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August 7, 2011 AD

Military Coward
Allen West
Runs for President

Congressmen are so much smarter than the rest of us -- the cartoon above shows the limited knowledge of the ordinary American.

Of course, the Congressmen are always learning on the job.

Elect us because we know what America needs, then once in office, they suddenly discover what America needs.

REALITY? Once again, Progressives have jumped in front of a patriotic movement -- the Tea Party this time -- and have successfully pretended to be its leaders.

This quote from a Freshman Tea Party "leader" sums up the problem well enough as far as excuses go....

“I think increasingly we feel a part of a body”

“You don’t know what you don’t know until you arrive here in the Capitol.”

-- Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-N.Y.) a freshman ophthalmologist with no prior political experience who defeated a Democrat in a swing district last year.

One of the most feted Tea Party Candidates has been Allen West.

Proves a natural law of the Christian Solution -- if the media-Scribe press gives you a national audience, then they are not scared of you. In fact, most likely, you are one of them.

Allen West Speaking
his Tea Party Election win

“If you’re here to stand up, to get your musket, to fetch your bayonet and to charge into the ranks, you are my brother and sister in this fight,” the retired Army officer shouted. “You need to leave here understanding one simple word. That word is: bayonet.”

-- Allen West Tea Party rally for his campaign for the House of Representatives

Allen West Speaking
his Tea Party Election win

“You could do the front assault, like at Gallipoli or the Charge of the Light Brigade, but when you end up losing a whole lot of people. All you can do is “pat yourself on the back and say how valiantly we charged that hill, like Pickett’s Charge.”

The smarter approach, he explained, would be for Republicans to outmaneuver Democrats, like they did in the debt-limit battle: “We checked and checkmated them.”

-- Allen West, speaking to a college conservative audience less than 7 months after being in Washington

First off, Allen West lies -- while the Tea Party thought it had a check on the ruling elite with the debt ceiling law, they were the ones who ended up checkmated by the ruling elite.

Presidential candidate Allen West has gone from sounding like Braveheart while running for Congress, to becoming one of the cowering paid-off barons of Scotland after he won his election with enthusiastic Tea Party support.

Doesn't know how to Vote

“I called some of the tea party leaders,” he told his audience at the Young America’s Foundation conference on Wednesday. “They were all, ‘We’re mad at you,’ ” he said with a mock whine, then gave a who-cares shrug. “I asked them one simple question: If I had voted no, what would I have been voting for? And they couldn’t answer that.”

- Allen West

Seriously? What would Allen West have been voting FOR?

How about voting FOR the survival of this country?

Running in reverse

< “One of the things that I think conservatives have a problem with is what I call incrementalism.

We believe that when we run a marathon and we start at mile zero, we’re automatically supposed to be at 26.2, but I tell you there are miles in between. . . .

What are those incremental steps that get us there?”

-- Allen West

Another lie!

Who would not agree that we are at mile zero in paying off our $14 trillion dollar debt, but the way to start this marathon is not to add another $4 trillion dollars to the original amount before the race has begun, which is what he agreed to do.

Allen West and the other Tea Party Benedict Arnold's have America running a marathon in reverse.

Hand me a Jackhammer

“My fear is that on our side we fail to understand that when Michelangelo was given a big piece of rock, the next day he did not have the David,” the congressman said. “You’ve got to chip away at this thing.”

-- Allen West

The Jewish elites have created in Washington over the last 100 years - not a refined statue of David -- but a hideous statue of Goliath.

What is needed is not a chisel, but a sledge hammer.

Get a Rope !

With AFFIRMATIVE ACTION military leaders like Lt. Col. Allen West, no wonder America has never won a war in over 70 years.

Allen West talked of victory when running for election, but surrendered as soon as the enemy started shooting.

A military coward is not what America needs for greatness.

But before we take a sledge hammer to this monstrous federal statue, somebody first needs to get a rope to clear out the traitors!

Source: Dana Milbank
Lt. Col. Allen West fires a round at the Tea Party

Source: Dana Milbank
Why GOP frosh said yes to debt deal

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