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July 31, 2011 AD

Hitler Youth in Norway

Boycott Isreal
Socialist Leader of Norway

Glen Beck
Speaking in front of Jewish Flags

You gotta hand it to the Los Angeles Times for muddling a simple issue in grand style.

Jews were being protested at the Norway Labour Youth League, with Norway's Prime Minister telling Israel to "tear down their wall" Ronald Reagan style and the next thing they know, some loony is shooting everyone dead.

"The Palestinians must have their own state, the occupation must end, the wall must be demolished and it must happen now"

Norway's Foreign Minister addressing the Labour Party Youth Camp
one day before Andre Brevik's shooting rampage

Possible Message?: "Don't mess with the Jews or we will make it appear that a Christian wanted you all dead."

No, no, no, -- that was not the politically correct message -- scratch that!

The real message: "A Christian wanted you dead because you were loving and tolerant in opening your doors to Muslims. And none of this has anything to do with Jews."

But wait one moment. We see Marxist Jews and blood-thirsty Muslims uniting here, against Christians, in America as well.

This will make your blood boil.

While New York City officials rush to build the Ground Zero mosquestrosity, a 15-story middle finger to America, they've allowed the rebuilding of the 95-year-old St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which stood at the base of the World Trade Center towers and was destroyed by Muslim terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001, to be mired in obstruction and endless red tape.

Commenter: Kyle Pritchett

American Marxists and Islamists - both want to "fundamentally transform" this country. Both must be stopped.

Everyone knows that there are large numbers of "tolerant" Jews in New York City and that Mayor Bloomberg is Jewish, but God knows that the Jews could not think of stopping Christians from building a Christian church in New York City, while at the same time, go out of their way to help Muslims build a Mosque in this "Jewish city". Can they???

But they hate Muslims -- don't they? They are not Judeo-Muslims, because they tell us they are Judeo-Christians united with us.

For sure they have to be good next door neighbors to the Muslim nations of the Middle East surrounding their motherland -- Israel.

So about this Norway massacre article concerning Glen Beck. Why does a Jewish-owned newspaper out in Jewish-controlled Los Angeles condemn a man standing in front of not one Jewish flag but two Jewish flags?

Glen Beck is saying that this Marxist Youth camp, ran by the government of Norway today, was a lot like the Hitler Youth Camps, ran by the government of Germany in the 1930's.

Glen Beck was jsut pointing out that they were both government propaganda camps for youth and they were both anti-Semitic!

So how is it possible that Glen Beck "hit a new low" in the eyes of the Los Angeles Times, when Beck is a supporter of Israel, the LA Times run their article with a picture of Beck standing in front of Jewish flags, and Beck condemns a government-ran youth camp that supports the cause of Muslims and condemns the cause of Israel, in a way that Jews can relate to -- Holocaust of Jews resulting from Hitler's youth indoctrination camps?

Oh, right -- self-hating Jews!!!! Explains everything.

The Jerusalem Post understands

The perp himself is far from a seeing himself as a Christian defender of the faith.

From the Jerusalem Post article below, I would say that he considers himself to be a rabid pro-Zionist.

In other words, Breivik killed Christians in Norway, not for the sake of Christianity, but for the sake of Israel, for the crime of protesting against Israel.

Anders Behring Breivik
A rabid Pro-Zionist

Source: Los Angeles Times by Andrew Malcolm
Glenn Beck hits 'new low'; compares Norway victims to Hitler Youth

Source: American Pendulum
Pro Palestinian Rally at Norway Youth Camp the Day Before Massacre

Source: Ann Coulter
New York Times reader kills dozens in Norway Source: Pamela Geller
Ground Zero: Yes to mosque, no to church

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