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July 13, 2011 AD

The First Welfare System

Welfare System

Patrice Lewis eloquently reminds us in her inciteful work "Welfare as God intended" that the First Welfare System was the Old Testament practice of gleaning.

The poor of Old Testament Israel did not wait at home for their welfare checks to arrive in the mail. Or stop playing video games long enough to check their on-line bank balances to see if their welfare payment was automatically deposited. Or have a debit card with a never ending renewal of funds added.

No, the righteous owners of harvest fields in the Old Testament voluntarily made sure that they did not work as efficiently as possible -- to leave the scraps -- knowing that the poor would follow behind the reapers to gather up the remaining scraps.

The poor had to work to eat -- even if it was free.

The story of Ruth revolves around her gleaning from the fields owned by Boaz, a man whom she would later marry. And she broke her back in the hot sun for her sustenance.

Other than illegal immigrants, few break their backs today to glean food from American scraps.

Welfare System

Robert Ringer, in his work "Capitalism: The purest form of freedom" points out that Karl Marx preached Capitalism to be the absolute worst possible economic system, the absolute opposite of communism; capitalism was hell to communist heaven, in his eyes. Why then Ringer asks was it not the staunch capitalist countries like America, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, South Korea or Great Britain which had the Communist Revolutions" -- Why was it that Communist uprisings were always in NON-Capitalist countries like Russia, China, Vietnam, Cuba, and North Korea?"

Ringer continues, "If communism is so great, and the people are clamoring for it so much, then why does it have to be put into place by violence everywhere it's tried?"

In democratic-based capitalist countries, Communism could easily be voted in, (and almost is), ESPECIALLY given all the lies by the Jewish media-Scribes about its "wonderful" benefits, so why do the people not vote for this marvelous system? Why are our politicians giving us promises of individual liberty and then forcing us by government to buy health insurance that the government runs.

Could the reason capitalist countries are rather immune to communism is that the "downtrodden poor" are richer in capitalist countries than everyone is in communist countries?

If Stalinist Communism was so great in the Soviet Union, why then give up the Soviet Union and embrace capitalism -- a faulty one but capitalistic nevertheless.

If Maoist Communism was so great, why are the Chinese trying to become super-capitalists?

COMMUNE-ism was all about "Social Welfare" -- where everyone gave welfare to everyone else, and everyone received welfare from everyone else -- by force of government decree.

"Social Security"
Welfare System

There is no denying it -- Social Security is "social welfare"; i.e., welfare you are forced to give to every old person, that later, welfare every young person is forced to contribute back to you.

Social Security was initially sold as welfare -- politicians wanted you to help the wiped-out seniors of the Great Depression.

Social Security is still sold today as welfare -- politicians will force you to help the seniors alive today.

Social Security will continue to be welfare when you retire -- politicians will force everyone to help you.

Social Security will always be "Social Welfare".

"Social Security"
Welfare System

But wait! The Baby Boomers have been taxed at a higher rate to save for their retirement, right? They will be the only generation since "The Greatest Generation" that did not live entirely on "Social Security Welfare."


Everyone knows that the extra money coming into the U.S. Treasury for their retirement account gets replaced by an IOU, a Treasury Bond, with their money being spent half on New Testament Welfare that even Jesus would abhor while the other half being spent on Military Welfare to Korea, Japan and Europe, so they don't have to spend on their own tax dollars on their military and are then free to spend untaxed money on 5 week vacations and underselling us on products in our own country.

In fact, the overseas military welfare can also be called warfare.

The largest part of the national debt then is the federal government's indebtedness to the Social Security Welfare system.

This is money the Baby Boomer's' government has already spent on them.

Later the Baby Boomers will want the money back! -- Good Luck with that!!! The money is spent and gone!!!

The Baby Boomers will retire on welfare, which the government will force the young to pay. (that is if they do not revolt!)

"Social Security"
Welfare System

The never-ending line from Progressive liberals is that "Social Security is an entitlement that would be immoral to cut back."

The liberal media-Scribes love to tell unemployed Americans, with no money coming in, that it would be sacrilege to deny any dependent of the federal government anything they are dependent upon.

Classic signs of a heroin addict. -- take away their addiction and they start screaming, rioting, and throwing fits.

But then a funny thing happened.

The leader of the Big-Government addicts - Barrack Obama - is now threatening to withhold social security checks if he does not get a debt ceiling adjustment.

You are all aware of this gamete at the local politician level. It goes like this -- If the voters refuse to approve a bond issue (that is - put themselves into more DEBT) to build a new football stadium palace, then they will be forced to layoff teachers and firefighters and policemen.

You do see the EXTORTION in this message I hope !!

Social Security is an entitlement -- UNTIL, it is not an entitlement -- to be used for BLACKMAIL -- to get voters alarmed enough to allow the government to have yet more DEBT.

Were they lying then or are they lying now? -- The Security in Social Security has been "fixed" out to 2034 by CONgress many times. The Baby Boomers are paying more into SS now than SS currently needs, so as to build a "lock-proof box" for Boomers. How can SS be insolvent and in need of debt from the treasury before the Boomers have even retired?

Blackmail and Extortion are the hallmarks of a socialist and if you resist, they will bomb your buildings, riot in the streets and protest until you give in.

This is one taxpaying Christian who is fed-up with the Pharisee money changers legally pickpocketing us with taxes.

Now is the time to install a Biblical Welfare System, especially involving no government.


Patrice Lewis
Welfare as God intended

Robert Ringer
Capitalism: The purest form of freedom

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