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April 10, 2011 AD

Ivory Coast Christians
will be
the next Rwandan Genocide

*** THE RESULT ***

"Ivory Coast atrocity claims
embarrass Ouattara's backers"

The reputation of Alassane Ouattara, the internationally recognised winner of last November's election, has taken a battering in recent days. A Human Rights Watch report – detailed on Saturday in the Guardian – said forces loyal to Ouattara killed hundreds of civilians, raped his rival's supporters and burned villages in the country's west. Survivors described how the soldiers "summarily executed and raped perceived Gbagbo supporters in their homes, as they worked in the fields, as they fled, or as they tried to hide in the bush".

Such claims have the potential to embarrass the UN, EU and African Union, all of whom have endorsed Ouattara as the legitimate president,and most of all France, which launched air strikes against Gbagbo's military a week ago – attacks which continued last night – and appears more deeply mired in the conflict by the day. But as yet there are no signs of remorse.

Ouattara had long tried to distance himself from the northern-based rebels who fought a brief civil war almost a decade ago that split the country in two. Those fighters were accused of many atrocities at the time. But he appeared to change tack as the rebels, which he renamed the "Republican Forces", began their lightning assault against Gbagbo

Wells did not blame the UN for failing to intervene. "It's a very difficult situation for the UN. They are targets themselves. They have been quite pro-active in investigating these cases – they sent a team to the west straight away. There's very little to criticise harshly on the UN side. Hopefully their newest peacekeepers will be deployed to the most vulnerable areas."

The US has also praised Ouattara's stance so far. "We salute President Ouattara's affirmation of the need for credible investigations of abuses perpetrated by any party, and welcome his commitment to govern for all Ivorians," said Mark Toner, acting deputy spokesman for the state separtment.

-- David Smith, UK Guardian

Let's make a list of the highlights...

  • The UN, EU, African Union, and the US say Ouattara is the legitament leader of the Ivory Coast
  • Oattara's forces have committed atrocities
  • Oattara's atrocities HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO EMBARRASS the UN, EU, African Union and the US?
  • His side's tendency toward atrocities have been known -- to all -- since his side committed atrocities a decade ago
  • It's not the fault of the UN -- they are a victim too!!!!
  • The French are bombing the side that had the atrocities committed against it
  • America is thanking Ouattara for promising to play nice in the future

Summed up well enough?


*** THE CAUSE ****

"Five key reasons
Ivory Coast's election
led to civil war"

Gbagbo, a Christian southerner, and Ouattara, a Muslim northerner who was accused in the past of being a foreigner, are emblematic of the country’s deep geographic, religious, and ethnic divides.

After Ivory Coast gained independence from France in 1960, the government encouraged immigration from neighboring countries to supply a labor force for its burgeoning cocoa industry, now the world’s largest.

The prosperity of the 1970s and 1980s brought in hordes of migrant workers, most of them Muslim. Many opted to settle in Ivory Coast permanently, mostly in the north.

Being born in the country does not grant a person Ivorian citizenship if he or she is born to foreigner parents, so many in the north remained “foreigners” according to the country’s laws. That became an issue in the 1980s, when an economic slowdown led to widespread discrimination against foreigners, and, by extension, Muslim northerners.

Northerners’ sense of persecution built for years. Previous leaders had allowed “foreigners” to hold political positions, including Ouattara, who was prime minister under Houphouët-Boigny.

Ouattara insists that both his parents are Ivorians, but a court ruled in 1995 that his mother was from neighboring Burkina Faso.

Ouattara and his supporters have always viewed this decision as an unjust way to prevent him from running in elections that he would have won, just as he finally did on Nov. 28, 2010.

Ouattara, highly popular among Ivory Coast’s Muslim northerners and its immigrant population, was run out of the country in 2002 as northerners launched a rebellion against the pro-government Christian south, then led by Gbagbo.

The nationalistic concept of Iviorité – which means being a “true” Ivorian, born in the country to two Ivorian parents – had been in the background since immigrants first began arriving in the country, but it was Mr. Bédié who turned it into a political tool and popular southern campaign, known as Ivoirité. He used Ivoirité to gain support for disqualifying Ouattara’s candidacy in the 1995 presidential election on the basis of Ouattara not being “100 percent” Ivorian. He was excluded once again in the 2000 election against Gbagbo, again because of a dispute over whether he is a true Ivorian.

Now we need another list of highlights...
  • The designated bad guy is a Christian, Ghagbo
  • The designated good guy is a Muslim, Ouattara
  • The designated good guy is not a legal "NATIVE BORN CITIZEN" of the Ivory Coast
  • The designated good guy has to be made President anyway -- so says the UN
  • The NATIONALISTS who want their own country back are the designated bad guys

Bringing it all together

The ordinary Christians of the Ivory Coast were talked into allowing immigrants into their country to do "want Ivory Coast people would not do"

The ordinary Christians of the Ivory Coast trusted the UN's belief that diversity was "good for them."

The ordinary Christians of the Ivory Coast believed that Muslims and Christians could "get along".

The ordinary Christians of the Ivory Coast finally woke up and demanded their country back.

The UN, EU and the US governments condemned them for wanting their own country.

The ordinary Christians of the Ivory Coast will now be eliminated by the Muslims.

The ordinary Christians in the EU and the US will wonder how this could have happened.


David Smith, UK Guardian
Ivory Coast atrocity claims embarrass Ouattara's backers

Ariel Zirulnick, Christian Science Monitor
Five key reasons Ivory Coast's election led to civil war

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