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April 10, 2011 AD

"Texas Tea"
fails to strike oil

Texas Tea Party Agenda
the 112th Congress

1. Repeal, Repeal, Repeal
  • Repeal the misnamed Patriot Act...
  • Repeal NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, and all Free Trade Agreements
  • Repeal the War Powers Act
  • Repeal the ...Food Safety Act
  • Repeal the Federal Reserve Act
  • Repeal Obama Care
  • Repeal Real ID
  • Repeal Department of Energy
  • Repeal Department of Education
  • Repeal Homeland Security
  • Repeal Department of Agriculture
  • Repeal FTC
  • Repeal FDA
  • Repeal TSA...
  • Repeal Campaign Finance Laws
        REPEAL the 17th Amendment!!!!!)
2. Reject, Reject, Reject
  • Reject Cap and Tax
  • Reject Gays serving in the Military
  • Reject Bail Outs and Stimulus Bills
  • Reject Earmarks
  • Reject SPP, North American Union, and Regional Government
  • Reject any attempt by the Federal to take control of the Internet
  • Reject all Debt Ceiling Increases
  • Reject all attempts at Compromise by Obama, Boehner, and Reid...
3. Defund, Defund, Defund
  • Defund Abortion
  • Defund Federal Funding of Welfare
  • Defund Corporate Welfare
  • Defund Farm Subsidies for fuel alternatives to replace food crops
  • Defund The United Nations, the IMF, and the World Bank
  • Defund Foreign Aid, most of which is going to our enemies
  • Defund The Arts
  • Defund Higher Education including Tuition assistance
  • Defund Private Sector Businesses such as GM
  • Defund anything else that does not fall within the boundaries of the Constitutional Enumerated Powers
4. Reinstate
  • The Posse Comitatus Act
5. Pass, Pass, Pass

  • Pass Rand Paulís Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Pass Ron Paulís Audit the Fed
  • Pass a bill to downsize DCís Read the Bills Act
  • Pass a bill to downsize DCís Enumerated Powers Act
  • Pass a bill to downsize DCís One Subject at a Time Act
  • Pass a bill to downsize DCís Write Your Own Bills Act
  • Pass Real Tax Cuts
  • Pass Real Spending Cuts
  • Pass Real Regulation Cuts
  • Pass A bill that will require any Presidential Candidate to Prove they are Constitutionally Qualified to be President...
  • Pass A bill that would use the sale of Public Lands to Private Individuals to buy down the Federal Debt
  • Pass A bill that would make illegal the use of any means of electronic voting...
  • Pass a bill to fund the Real Border Fence between the US and Mexico
  • Pass a bill to deport all illegal Aliens and reject all funding for welfare for them
Stephen (Sky) King --Founder, Texas Tea Party

If I had to add to the lengthy "to-do" list of Texas Tea Party Agenda above, I would add another at the very top of the list:

6. Impeach, Impeach, Impeach
  • Impeach the President -- for not being constitutionally eligible to be President
  • Impeach the President -- for treason over taking us to war to aid our enemies, and by refusing to obtain permission from Congress, but instead consulting a treasonous UN
  • Impeach the Supreme Court -- for NOT deciding the relevant and pressing issues of the day, such as "Is the President eligible to serve?" "Did the President violate the Constitution?", "Did the President commit treason?"
  • Impeach the Congress -- through the vote of the people, for refusing to honor their duty for checks and balances, when they refused to impeach the President in the Executive Branch and refused to impeach the Supreme Court in the Judicial Branch for treason against the United States.

The "Texas Tea" Party proposes
to trim the tree
instead of simply
cutting it down.

What the Texas Tea Party statements in the box above represent, of endless items needing fixed, is a thorough understanding of the symptoms of the sickness, but a thorough misunderstanding of the fundamental cause of the sickness, which is -- the enactment of the 17th Amendment which destroyed the original intent of the Constitution for the States to have oversight in the running of the Federal government.

The States were to run the Senate, not the Senate to run the States.

The Texas Tea Party wisely identifies the damage that has been done, but unwisely fails to exactly identify who did the damage and how to prevent them from performing further damage.

Before you go off hacking the branches, it would be nice to first know where the snakes in the braches are located.

Without the oversight of the States, there is nothing to tie down the oligarchy running the federal government, not even our possession of hand guns will do any good against an oligarchy having possession of cruise missiles and predator drones.

What the Texas Tea Party proposes is to spend decades trimming the overgrown tree shading and choking out liberty, all while working against the impossible backdrop of a powerful propagandist mass-media which opposes every one of its proposed actions, instead of finding the root problem and cutting it down in a matter of months.

Besides our Spritual Need for God,
Our Greatest Worldly Need is:

Repeal the 17th
Repeal the 17th
Repeal the 17th

When the States, who created the federal government, were totally stripped of their power to "rule" and "regulate" the federal Senate in 1913 with the enactment of the 17th Amendment, replacing that State "checks and balances power" with a "propaganda power" of a national mass-media using the new inventions of radio, television and industrial printing presses to brainwash the American voters, who now indirectly decided who really runs the Senate, then the writing was on the wall for the eventual destruction of the country.

It has been a snowball's roll downhill ever since........

If Libya's war was not in America's vital interest, neither was Korea, Vietnam, Kosovo, Somalia, and I would say, WW1 which spanned WW2.

States running the Senate would never had agreed to a Declaration of War in any of these cases, no question about fighting in Libya to help our enemies, but especially wars like Korea and Vietnam where we fought to lose not win, and wars like Kosovo where we fought Christians in order to protect Muslims. States would have ruled to impeach any President who did so without a Declaration of War.

If it were bad that the President consulted the United Nations instead of consulting Congress about Libya, neither was it right for America to support a recent UN resolution supporting the elections in Ivory Coast where Muslim rebel Alassane Ouattara supposedly won over their current ruler, Christian leader Laurent Gbagbo. Ivory Coast is about to be driven into hell with the help of America.

States running the Senate would never had recognized any ruling on "democracy" ran by tyrants of the UN, and would have supported the Ivory Coast in trying to save itself from the subjugation of Christianity by Islam, for that is a far greater guarantee of "democracy" than allowing Islam to impose Sharia law. In fact, the States would never had approved the "treaty" which made America a part of the United Nations in the first place.

If the Fed giving billions to a Libyan bank today is not in America's economic interest, neither was the Great Depression which the Fed chairman admitted was caused by the Fed, by giving America the Greatest Bubble we had ever had before -- The Roaring 20's -- with the subsequent Greatest Depression we ever had which followed in the next decade.

States running the Senate would not have allowed the Fed to do any of this. In fact, States running the Senate would not have allowed anything but gold and silver to be used for monetary exchange and would have prevented the federal government indebting us all.

If the Supreme Court upholds the Federal government's Patriot Act which infringes upon the States and the people in the States by strip searching blue-eyed blonde daughters, wives, mothers and grandmothers at airports looking for a Muslim fanatic the federal government had freely allowed to enter America on an immigration visa; then the Supreme Court of the United States has also infringed upon State laws by placing themselves in charge of public schools in the 1950's and 1960's to order large-scale busing; by reversing State laws in the 1970's against the slaughter of innocent babies in a practice we call abortion; by placing themselves in charge of businesses in the 1980's to order affirmative action for blacks, women and now gays; and in charge of States to fund welfare for not just the truly needy poor, but the poor who caused their own poverty.

States running the Senate would never have approved the appointment of Supreme Court justices who would have ruled against the States and would have upheld impeachments of any and every Supreme Court justice who had imposed upon the States and upon the citizens of the State in violation of the 10th Amendment.

If the mass-media is wrong to ignore the birth certificate of the President, then it is also wrong for a national mass-media to support the actions of a run-away national government, run-away multi-national corporations, and frankly a run-away mass-media that exists by lying, misrepresenting, ignoring facts when convenient, and using every other tool in a propagandist tool kit to commit fraud upon the American public in the role of a monopoly on the press; a press which has bought up all significant competing radio, TV, magazine, newspaper, Hollywood, and Internet portal sites.

States running the Senate would not have allowed a national information monopoly ran out of New York City and Los Angeles to rule the country in the name of "freedom of the press". They would recognize that this is exactly the reverse of freedom of the press and would have investigated their frauds and joint collusive holdings in the restriction on the "supply of information", with much more diligence than liberal communists investigate Exxon-Mobil for silly allegations of restrictions on the "supply of oil".

The Christian Solution

Of course , The Christian Solution is not to vainly try talking over the heads of a monopoly media-Scribe press by trying to deprogram the thoughts of 400 million Americans as they are still being fraudulently programmed, but to work with a handful of concerned patriotic Christians to convince State representatives to fully fund the election campaigns of a state-representative to the United States Senate who would represent the interests of their state -- as originally configured in the Constitution, as it originally worked for the first 124 years of our country's existence.

Once in place after a 6 year election cycle, the new Senate would repeal the 17th Amendment, choke the monopolistic voice of oligarchy behind the international mass-media, and begin work on reversing all the damage documented by the Texas Tea Party.

The restoration of the original "vertical" checks and balances to the Constitution may just put in place a Senate who will clean up the Feds all by themselves.

A self-correcting mechanism -- as the Founders intended.

Then the Texas Tea Party can concentrate on working long hours to provide for their families, while spending the remainder of their time relaxing with their families.

Texas Tea Party, by Stephen (Sky) King
The Texas Tea Party: Declaring Independence from the Two Party System

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