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Feb 21, 2011 AD
(Marking the 400th post of The Christian Solution)

Uncle Sam's Triple-Bypass Operation

In the unlucky 13th year of the 20th Century, America's Uncle Sam was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Born in 1776, Uncle Sam had been a rambunctious young boy and by 1913, still at the relatively young age of 137-years-old, being in the prime of his life, full of vigor at a time when he had already beaten all the old dogs of Europe at their own game, Uncle Sam had become the envy of the world and a real ladies man.

But alas, Progressive political surgeons declared in 1913 that Uncle Sam had a weak heart and would require an emergency triple-bypass operation, or else he would die a quick death by massive heart attack.

1st Bypass
Bypass Gold and Silver as a Regulator of Debt

The 1st thing the Progressive surgeons bypassed was the State's requirement to use only the gold and silver which Uncle Sam coined for them.

In the first fix of the operation, the Progressive surgeons created the Federal Reserve, so that Uncle Sam would be able to bypass around gold and silver as a means of support and so, he was now able to start printing "greenbacks" for his survival.

In fact, this bypass had serious complications -- for Uncle Sam eventually became so addicted to printing greenbacks that he started printing as many as he could print, giving out trillions of greenbacks in a vain attempt to buy friends.

2nd Bypass
Bypass the States' Regulation of the Federal Purse Strings

The 2nd thing he Progressive surgeons bypassed was the States being the official tax collector for Uncle Sam.

With the passage of the 16th Amendment, the Progressive surgeons allowed for the direct taxation of the citizens of a State by operating a bypass valve around the State as his tax collector. Uncle Sam could now forever-after bypass the States and send his own tax collectors into the States to collect as much money as he cared to collect.

This only made the former State tax collectors dependants of Uncle Sam, when Uncle Sam offered the States a trickle of the loot he collected from the State citizens, if only the States jerked to the strings Uncle Sam pulled.

3rd Bypass
Bypass all State Regulation of the Federal Government

The 3rd thing bypassed by the Progressive surgeons was the State's authority to monitor and regulate Uncle Sam's behavior.

With the passage of the 17th Amendment, being the surgical fix which promised to make the operation a roaring success, the State legislatures appointing the federal legislatures to the United State Senate was bypassed with the direct election of Senators. Without the State appointees giving their consent and approving the laws, treaties, and judges of Uncle Sam, the States became mere subjects of Uncle Sam -- bypassed.

Without the States monitoring his behavior, without their regulation and oversight, Uncle Sam began to engage in more and more extremely risky actions which eventually threatened his health.

This Late Announcement just in...

Ladies and Gentlemen, we regret to inform you tonight that the triple-bypass operation upon Uncle Sam has now been determined to be a complete failure.

We find that the condition of Uncle Sam's heart is slowly deteriorating, having rejected the repaired heart.

The 3rd year after his triple bypass operation, Uncle Sam was wombed in the first World War trying to "save Democracy". The end result was Russia becoming Communist and Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan being set up to become Fascist.

In the 4th year after the operation, no longer being regulated by the States, Uncle Sam tried to submit himself to regulation by the dictators and tyrants of the League of Nations.

In the 16th year past the triple-bypass, Uncle Sam went into a Depression directly resulting from the Operation -- a Great Depression -- caused by a run-away, out-of-control Federal Reserve.

In the subsequent 10 years, while Uncle Sam's Great Depression was playing out, Progressive surgeon FDR tried to humor Uncle Sam with massive amounts of Federal intervention. Nothing FDR tried seemed to help, only masking Uncle Sam's underlying poor condition.

In the 27th year, Uncle Sam found all his friends in the League of Nation at war with itself with Fascism, Socialism, and Nationalism. Even in his crippled state of Depression, Uncle Sam managed the courage to come to the aid of his fellow Depressed countries. The end result of that was a Stalin who controlled more territory than Hitler ever did, from Lithuania to China.

In the 32nd year, seeing that the regulation of countries was not successful under the League of Nations, Uncle Sam submitted himself to regulation under the more powerful United Nations. No States could object to Uncle Sam submitting himself to regulation by tyrants, dictator and Ayatollahs (or is that Allah-toy-with-us?), since it was no longer their job to regulate Uncle Sam.

Past the 32nd year, Uncle Sam muddled along shifting between undeclared wars in Korea, never resolved, Vietnam, never won, Iraq and Afghanistan, enlarged to the entire Middle East. He muddled along giving himself infusions of Progressive medicines like "The Great Society", Food Stamps, Medicare, Medicaid. None of these medicines ever seemed to make Uncle Sam feel any better.

Around the 77th year past the operation, Uncle Sam decided that he was worn out and wanted to retire. He gave all his technology and jobs to China and started his retirement living off his credit card, since he had no savings.

Sorry to say that it is only a matter of time before Uncle Sam meets his maker -- his demise all but certain.

With sad remorse, we remember Uncle Sam from his earlier years -- a man who could move mountains and inspire young boys from around the world to aspire to grow up to be just like him.

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