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April 10, 2011 AD

Time for Congress
to declare War
against the debt

The GOP tells us that they have to negotiate with Democrats because the troops need to get paid.

I love the troops as much as anyone, and I have been one myself, but these are men who have dedicated their lives to protecting us from harm.

I say, "Let the soldiers -- as well as the welfare recipients -- go without a check!"

Then we will see if it is the Republicans or the Democrats who blink first.

This is the Cuban Missile Crisis, and we need to have nerves of steel.

But I promise you that your typical military man is not destitute and has a little savings held for a rainy day and has a loving family back home who loves him that he can fall back on. He will also help out his military brothers in time of need.

But how much of a rainy day fund do you believe your typical welfare single mom has? Or how much does your typical "I have back trouble and can't work" bum have stashed away? How many people out there are ready and willing to help these dead beats if government is shut down? -- A liberal Jewish man? Get real! A liberal Jewish man does not spend his own money.

And what about all those regulators and Czars and their staffs? Do we need to keep sending them paychecks?

Trust me, the Democrats have to keep far more people happy than the Republicans do.

Our military knows who has the stronger military strategy.

Republicans who will sacrifice the long term health of this country for a short-term lecturing from the liberal mass media, do not deserve to lead this country.

Newt blinked last time and it bought America nothing but more misery.

America's serving men will be the first to agree to the need to pursue Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD), because they do love their country far more than the rulers of this country, and will make the ultimate sacrifice, that is, if Congress puts them into harms way and DECLARES WAR, then our soldiers will be ready for war!!!


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