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May 22, 2011 AD

Tom Tancredo,
the Wanna-be Tyrant

Jews are not stupid -- except when they openly advocate using their monopoly on the entertainment business to advocate PROPAGANDA against American interests and for the interests of the foreign country of Israel.

    ...The best way to reach the American people is through its entertainment industry in Hollywood.

    Rather than the courts or any other institution, Hollywood can be powerful educator to show the American people that Israel is one with our nation.

    -- Jewish Media-Scribe Larry Klayman

Then there are the bought and paid for Christian Herodians, such as Tom Tancedo.

It is evident that Ton Tancredo is going to announce his bid for President because he is already in full bloom pandering mode to AIPAC for their money.

The Jewish lobby does NOT want an American patriot like Ron Paul to be elected, so last week he ruthlessly attacked and misrepresented Ron Paul's views on immigration.

The Jewish Lobby DOES like Israel, so this week, Tancredo was Israel's best friend, asking Americans to sacrifice more for Israel.

Let's count the ways that Tancredo is dead wrong.

First off Ron Paul.

Tancredo says that
"Ron Paul is soft on immigration because..."

  • Tancredo says, "Ron Paul is against E-Verify, therefore he must want illegals to work." -- In fact, Ron Paul is against any BIG BROTHER federal background check on ALL AMERICANS to keep out what we used to keep out without computers.
  • Tancredo says, "Ron Paul is against using the military to round up the illegal aliens." -- In fact, compared to Tancredo's ethnic-cleansing Hitler-est use of military on American soil in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, Ron Paul's approach is far more Christian. He believes merely removing the perverse incentives government has given illegals to come here and stay, such as "anchor babies" and welfare for Latin Americans, will do the trick. Instead of propagandizing and smearing all dirt-poor Latin Americans together as criminals, rapists and murders as Tom Tancredo types tend to do, Ron Paul would just tell our guests that it was getting late and it would be nice if they would go home now. Our government officials have essentially let them come in as guests, hoping to legalize them after they had stayed for a while, so there is no sense in abusing these poor Latinos for taking advantage of the unguarded open door. Ron Paul would gently return America to the way it used to be.
  • Tancredo says, "Ron Paul does not support making it against the law for businessmen to hire illegals" -- In fact, Ron Paul has always been against government telling Americans who own businesses how to run their business. And In fact, it took FEDERAL government officials pushing the mis-labeled FREE TRADE to force those businesses into the need to hire illegals, and even to hire legal immigrants from India and China, and to out-source their businesses to those other countries.
  • Tancredo says, "Ron Paul is against Arizona road blocks" -- In fact, Ron Paul has always been against violating the 4th Amendment protections of Americans being secure against unreasonable searches and seizures without a warrant. He is not against police checking on the backgrounds of anyone who has committed a crime, American or not.

Tancredo says that
"Israel should be protected because..."

  • Tancredo says, "Iran is making daily threats to "wipe Israel off the map" with a nuclear bomb." -- In fact, Iran does NOT have nuclear weapons, but Israel has mentioned that they have the capability and the nuclear bombs which could wipe Italy off the face of the Earth. Actually Rome was specifically mentioned -- you know, where the Pope lives!

  • Tancredo says, "Does he remember that Israel did not start the 1967 war that led to its conquest of the West Bank, the Golan Heights and Gaza?" -- Fact is that Israel has started the shooting in all its war. Its founding war of 1948 was especially planned. Israel knew Arab countries were massing troops after the UN decided for Jewish Partition, so they struck before that capability developed too far.

  • Tancredo says, "Obama has a deep animosity toward Western civilization as such, and since Israel is the West's outpost in the Middle East" -- True about Obama, but not true that Israel is the West's outpost in the Middle East. Last I heard, the West is Christian and Israel is Jewish. Last I heard, Jews belonged in the Middle East, NOT in the West, because that is where they have been for the last 4,000 years -- and God says so! Last time I went to a Hollywood Holocaust movie, I had been told that the West hated the Jews, slaughtered Jews any chance they got, and so the West and Jews can't possibly mix, leading naturally to the Jews having to embed themselves with the friendly Muslim natives of Palestine, as far away from the West as they could get.

  • Tancredo says, "What Obama's American Jewish supporters do not yet understand is that Obama is not worried about the prospect of another Arab-Israeli war." -- Nice that Christian Herodian believes American Jews are a bunch of morons who cannot think for themselves, but in fact, the Mossad has itched for war several times in the past. Israel always get new plunder every time they provoke the Muslims into war. The country of Israel in 1948, the Sinai in 1956, the West Bank, Golan Heights, and Gaza in 1967. Only the Yom Kipper war of 1973 not gain Jews any more Lebensraum (Look that word up if you don't already know it).

  • Tancredo says, "The president and his State Department minions appear to agree with the official al-Qaida line that radical Muslims are anti-American only because the United States has supported Israel for 60 years" -- Muslims seem to hate everyone, but to imply that America helping Israel with jet fighters and smart bombs has made friends of Muslims is a silly proposition.

  • Tancredo says, "Never mind that for 50 years the U.S. has tried to play the role of an honest broker in bringing the two sides to the bargaining table." -- Fact is that American and England have only pretended to be an honest broker. In fact, Israel is an occupier and no amount of "honesty" will change that fact.

  • Tancredo says, "Never mind that we have pressured Israel on a half-dozen sensitive issues like West Bank settlements and autonomy for the Gaza Strip." -- Never mind that Israel has pressured America into giving it hundreds of billions of dollars in military and economic aid. Why can't we pretend that we have a tiny bit of control in reverse?

  • Tancredo says, "And never mind that the Muslim Brotherhood was founded 20 years before Israel came into existence with the express goal of driving the West out of the Middle East and re-establishing the Islamic Caliphate." Never mind that Tom Tancredo is lying to say that the problems in the Middle East started with creation of Israel. Everyone knows that Israel had been actively planned since before WW1. Even the Arabs knew they were being set up to lose their lands 20 years before Israel was created.

Tom Tancredo,
the Heartless Tyrant

Tom Tancredo is a wanna-be tyrant against our poor southern neighbors who have been pushed across our border in abject poverty because American agricultural interests have pushed FREE TRADE upon Mexico, ruining their peasant farmers. Coming to America, they are doubly violated by Tom Tancredo labeling the vast majority of them as rapists and murderers.

Tom Tancredo is a wanna-be tyrant against the American people. Americans want a leader to represent them, not a leader who would abuse them in favor of a country half way around the world.

This is how voters get talked into voting for tyrants like Hitler, Mussolini or let people like Lenin and Trotsky take over.

We would be far better off voting for humble Christian men like Ron Paul.


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