican"

Source: Associated Press
Far-right protesters ignore UK ban on marches

Source: Paul Lewis, Matthew Taylor and Robert Booth The Guardian (9-11-2009)
Minister warns of 1930s-style fascists on Britain's streets

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