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June 1, 2011 AD


" . . . INTEGRITY ! . . . "

A Poster in a Tire Shop

Hire and promote:
  • first, on the basis of integrity;
  • second, motivation;
  • third, ability;
  • fourth, understanding;
  • fifth, knowledge;
  • and last and least,
  • Experience.


  • Without integrity,
    motivation is dangerous;
  • Without motivation,
    ability is impotent;
  • Without ability,
    understanding is limited;
  • Without understanding,
    knowledge is meaningless;
  • Without knowledge,
    experience is blind.
Experience is easy to provide and quickly put to good use by people with all the other qualities.

We hire our politicians in exactly reverse order to this sage wisdom.

Take the latest media-Scribe-pushed Republican Gee-Whiz guy -- Herman Cain -- a Great Black Hope -- has CEO experience -- so why not make him President?

    With 500 CEOs in the Standard and Poors 500, there seems to be plenty of CEOs to choose from, so why Cain?

    Well, never mind that, THIS CEO gave up business to become a member of the board of directors to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City in 1992 and served as its chairman from January 1995 to August 1996, when he resigned to become active in national politics!

    Straight from the Federal Reserve, where his official position is against auditing the Fed, straight into politics where he would be supportive of the un-Constitutional Federal Reserve.

    Yes, he has EXPERIENCE running a big, "greedy", "make the kids fat", Pizza corporation, ready-made for Saturday Night Live-styled "Godfather of America" jokes, but does he have INTEGRITY?

    In our view, Herman Cain's MORALITY and INTEGRITY as an patriotic American is highly suspect because he served on the Federal Reserve. Secondly, his Wikipedia bio on political issues is longest on his devotion, not to America, but on his devotion to Israel -- but darn it! -- He knows how to make a darn good fast-food pizza! Take that you bean-sprouting libgots. (liberal bigots)
Aside from the fact that people know less about Herman Cain with no mass-media-Scribe backing than they knew about that darling of the INTEGRITY-Deprived -- Barrack Obama, why not instead elect a man who has had EXPERIENCE running an Obstetrician business for 30 years? That's a pretty good business experience isn't it -- bringing life into the world? Such a man would be an automatic expert in how to resolve the oppression of Obamacare! And in addition, this man served honorably in the Air Force as a doctor, has been in Congress for 6 terms to garner all that important political experience and comes LOADED WITH INTEGRITY!

A real man of INTEGRITY!!!!

A manly man who stands firm with steely INTEGRITY, who never bends his MORALS for the moment.

But most of the media-Scribes we love, cherish and trust with our lives always write off Ron Paul as unelectable -- so we listen to them and tell ourselves that Ron Paul is unelectable -- a waste of a good vote -- and then Ron Paul is not elected!

In the past national election cycle, Republicans stepped over Ron Paul who was humbly offering his unwavering service to the country and nominated a guy who could fly a plane and manage to get it shot out from under him.

Wow, an airplane pilot who would give up the freedom of the skies to run for President!

OK, John McCain was a POW in the Vietnam War, so that makes him a war hero -- of a sort -- somewhat along the lines of Audie Murphy -- who really was a war hero; and hence, that made him Presidential material over Ron Paul.

    Never mind that he has very little INTEGRITY -- at least in the eyes of the people who know him best -- his several divorced wives!

Ron Paul on the other hand has remained faithful to his wife AND country, while raising several fine sons, one of who is now Senator from Kentucky.

Who are Hired and Promoted in Government?
  • EXPERIENCE fils the halls of government, but are extremely lacking in Common Sense KNOWLEDGE.
  • KNOWLEDGE of facts are twisted and tangled into a wrong interpretation of UNDERSTANDING.
  • UNDERSTANDING, wrongly construed, is relentlessly pushed upon others by those with the ABILITY.
  • ABILITY and a perverted desire to destroy what took centuries to build seems to be the only MOTIVATION.
  • MOTIVATION to dangerously silence men of MORALITY and INTEGRITY, achieved by dangerous men with a total lack of INTEGRITY.
  • INTEGRITY being scoffed at as old-fashioned, out-dated and un-needed.

Truth is that EXPERIENCE counts for nothing without a strong MOTIVATION driven by crystal-clear INTEGRITY, based upon a sterling KNOWLEDGE of the facts, UNDERSTANDING in the proper Christian context and ABILITY to cleverly outmaneuver the evil stalking this country.

Who better matches these qualifications than Ron Paul?

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