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August 7, 2011 AD

used to be called
"Checks and Balances"

The Founder's idea of "checks and balances" was never intended to be between Republicans and Democrats.

The idea of "checks and balances" was to be impasse between the States and the Federal government.

And Henry Lamb nails it...

The founders were quite aware that these debates between conflicting ideas about the proper role of government filled the legislative chambers in every state.

They designed the new federal government to ensure that the conflicting visions of sovereign power would forever be held in balance by forcing the new popularly elected House of Representatives and president of the new federal government to gain approval from the state-appointed Senate for every new law, every appointment to the Supreme Court and to the Cabinet, and for every international treaty.

The debate in Washington should be between state governments and the federal government, not between Democrats and Republicans.

The debate between Democrats and Republicans, and other political parties, should be settled at the state level.

The states' selection of senators would reflect the choices made by the states [in those Democrat/Republican debates].

The legislative battles in Washington would still reflect the will of the people, but the states would not only have to be considered, but would have to approve virtually all actions of the federal government.

This is the only hope of controlling the growth of power, size and cost of the federal government. This is the system James Madison, George Washington, Ben Franklin and the founders forged from four months of vigorous debate.

-- Henry Lamb

With the States calling the shots in Washington, only the most essential federal actions were authorized by both the States and the people working in a bi-partison manner -- not the fake bi-partisanship of the biparty Demo-Repubs.

This impasse between the interest of the State in the Senate, the interest of the people in the House, and the interest of the federal government, kept the Federal government on a very short leash.

So annoyed were the progressives by the impasse between the state-appointed Senate and the popularly elected House of Representatives, they launched a campaign to rid the government of any participation by the states.

William Randolph Hearst devoted his massive media machine to propaganda promising a better government and a better life when the 17th Amendment was ratified.

-- Henry Lamb
We have been promised a better government and a better life so many times now, that if the 17th Amendment didn't already exist, anyone who proposed it would become an instant laughing stock.

  • Obama tells us that Obamacare will make the best health care in the world even better - and few half-way intelligent people by now really believe a word of it.

  • The two Bushes told us that "free trade", NAFTA, GATT and the WTO, would make the richest nation in the world even richer -- and greedy, but now unemployed or underemployed Americans believed it. Pat Buchanan nailed that one, but no one listened at the time.

  • LBJ's War on Poverty was going to make the country already having the least amount of poverty, have even less poverty

  • LBJ's Civil Rights laws were going to make a country who suffered 650,000 dead in a Civil War to free slaves, even more free.

  • FDR's Social Security was going to give old people dignity, by taxing away the retirement investment income of American retirees who were already the richest retirees in the world, even by Great Depression standards.

  • FDR's United Nations was to create an imperfect, corrupt world government to append our nearly perfect Constitution to.

  • Woodrow Wilson's Federal Reserve was to prevent bank panics and smooth over the business cycle in what was already the world's best business environment.

    What you should remember is that all these deals, except for the Federal Reserve created at the same time as the 17th Amendment, would never have gained the approval of a State-ran Senate.

    And as for the Federal Reserve, passed by lies and deceit, a State-ran Senate would see all its Senators called back to their respective State to answer for their fraud.

    The Federal Reserve would not have lasted any longer than the Second Bank of the United States did -- killed by the presidential veto of Andrew Jackson -- under dire warnings of economic catastrophe by the Timothy Geitner of his day, Nicholas Biddle -- a catastrophe which never materialized.

    The Tea Party, with its unused "veto" power in the House over the debt ceiling, has proved it is no Andrew Jackson.

    The real answer is as Henry Lamb suggests -- the repeal of the 17th Amendment and the gagging any traitors who oppose the measure.

    The method of achieving this is for your State to fully fund its own Senate candidate.

    Source: Henry Lamb
    Impasse: It's what the founders designed

    Source: Pat Buchanan
    What 'big deals' did to America

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