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May 23, 2011 AD

The Rape of Britain

Britannia had just Christianized by 410 AD, when the Roman legions were pulled out of Britannia in a desperate attempt to protect Rome from Vandals.

Into the power vacuum in Britannia came the Saxon tribes from Saxony and the Ængle tribes from Ænglii.

The Legend of Pope Gregory I

Gregory happened to see a group of Angle children from Deira for sale as slaves in the Roman market. Gregory inquired about their background. When told they were called "Anglii" (Angles), he replied with a Latin pun that translates well into English: “Bene, nam et angelicam habent faciem, et tales angelorum in caelis decet esse coheredes” ("It is well, for they have an angelic face, and such people ought to be co-heirs of the angels in heaven"). Supposedly, he thereafter resolved to convert their pagan homeland to Christianity.

Ængle Land of course became Engla-Land or England, and indeed, Pope Gregory was to fulfill his promise.

By 580 AD, the well settled Anglo-Saxon and pagan King Æthelbert was to marry Bertha. Bertha was the Christian daughter of the Frankish King Claribert. Pope Gregory saw an opportunity and sent Augustine as a missionary to convert Æthelbert to Christianity. This Gregorian mission created the first Archbishop of Canterbury in 598 AD.

England was well on its way to civilization, culminating in King Ælfred in 871 AD. Alfred the Great would rule till 899 AD.

The first British king of all of England was Edgard in 973 AD.

There were hitches in the road to civilization. Vikings made life difficult for the Anglo-Saxons off and on right up to the Norman Invasion of 1066 AD, In fact, England had been entirely conquered by the Danish King Canute in 1016 till his death in 1035 AD, but he became more English than the English by marrying Norman Queen Emma, the former wife of a former English King.

Finally, Edward the Confessor, firmly a Christian, arrives in 1043 AD.

From Roman beginnings, to the 600 years of Anglo-Saxon influence, David Starkey, in his "Monarchy" series, reports that for "over 300 years to Alfred and beyond, England had been the richest, most stable, best administered country in Europe."

That would all change with the death of Edward the Confessor igniting the Norman Invasion which began with William the Conquerer at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

Where the Anglo-Saxon Kings had always ruled by consent, William the Conquerer would rule by absolute terror.

And terror he did rule by after Hastings, as he took a circular route to London, burning and killing everything and everyone in his path. The Harrying of the North was Williams response to the northern 1069 rebellion. David Starkey claims that up to 80% of all Anglo-Saxon men had been killed, with the Norman men intermarrying with their abandoned women.

Where the Anglo-Saxon kings of old, starting with Alfred the Great built "Burhs" to defend all the people from the foreign Vikings, William build castles to defend his Normans from the local people.

Where, per David Starkey, "England's stable currency had been the envy of Europe for three centuries", William brought in Jews to help sack England of its wealth.

Jews became the Norman King's tax collectors.

By 1124 AD, a mere 58 years after the Norman conquest, England's gold was debased, the lands of England experiencing galloping inflation.

Under Norman rule, the Jews had more rights than the conquered Christians of England.

    However, during Henry's reign (1100–1135) a royal charter was granted to Joseph, the chief rabbi of London, and all his followers. Under this charter, Jews were permitted to move about the country without paying tolls, to buy and sell goods and property, to sell their pledges after holding them a year and a day, to be tried by their peers, and to be sworn on the Torah rather than on a Christian Bible.

    Special weight was attributed to a Jew's oath, which was valid against that of 12 Christians, because they represented the King of England in financial matters.

    The sixth clause of the charter was especially important: it granted to the Jews the right of movement throughout the kingdom, as if they were the king's own property (sicut res propriæ nostræ).

    -- Wikipedia History of the Jews in England

What did the Jews get out of all this privilege?

By 1186, 120 years after the Normans first invited Jews into England, the Jews owned one fourth of all of England!

    When, however, he [the King] asked the rest of the country to pay a tithe for the crusade against Saladin in 1186, he demanded a quarter of the Jewish chattels. The tithe was reckoned at £70,000, the quarter at £60,000. In other words, the value of the personal property of the Jews was regarded as one-fourth that of the whole country. It is improbable, however, that the whole amount was paid at once, as for many years after the imposition of the tallage arrears were demanded from the recalcitrant Jews.

America's Anglo-Saxon Invasion

If you had not noticed the similarities to America's development, let me help you out.

The Anglo-Saxon invasion of New England began in 1607. Christianity was introduced to the native populations. Over the next 300 years, Anglo-Saxons developed this new world into the envy of the old world.

American currency became the standard currency for all the world.

American inventions and innovations outstripped the innovations of all of history prior to it.

The politically correct say that America was competitive only because all of Europe was devastated in two World Wars, but in fact, BEFORE the start of World War 1, by 1917, America had already become the world's largest exporter.

America was rich, powerful, and unashamed to be called old-fashioned Christian.

America was so envied, people the world over wanted to come here to live instead of living in the place of their birth, surrounded by generations of families and friends.

Then starting as a tiny trickle after their defeat in the first Communist Revolution of 1848, becoming a small stream after being pushed out of Russia following their anarchy and especially after their assassination of the great and visionary Russian leader, Czar Alexander the Liberator in 1881, and a gushing river during, and between the European World Wars, Jews also saw America ripe for the plucking.

After 300 years of Anglo-Saxon stability, stable currency, and benevolent leaders, America started a backward cultural shift.

Within 60 years of the Zenith of the Jewish immigration, there has been vast debasement of its currency by Jewish bankers like Timothy Geitner.

Within 100 years, Jewish interests owned major industries, entire segments of what made our society.

America has enacted terroristic laws like the Patriot Act, still waiting to be used against Americans as they were intended, to protect the Jewish nobility from the "Christian serfs" should they even hint about an uprising, an American Spring.

America was no longer being ruled by local politicians, but instead, was led by Norman-Invader types who had one foot in Israel and one tiny toe in America.

Indeed, history repeats itself.

What did England finally do?

King Edward I expelled all Jews from England in 1290 AD and they did not return for almost 400 years, until a stream with Oliver Cromwell in 1653, and a torrent after another invasion of England, the Protestant Glorious Revolution of 1688 AD led by the Dutch under William of Orange.

Should history repeat itself, America's Jews will finally have worn out their welcome by the year 2144 AD. A mere 133 years down the road. But then, we seem to live in an accelerated age -- they may have already out lived their welcome.


David Starkey
Monarchy: The Complete Series

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