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March 1, 2011 AD

Christian Man's Burden


Vox Day
The new white man's burden

"It is our constitutional right to abolish a corrupt government, and revolutions by definition are violent."

However, we need to keep in mind that the secular revolution was brought about by non-violent persuasion and framing of debates.

Christians were simply led to doubt their faith and their loyalty to the United States through a campaign of slander, word-manipulation and empty philosophical questions.

We can win the country back in the same way.

We can work to clarify ideas and reframe debates.

American Christianity has at its disposal generations of knowledge and wisdom from church fathers and forefathers, enough information to persuade our fellow countrymen that we are on the wrong track. We simply need to rediscover that knowledge and wisdom.

-- Matthew Peak

Vox Day postulates that the "The old White Man's Burden was to bring Christian civilization to the savage. The new White Man's Burden is to plant seeds of Christian civilization that are capable of surviving the coming descent into savagery."

I love Vox Day, but I hope he does understand exactly what he has just said, that is, "The White man has already brought Christian civilization to the savage."

The largest group of immigrants Vox Day laments are largely Christian. And dare I say, MORE Christian than most Americans today.

While Latin America is certainly no paradise (unless we vacation there), with its extremes of a few filthy rich to the multitudes of very poor, mixed in with the extreme of a few extremely sinister evil men among millions of very devout Christians, but the fact is that Latin America does not have an abortion problem or a homosexual problem. Latin America is not ate up with feminism rebelling against female submission to the head of the household. Latin America culture is all about taking la familia to church and having children.

How is that different from Roman times, when many of the so-called "barbarians" had already been converted by Christian missionaries long before they even crossed the Roman frontier? And dare I say, MORE Christian than the Roman pagans who were losing their grip on Roman society?

Many of the best commentators on the WorldNewDaily web site are not White men but are thoughtful, to the point of being brilliant Christian Black men.

Black churches sing to Jesus Christ on Sunday's just as well as White churches.

Blacks may vote for Obama because the sinister left presented a black man they could not turn down for voting, but blacks are far more Christian than our society gives them credit for.

One set of White men have done their job well. But the fact is that there is another set of white man who are destroying this country.

The fact is that being white does not mean you are Christian.

All Jews in academia teaching liberal garbage -- all Jews on the board of directors of our outsourcing corporations -- all Jews running the Goldman Sachs on Wall Street when they are not being Fed chairman or Treasury Secretary -- all Jews who feed you mis-information and pornography through the mass media, are ALL WHITE -- BUT they are not Christian.

Given the coming descent into savagery which Vox Day is predicting all too accurately, be it white, black or Latino, the Christian Man's Burden is to retake the country from the Jewish Man.

In an Egyptian-style crash, States will have to move fast to arrest their Senator and replace him with an appointment who does cherish the rule of Christian law.

States will have to decide who has a real allegiance toward American Constitutional governance, citizens born and raised here, or Rahm Emanuel types who hold dual citizenship with Israel in both heart as well as mind and who in the case of Rahm, the son of an Irgun terrorist, actually enlisted in the armed forces of Israel to serve the Israeli government before serving as White House Chief of Staff in our own American government.

If you think continuing in this treason is a sure fired way to save America, then you are neither a Christian nor a patriot.

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