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April 20, 2011 AD

The Reason
why Christians
don't help...

As Christians and their Churches are being burned by Muslims tonight in Nigeria, in the Ivory Coast, in Kenya, and elsewhere around the globe, shall I read between the lines on Dennis Prager's crocodile tears for these poor Christian souls?

by Dennis Prager

In 1969, at the age of 21, I was sent to the Soviet Union. I was a young American Jew who spoke Hebrew and Russian and who practiced Judaism. My task was to bring Jewish religious items into the Soviet Union and the names of Jews who wished to leave the Soviet Union out of that country. Upon returning to the United States, I became the national spokesman for the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry, one of the most effective organizations for Soviet Jews in the world.


During the height of the Cold War, when America and "the Evil Empire" of the Soviet Union were bristling with nuclear missiles pointed at each other, deep in a proxy war with each other in Vietnam, Jewish Pharisee Dennis Prager just walks into the heart of the beast -- the Soviet Union -- ATHEIST RUSSIA -- like he was a Jewish Santa Claus to give away Jewish presents to Russian Jews and to be the Moses to lead his people to safety.

Even today, with Communism in retreat everywhere, I am still not allowed to travel to Cuba, just 80 miles from Florida, merely to sit upon the beach in order to soak up the rays of the sun, let along to advocate for a religious community.

At the age of 21 and in the Soviet Union,
I suppose Dennis Prager was not on leave from serving HIS COUNTRY in Vietnam.

Instead, he was trying to save HIS PEOPLE in Russia, as he freely admits. 

None of whom were American citizens - nor Christians.
All of whom were citizens of our greatest enemy - and all rejectors of Christ.

At the same time, "Christian" American soldiers were being mortally injured and dying by the thousands in an attempt to save South Vietnamese "Buddhists" from "Atheist" Communism, and I suppose it was somehow more noble that "Jewish" Dennis Prager was safely leading a Jewish-led Ambassador mission trying to save Soviet "Jews" from the "Jewish" Commissars of the Soviet Union.

As such, I spoke before synagogues of every denomination, Hadassah groups, Jewish federations, Jewish groups on college campuses. If there was a Jewish organization, it cared about the plight of Soviet Jews. For decades, virtually every synagogue in America had a "Save Soviet Jewry" sign in front of it.

"Save Soviet Jewry" from Whom?

The Jews literally wrote the book on Communism; aka Karl Marx, author of The Communist Manifesto

The Jews financed the war against the Christian Czar; aka, American Jew Jacob Schiff funding the militarization of Japan in the 1905 Sino-Japanese War to weaken the Czar.

The Jews financed Communism; aka, American Jew Jacob Schiff giving Leon Trotsky $20 million in gold

The Jews led the fight against the Czars; aka, the assassins who murdered Czar Alexander the Liberator

The Jews led the October Revolution and installed mostly Jews as the Commissar Czars.

The Jews led the Holodomor against Christian Ukraine; aka, Lazar (Lazareth) Kanganovich

The Jews tore down the national cathedral of Christ the Savior; aka, Lazar (Lazareth) Kanganovich

 So who was Mr. Prager trying to save Jews from?

May I suggest - perhaps - Russian Christians?

Over time, the plight of the Soviet Jews awakened me to the plight of all Soviet dissidents, whether secular ones – such as that great man, the physicist Andrei Sakharov – or Christian.

The latter were particularly persecuted. Though my work was with Soviet Jewry, I had no trouble acknowledging that Soviet Christians often had it worse. Few Soviet Jews were killed or locked away in dungeon-like conditions by the Soviet authorities, but Soviet Christians were.

What a surprise!

Jewish Commissar Czars did not kill many Jews. Few Jews were locked away in dungeon-like conditions by "Soviet authorities".

But here is a full confession that Christians did have it much worst under Communism.

Of course, for several years now, I have been helping to document the Holodomor Genocide of 7 million Christians by the Jews.

The deprivation of Christians in the hands of Jews, as Mr. Prager fairly recognizes, does not seem to trigger any sense in him of a huge propaganda conspiracy to minimize Christian suffering by orders of magnitude and at the same time, heightening the suffering of Jews by orders of magnitude.

Mr. Prager will simply not confess to being an accomplice to the crime.

At some point in my early years, it dawned on me that I had not seen a single church with a "Save Soviet Christians" sign. Even more amazingly, I encountered Christian clergy – Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox – at every one of the scores of Soviet Jewry rallies at which I spoke. But while these wonderful Christians were outspoken on behalf of Soviet Jews, they were nearly all silent regarding – or even simply ignorant of – the dire plight of Soviet Christians.

Mr. Prager should be asking why Christian clergy of all denominations were helping Soviet Jewry, but were ignorant about the far worst suffering of Soviet Christians.

Perhaps he could go ask the Jewish editors at the New York Times why this was so.

Perhaps he could ask the Jewish movie-makers why they were not making any movies about the Holodomor, but he probably thought they were to busy making Christians feel shameful for what happened to Jews in Germany -- AFTER -- millions of dead Christians were already decayed in shallow graves in the Soviet Union, to bother to interupt their important work.

Making matters worse, the world's most famous Christian evangelist, the Rev. Billy Graham, went to the Soviet Union in 1982, and in his talk at a church told Christians to obey the authorities – the same authorities who were rounding up Christian dissidents inside and outside the very church at which Graham spoke. As columnist George Will wrote at the time:

Yes, Obey the Jewish Commissar Czars. Very important! Don't call even their holiest leaders names like Jesus would have done, let alone the commissars who confiscated all the bread from the hands of their Ukrainian children.

Meanwhile, the Jews had assassinated the liberator of the Russian Serfs and had overthrown his grandson in the October Revolution.

So much for Jews respecting authority.

If Christians really respected authority, they would have had many more pogroms against the Jews who were trying to overthrow their Christian rulers.

"The Washington Post reports that when Graham spoke in two churches, both 'were heavily guarded, with police sealing off all roads leading to them. Hundreds of KGB security agents ... were in the congregation.' Graham told one congregation that God 'gives you the power to be a better worker, a more loyal citizen because in Romans 13 we are told to obey the authorities.' How is that for a message from America? Graham is America's most famous Christian. (Aleksandr) Solzhenitsyn is Russia's. The contrast is instructive."

For Mr. Prager though, the message to his fellow Jews is "respect authorities" until I get you get out of Russia.

In the Muslim world, Christians are being murdered, churches are being torched, entire ancient Christian communities – the Iraqi and Palestinian, for example – are disappearing. And, again, 2 billion Christians react with silence. There are some Christian groups active on behalf of persecuted Christians around the world. They do important work and are often the primary source of information on persecuted Christians. But they would be the first to acknowledge that the Christian world is overwhelmingly silent when it comes to the persecution of Christians in the Muslim world.

Yes indeed Mr. Prager, history is repeating itself. This time in the Muslim world.

While Jews in America are busy trying to make Muslims the best next-door neighbors Israel ever had, the Muslim world is beheading every Christian they see.

This is true despite the fact that the most powerful Christian in the world, Pope Benedict XVI, has not been silent. For example, on Jan. 10, in his annual address to the Vatican diplomatic corps, he spoke of "the Christian communities in (the Middle East) which suffer greatly because of their fidelity to Christ and the Church ... the attacks which brought death, grief and dismay among the Christians of Iraq."

He appealed directly to the Muslim world: "To the Muslim religious leaders I renew my heartfelt appeal that their Christian fellow-citizens be able to live in security."

He continued: "In Egypt, too, in Alexandria, terrorism brutally struck Christians as they prayed in church. ... Regarding the states of the Arabian Peninsula, where numerous Christian immigrant workers live, I hope that the Catholic Church will be able to establish suitable pastoral structures."

He wasn't done: "Particular mention must be made of the law against blasphemy in Pakistan. I once more encourage the leaders of that country to take the necessary steps to abrogate that law."

And even more: "Violence against Christians does not spare Africa. Attacks on places of worship in Nigeria during the very celebrations marking the birth of Christ are another sad proof of this."

Again, eight days earlier, the pope announced: "Yesterday morning we learned with sorrow the news of the serious attack on the Christian Coptic community in Alexandria, Egypt. This despicable act of death – like the current trend of setting bombs close to the homes of Christians in Iraq to force them to leave – offends God and the whole of humanity."

But aside from the pope and some activist groups, the Christian world is as silent today as it was when Christians were imprisoned and killed in the Soviet Union.

Well Mr. Prager, the Pope may be Christianity's greatest voice for compassion toward Christians, but the Protestants, who heard it from Jewish reporters, are still busy accusing the Pope of being supportive of homosexual priests and being a NAZI youth.

Indeed Mr. Prager, nice for you to respect the Pope but your fellow  Jews  are busy  cutting him down with vile accusations.

You have to know where to set priorities, Mr. Prager.

It is time to change this pattern. Christians should organize an international day or week of solidarity for persecuted Christians in the Muslim world. And not only Christians should attend these hopefully large events. Jews and Muslims should also be in attendance, and their representatives should speak. Jews should because it is right and because of all Christians did for Soviet Jewry and do for Israel; and Muslims should because it is right and because nothing would protect the good name of Muslims like joining non-Muslims in voicing solidarity with the many Christian victims of persecution in Muslim countries.

Mighty nice of Mr. Prager.

I will NOT be holding my breath to see if any Jew other than Mr. Prager stops bringing lawsuits against country towns for having a nativity scene of the baby Jesus in the city park, long enough to speak up for Christians being slaughtered like Biblical sheep.

If you have not yet figured out why Christians don't help Christians, I will tell you.

It's because the Jewish media-Scribes, along with the rest of the Jewish community, don't want Christians united. Jews want Christian attention focused on their poor suffering plight as Dennis Prager so well pointed out in the case of Russian Jews.


Dennis Prager
Why don't Christians help ... Christians?

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