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June 26, 2011 AD

Israel Lobby
Chancellor of Germany

Presidential Candidate
John Kennedy's Pledge
to NOT take orders
from his Pope

On 12 September 1960, Kennedy made remarks at the Greater Houston Ministerial Association, in which he refuted the idea that he would be influenced by Catholic officials should be become President of the United States.

He used his experience in the Senate as an example of how he had always served the American people and had never taken orders from the Pope or anyone else in the Catholic hierarchy.

Kennedy wanted to make sure that people understood he did not represent Catholicism and they did not represent him in any way what so ever.

One of the famous quotes from Kennedy’s address to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association was,
    “I am not the Catholic candidate for President. I am the Democratic Party’s candidate for President who also happens to be a Catholic. I do not speak for my Church on public matters — and the Church does not speak for me.”

-- 1960–JFK “Religion” Ad –David Geaney by Presidential Campaign Rhetoric

In 1960, in regards to Christians, the mass-media insured there would be no religious test when a Catholic Christian was running against a Protestant Christian -- so long as -- the Catholic Christian vowed to put the Constitution and his oath of office above his loyalty to his religion and in particular, would vow that he would never take commands from the foreign source of the Christian Pope living in the state-less country of Vatican City. (No Protestant Christian -- so long as he supports Israel -- has, up to now, ever been required to take the same oath.)

Today, in regards to Islam, where the Jewish media-Scribes have talked Americans in allowing countless Muslims to enroll in our universities and to stay in America afterward, the same arguments are being made about Sharia Law, where many Christians rightfully worry that Muslims believe Sharia to be above the Constitution.

Never mind though that few journalists in the Jewish media-Scribe world has ever questioned their fellow American Jews to verify if they have a foreign allegiance to Israel when they run for office or head the editorial department of a major journalist behemoth or become appointed to the powerful FED or IMF.

Never has anyone clearly pointed out the fact of there exists a foreign allegience to Israel and a religious allegiance to Judaism, predominant in all spheres of power in America...until now.

John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt clearly make that point in their book "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy".

"There is no Jewish Conspiracy"

Officially, Mearsheimer states that the Israel lobby is NOT "a well-organized Jewish conspiracy", but rather it is "a loose coalition of individuals and organizations without a central headquarters."

And then Mearsheimer gave an entire section in his book disproving his own assertion, which only proved the former.

On page 120, in a section titled "Unity in Diversity and the Norm against Dissent", Mearsheimer lays out the fact that there is no Jew or Christian of any prominence in America who dares to question America's allegiance toward Israel. It is akin to a fear of being attacked by an angry swarm of Jewish piranhas (i.e. a "loose coalition of individuals and organizations"). Upon venturing into these Jewish piranha infested waters of questioning Jewish dominance, the unfortunante soul will be attacked with a mass feeding frenzy of individually ripping, tearing and eating of flesh with a million tiny "individual" bites until you are nothing but a skeleton of your former self. Few question and live to tell that Jews are not God's Chosen People (test for religious allegiance) or that Israel is a Democracy worth defending at any cost. (test for Israeli foreign allegiance) (Never mind that it is ONLY Jewish followers of Christ and other believers in Christ, commonly called Christians, who are the truly Chosen people of God and that modern Israel is not a Democracy in the eyes of the majority disenfranchised Muslims, nor are these modern-day Jewish Crusaders worth defending.)

Mearsheimer clearly points out that Israel's interests are intended to trump America's interests and everybody knows it.

Mearsheimer clearly points out that the government of Israel is the "central headquarters" who gives the marching orders and shows how the faithful Jews in America shall fall in line.

Mearsheimer points out a few courageous Jews who question Israel policy, such as settlements in the West Bank, and while doing so, Mearsheimer points to the subsequent shunning and total destruction which occurs to these poor fools.

In sum, Mearsheimer proves that there is a "well-organized Jewish Conspiracy" to promote Israeli and Jewish interests above all other interests.

Never a Catholic Pope, nor ever a Islamic Iman, has ever ruled America, but I assure you, the facts point to a gang of Jewish co-conspiracists who have undemocratically, unconstitutionally and immorally taken control of America.

"But Americans love Israel"

To the claim that U.S. support for Israel reflects "genuine support among the American public" Mearsheimer agrees, but he argues that "this popularity is substantially due to the lobby's success at portraying Israel in a favorable light and effectively limiting public awareness and discussion of Israel's less savory actions".

No doubt, tell American voters nothing but good things about Israel while telling Americans nothing bad about them, will lead Americans to have a good opinion of Israel.

Nothing changes if it is all a lie. If Americans are lied to about the goodness of Israel, while hiding their faults from view, then Americans will still have a good opinion of Israel.

But when Americans find out they have been lied to and manipulated, watch out!

"Hitler should be made Chancellor"

And on that point, we will stop with an appropriate historical quote from a well-known, left-wing, Jewish source -- The New York Times.

Adolph Hitler never had to swear to the media-Scribes of the New York Times that if made Chancellor, he would make it his policy to REFUSE to listen to any moral leader, such as the Pope.

The Jewish-owned New York Times promoted a non-Christian national socialist in another country, against American self-interest -- "the final solution" of which was Israel.

For this, Adolph Hitler got their endorsement.

"While any cabinet headed by Herr Hitler suggests a highly precarious undertaking, the experiment to make him chancellor might be tried out to curb Nazi truculence."

--New York Times - January 29, 1933


Presidential Campaign Rhetoric
1960–JFK “Religion” Ad–David Geaney

John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt
The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

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