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July 23, 2011 AD

Herman Cain's
Dark Chocolate Doctrine
The Ron Paul Doctrine

Rasmussen Poll

Obama 41%againstRon Paul 37%-4
Obama 42%againstMitt Romney 43%+1
Obama 44%againstRick Perry 39%-5
Obama 44%againstRudy Guliani 39%-5
Obama 44%againstChris Christie 37%-7
Obama 44%againstTim Pawlenty 32%-12
Obama 44%againstJon Huntsman 28%-16
Obama 45%againstRick Santorum 31%-14
Obama 46%againstMichele Bachmann 39%-7
Obama 47%againstSarah Palin 38%-9
Obama 48%againstNewt Gingrich 30%-18
Obama 49%againstHerman Cain 28%-21

Mitt Romney's
"Made in China"
Chocolate Test

Don't want anyone to diss this article by saying that The Christian Solution purposely neglected to mention that Mitt Romney is the only one of the Republican contenders who is shown in the Rasmussen polls to actually beat Obama.

However, as even Rasmussen observes, Mitt is perceived to be the front-runner and that accounts for a good share of his showing.

If you believe Rasmussen, then you can probably understand Mitt Romney's higher numbers, when explained by way of the Babson College chocolate test.

In this taste test, if chocolate tasters are told they are about to eat chocolates "Made in China" and Swiss Chocolates, they believe the Swiss chocolates are tastier after trying them.

On the other hand, if chocolate tasters are told, after they sampled the chocolates, that one was "Made in China" and the other was Swiss Chocolates, then they believe that the Chinese chocolates tasted better.

The moral of the story is that the expectation of being higher quality made people believe the Swiss chocolates were indeed better; while, the surprise of tasting delicious Chinese Chocolates when the expectation was low, brought their rating up higher than would be expected.

Truth is that neither one was tastier than the other, because they were both identical chocolates.

Same holds if one identical chocolate is priced higher than another identical chocolate. -- the higher priced chocolate wins.

The politics of it is, that the one everyone else perceives is the better product is selected. Hence, many people select Romney because the media-Scribes have told us he is the better candidate -- the one to beat.

In a race of Obama-care against Romney-care, then the polls indicate that Romney-care will care more and win more -- go figure???

Herman Cain
-The "Darker" Chocolate-

But this site is a Ron Paul site, and we wanted to observe and comment on the contrast between Ron Paul and Herman Cain.

If running in 2012 against Ron Paul, Obama only gets 41% of the votes.

That is, Ron Paul takes away more votes from Obama than any potential contender!

At this time, in stark contrast to Ron Paul, Herman Cain, the Republican's Great BLACK HOPE is a loser. That is, Cain lets Obama keep the most votes, while Cain gets the fewest votes of any Republican contender.

So write off Herman Cain, right?


We may be about to witness the opposite version of the chocolate taste test.

Herman Cain will be shown by the media-Scribes to be a "tastier" chocolate than expected, and so Herman Cain should then see his numbers soar.

And why would the media-Scribes work behind the scenes to see a relatively unknown "Republican" win?

Because he is establishing a tantalizing media-Scribe aroma.

Being an unknown, he brings less political baggage to the show. Thus he appears to be an outsider, unlike Romney and others.

He appeals to the guilty-laden white population who believes that only a black man should beat a black man.

He appeals to the masses sitting in front of their televisions playing video games, because he made Godfather pizzas for a living.

Likewise, he appeals to fiscal conservatives because he was the CEO of Godfathers' Pizza who makes "high-tech", "21st Century" pizzas.

Of course, it doesn't hurt in getting the masses' votes to highlight that he is both ex-military and a current Baptist minister.

Gonna have to have the masses eating out of his hands if he is going to win -- so he has to have that much wrapped up.

He even added a sprinkling of Parmesan Cheesy Pandering to the Christian masses which everyone knows will not stand up in any federal court. He said that "U.S communities should be allowed to ban the building of Mosques"

Not as good as saying that we should stop importing the Muslims who want to build the Mosques, but it sounds like music to the ears of the masses nonetheless.

Kosher Pizza Delivery for the Media-Scribes?

But besides pizza, once in office, can Cain deliver what the Jewish media-Scribes want Cain to deliver? -- Sure can, without a doubt!

How about a mouth-watering hand-tossed Federal Reserve pizza crust earned working for the Kansas City Federal Reserve. This job came with a topping of not just being a member of the board of directors, but being a chairmanship of a Federal Reserve. The Big Cheese himself.

That alone would wet the appetites of Goldman Sachs Jewish money-lenders.

But being a top cheese at the Federal Reserve is just the side dish.

The main course is Herman Cain's just introduced advertisement of a strident and militaristic full-pledged support for the State of Israel.

President Cain has declared unconstitutional war on Iran before the next Congress has even convened. Take that Obama, with your puny Libyan war.

Quote from AIPAC President Howard Friedman
    "AIPAC meets with every candidate running for Congress (and the Presidency).

    These candidates receive in-depth briefings to help them completely understand the complexities of Israel's predicament and that of the Middle East as a whole.

    We even ask each candidate to author a 'position paper' on their views of the US-Israel relationship -- so its' clear where they stand on the subject."

-- The Israel Lobby, pg 154

Herman Cain must have just gotten his mandatory "religious test" from AIPAC because this week, he publicaly presented his "position paper" on Israel and did so stronger than any other candidate; hence Cain has made himself the man to beat -- a Lady Godiva style Dark Chocolate!

Too delicious for Jewish money to pass up, so Cain's campaign chest will fill to overflowing.

Ron Paul, by contrast, is just boring, healthy, nutritious food --- no Federal Reserve -- no policing the world -- and who the hell wants that????


Fox Nation
Cain: I’d Attack Iran if It ‘Messes with Israel’

Obama 41%, Ron Paul 37%

Fox News
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Fox News
Taste Test: Swiss Chocolate vs. Made in China

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