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April 10, 2011 AD

Donald Trump
the New Media Tramp

trump card

1. Games - A card in the trump suit, held in reserve for winning a trick.

2. A key resource to be used at an opportune moment; a trump: "[They] seem determined to use the agreement as a trump card to obtain ... all the advantages they feel they deserve" (Christian Science Monitor).

After holding back all dissenters for two years, labeling them "tea-baggers" and "birthers", the establishment media-Scribes are unleashing their Donald Trump Card.

Just keep in mind that The Donald just gave $50,000 to the Rahm Emmanuel election campaign for mayor of Chicago. He is a constant supporter of Hillary Clinton, who may be the "trump" in the deck should Obama not be allowed to run in the States.

Donald Trump is a mass-media-Scribe trump card, that is, The Donald is "a key resource to be used at an opportune moment" for "winning a trick".

Stunning Donald Trump interview

"Was President Obama born in America? There’s no proof – and I’m sending investigators to Hawaii to check into the story!"

--Donald Trump, being interviewed by Meridith Viera

Let's get this right : newsmen are reporting that Donald Trump is now going to be reporting the news to newsmen? OMG!

This has got to be my all-time favorite plot twist in the play the mass media puts on for us ordinary spectators to watch.

Indeed, this is HUGE NEWS that a "Tea Bagging" "Filthy, filthy, filthy rich" Republican is telling news reporters that he is going to send his own "news reporters" to Hawaii to "report the news" that is "not getting reported", while the news reporters sit back and say, "Wow, he may be on to something! What bravery! What boldness!"

And also absolute proof that the mass media-Scribes are pulling off the biggest lie of the millennium --after pulling off lies about Obama.

The ghost of Nixon, still haunting Watergate, is saying, "Why, I also investigated my political foes to find dirt on them, so I could get elected, but you mass media guys went all crazy on me like it was some great sin! Why the kit gloves with Trump? He's also a Republican, right?"

Here is how this reality play is really going to play out (as in Shakespeare's, "All the World's a Play").

Now that Obama and the mass media have successfully stonewalled America for two years over the issue of Obama's Constitutional qualifications, our "conservative" "white knight" has finally arrived to right the wrong -- The Donald is here to save the day!

If the bait is taken, Donald Trump will be an overnight Tea Party "Hope and Change" Artist Hero.

Cheers are rising at Tea Party Headquarters.

The Donald has Katie Couric on the run. -- "Hurray!"

Meridith Viera doesn't know how to respond to the master of the deal. -- "Finally a politician with backbone!"

Republicans are just as gullible as Democrats are!

Once the Tea Party is fully on-board with The Donald, the mass media will begin to "fight back" against the "mean nasty ol" Donald.

Doesn't take much imagination to see the upcoming plot twists in this morality play.


Trump's mother was foreign born and raised in Scotland, a part of a foreign country, while his first wife, Ivana Zelnickova (Ivana Trump), was foreign born and raised in the foreign COMMUNIST country of Czechoslovakia.

These two facts alone will make for endless diversion from the real needs of this country, as the left will endlessly say that Obama's MOTHER was "Born in the USA" and raised in America, while Obama's WIFE, Michelle, has always been a U.S. Citizen.

"Truth is that Obama is more American than Trump", the mass media-Scribes will all chime together.

Leaving the Tea Party to feel conflicted and confused. "Buuuttttt, Obama's father was a foreigner," the Tea Party will say in response into the mass media's nearly deaf ears.

The mass media will retort, "What are you -- one of those Euro-centric White Supremacist racists who believe Scottish and Chech white women are better than a poor black man from Africa?"

"Besides, Obama was not raised by a foreign dad since the dead-beat dad from Kenya took off as soon as he had had his fun with Obama's poor American white mom," so will say the mass media, with the white Republican ignorant base thinking, "Well, they do have a good point there!"

And in all other matters, the Tea Party will find itself defending their "Hope and Change" guy, just as the Democrats are now conflicted and confused in defending their current "Hope and Change" leader as he drags America into another sandpit in the Middle East, that he promised his liberal base to get America out of.

Developer/reality show star Donald Trump appears to be pretty popular with Republican voters right now, in case you haven’t heard. He tied for second with Mike Huckabee, behind Mitt Romney, in a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC poll that measured the presidential nomination preferences of GOP voters. And he’s got a 52 percent favorable rating among Republicans in a just-released Gallup survey.

Why is he doing so well among adherents of the GOP?

Perhaps because he’s running as if he were already the party’s boss, as opposed to the other candidates, who may seem like applicants for the job, comparatively speaking.

Mr. Trump’s CEO-like forcefulness has been on full display in his recent spate of television interviews.

What do we do in Iraq? Stay and keep the oil!

How do we handle China’s rise? Slap a 25 percent tariff on Chinese goods!

“It’s all about leadership. You have to be able to make deals,” Trump said Thursday on CNN.

Trump doesn’t back down when challenged. In the face of tough questions from interviewers, he’s doubled down on the whole where-was-Obama-born question, for instance.

“Trump does enjoy what many candidates strive hard to develop – 90 percent name recognition among all Americans ... [but] whether Trump could parlay that familiarity into voter support in primaries and caucuses is an open question,” writes Gallup analyst Frank Newport.

--Peter Grier, Christian Science Monitor

Donald Trump seems headed to be the Republican "Hope and Change". The GOP "Messiah" to lead the masses. Meaning -- he's the new designated darling of the mass media we all love and respect -- secretly of course.

For proof, let's look at the facts one by one.

Donald Trump's Electability
President of the United States

Trump has a 90% name recognition

Means absolutely nothing. Obama was a no-body no one ever heard of until the media-Scribes started pushing him into office. Fact is that Trump's fame comes exactly because the mass media have already given him the Obama-style name recognition. Actually, as good a reason as any to reject him for President.

Trump is a CEO and would run America like a CEO

Trump has filed for bankruptcy twice, obviously losing other people's money, as he is still a filthy rich billionaire. Don't we already have plenty of politicians perfectly capable of doing exactly the same thing?

Trump's take on Iraq,
"What do we do in Iraq? Stay and keep the oil!"

And the media-Scribes are not in a frenzy over this? Any other Republican, like "W", who would suggest such a thing would never be allowed in front of another national microphone. They would be labeled an Islamophobe, a Crusader, and a pawn of the "greedy" oil companies.

Trump's take on China,
"How do we handle China’s rise? Slap a 25 percent tariff on Chinese goods!"

Really? Any other Republican to hint at such a thing would have been labeled a Nazi for starting a trade war and for being an isolationist.

Trump's take on leadership,
"It’s all about leadership. You have to be able to make deals”

Of course, it helps to have the entire might and force of the national mass media news monopoly standing firm behind you. And deal-making is usually deals to deal out the American Christian. Ron Paul has leadership, but not the kind of leadership the national mass media wants, so they don't allow anyone to follow him.

Trump being lauded by the reporter,
"Trump doesn’t back down when challenged. In the face of tough questions from interviewers, he’s doubled down on the whole where-was-Obama-born question, for instance."

Ron Paul doesn't back down either, but then interviewers never ask him to come on their shows for him to answer those "tough" questions.

A friend's take on Trump,
"He ran a company and we need our country ran like a company

Trump ran a company in a very small geographical location --New York City. He built buildings for filthy rich Goldman Sachs-type Jewish guys.

He contributed a lot of money to Democratic campaigns in New York City. Of course they love the guy!

He filed for bankruptcy several times, restructured notes he could not pay and failed to make debt payments -- otherwise a great businessman.

Only a guy with corrupt ties to Goldman Sachs Jewish financial guys could come back from such mismanagement and survive. Would someone loan you money if you did half that much damage?

What does Donald Trump owe them in return?

At least we would have a President qualified to deal with the intricacies of bankruptcy law.

And he owned casinos where he obviously took in a lot of money on what used to be called a vice -- a sin.

America's first Casino President. Straight from the underworld -- no more hiding the fact that our Presidents have not been Boy Scouts for some time now.

But if business experience becomes the crucial criteria for qualifications for President, then why not skip the small New York City-style meat and potatoes, casino gambler management style for government -- Haven't we already had enough of all that?

Exxon is the world's largest corporation, operating around the globe, an essential critical business to the needs of the industrialized world, based right here in home-grown Texas, and it has never filed for bankruptcy. How about crowning that guy for President, if that is what we really need?

The Christian Solution's
take on Trump

What America needs is a little Christian humility, like Ron Paul exudes, not the haughty arrogance of "The Donald".

What America needs is Christian moral leadership of a moral Christian man like Ron Paul. Something Trump would never deliver.

What America needs are the deep-seated, long-felt patriotism of a true American, like Ron Paul, not the sunshine warrior of Donald Trump who was playing his Apprentice TV show while others were working to save America.

In the end, Trump appears to be the mass media-Scribe's designated "John McCain" for the next election cycle. Perhaps with a little more TV savvy this time. Once the election is all wrapped up, Trump would continue Obama's disastrous policies just as Obama had followed Bush's policies -- who followed Clinton's disastrous policies -- who followed Bush Sr's policies -- who followed the guy who saved us from Jimmy Carter - who saved us from Nixon - who saved us from LBJ - from the assassination of another TV savvy guy.


Peter Grier, Christian Science Monitor
Why Republican voters are warming to Donald Trump for 2012

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