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Feb 5, 2011 AD

Why Morality is Fought by so Many


Alan Keyes
Immoral elite 'freedom' feeds foreign-policy failure

Patrice Lewis
When government replaces God

Puritan Extremes
Anti-Puritan Extremes

During Puritan times, religious tyrants dictated every moral move a pilgrim could make, allowing no room for any individual to exercise God's free-will of moral self-restraint.

In today's anti-Puritan times, we are facing anti-religious tyrants where every immorality will soon be dictated by a elite immoral government, again leaving no room for any individual to exercise God's free will of moral restraint.

This was accomplished by media-Scribe propaganda equating the allowance of immorality as the gold standard of a society having arrived at the perfect state of freedom and liberty. In this culture, any sign of morality has to be squashed for fear it would restrain immorality; hence restrain what they feel is freedom and liberty.

And it does not help much that a large portion of our society doesn't want even a self-imposed morality forced upon them. The feeling out there is "Why should I subject myself to the pain of saving for a rainy day, when there is a government "safety net" to take care of me even if I didn't save?"

Alan Keyes says that "America's founders understood that tyranny and licentious democracy (what they called mob rule) are partners in a deadly dance. Together they cycle through human history destroying the likelihood and credibility of stable government -- of, by and for the people."

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution long-ago replaced both kingly tyrants and religious tyrants with the liberty and freedom that results from individual self-government.

These historic documents were certainly not written to create the exact opposite -- democratic tyrants and anti-religious tyrants.

Islamic "Reformation"

Of course the Islamic world is rejecting the anti-Puritan culture we push onto the world.

Of course they hate us for forcing homosexuality down their throats.

Of course they hate us for forcing abortions upon children, as we shove "family planning" into the third world.

Of course they hate us for forcing innocent husbands or forcing innocent wives into divorce should they decide to marry and have kids.

With great disgust they are returning to their own Islamic "Puritan" past.

The world is currently witnessing an Islamic Puritanism re-emerge that is not going to be friendly to a United States, who is also seen by all as the patsy, pawn and lackey of Israel.

Don't expect much mercy from your Muslim neighbors, as we are all witnessing play out in real time today.

My Brother's Keeper

Only by voluntarily becoming our brother's keepers, and by not allowing the government to force us through our own tax dollars to become our brother's keeper, may we achieve the liberty and freedom from external government the Founders envisioned for us.

True rights derived from God, are those rights that grant us the freedom and liberty to pursue our needs free from government interference and restrictions.

Today we point the guns of government at people's head, forcing them to become a stranger's keeper, in order to provide the strangers with their "right" to food, housing, medical care, education, employment, abortion, etc..

These poor strangers gain "rights" to medical care and housing at the expense of the right of hard-working people to keep their money for their own medical care or to provide medical care for their sister or brother as they see fit.


"No, you may not marry my son if you are not a virgin!" This should not be a government decree, but should be the self-government of a concerned mother.

"Yes, you must marry my daughter since you used her and now she is pregnant by you; and by the way, you will take good care of her!" Again, self-imposed self-government of a outraged father, not a bureaucratic decree that the government would take care of the mother and child with food stamps and public housing.

"You have to stay married for the kids -- you promised God you would!" God-imposed self-government and not government divorce lawyers padding their bank accounts -- leaving children in poverty with half their parents.

Self-government by individuals will self-regulate all of society much better than the extremes of either Puritanism or anti-Puritanism -- both imposing a form of forced brother's keeper upon society.

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