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July 2, 2011 AD

Texas Legislature's
"Planned Abortion"
of their own

I had a friend who recently helped me understand this.

In discussing the politics of abortion, one has to get to the real agenda behind abortion and how it serves our Jewish political masters.

Our Jewish political masters get to pursue their agenda to:
  1. . Destroy the Christian concept
            where a woman follows her man who follows Christ
  2. . Destroy Christian life before birth
  3. . Destroy the Christian family structure
  4. . Cheapen Christian life
            (while cherishing Jewish life at every turn)
  5. . All intended to reduce the world-wide population of Christians
            (As Muslim populations explode)
In exchange for the votes of easily mislead Christian women who:
  1. . Now, ignorantly, believe women are in charge with their "Right to Choose"
So should a Christian woman chose to "submit and follow" a Jewish (or Jewish-bought) politician, then she shall help free herself from "submitting and following" her Christian boyfriend, Christian husband or Christian father trying to impose their "Christianity of life and compassion" upon her.

In fact, she will even free herself from her Christian mother or Christian grandmother disagreeing with her woman's choice".

In selling her soul to the devil with the buying of her vote, this woman will help perpetuate the Jewish Satans who suck the life-breath from this country.

Federal Courts
have removed
the State's
"Right to Choose"

The 10th Amendment was all about CHOICE.

Each State was free to CHOOSE laws on matters of life and death, so long as they protected "LIFE, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness".

Citizens were free to move their families to the State most suitable to their lifestyle.

When the federal government in their Roe v. Wade decision decided, for the States, that murdering an unborn child was not murder but a Constitutional Right (sic), then they took CHOICE away from the States who had always been the ones who decided the definition of murder, rape, thief and most other crimes of one citizen against another.

But Wait -- It gets WORST !

If Texas goes the way of Indiana last week, then Texas will NOT even have a CHOICE of NOT supporting abortion, because the federal courts will not allow Texas a CHOICE of NOT supporting a private corporation who routinely performs abortions, counsels our young girls without our knowledge on abortions, and who has been caught in numerous scandals involving criminal fraud and deceit.

A Federal judge will FORCE the Federal government to FORCE the Texas Legislature to, in turn, FORCE Texas Christian Taxpayers to support the private abortionist baby killers -- Planned Parenthood!

(And we got mad when the Feds were supporting non-controversial GM who only made cars for us to drive? Do you smell another American Revolution coming too?)

INDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) A judge on Friday granted a preliminary injunction preventing the state of Indiana from enforcing a law that eliminated funding to Planned Parenthood because it performs abortions.
This is tyranny at its worst!

A "single" unelected judge at the federal level telling the "majority" of elected officials at the State level that they MUST FORCE their citizens to support a private entity who performs abortions on underage girls without the parents knowledge and directs young girls to abortion providers.

At least the "Progressives" used to say "We were a Democracy" instead of a "Republic". Now it's straight to "dictatorship" for our lovely Progressive.

"Progressing" right into the "Totalitarianism" of "Communism".

Once again, it is "We the People" who need "a real choice".

We the People need to have a choice to live in a State who represents our Christian values, not the immoral Satanic values of unelected judges from outside our State deciding policy, matters of life and death, and otherwise micro-managing our State.

We the People need to tell out State Legislators to stop taunting the federal bear -- just to get our votes -- knowing full well that the bear will just maul the State.

Instead of using slingshots which only irritate the bear, our State legislators MUST bring out a bear gun -- the repeal of the 17th Amendment.

The Christian Solution is to elect Christian State representatives who will represent them and their interests; namely, by selecting, funding and sending Christian Senators to the U.S. Senate who will represent their State and Christian families in their State, not families in a far-off, foreign, non-Christian nation of Israel.

The States MUST fund the political campaigns of good Christian men for Senate to run against the Jewish Establishment.


By Sarah Kliff, Politico
Texas to defund Planned Parenthood

By Susan Guyett
Indiana can't end Planned Parenthood funds: judge

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