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Feb 1, 2011

"Yes We Can"
confronts a government
constructed to say
"No You Can't"


Alan Keyes
Why socialists hate America's founders

Given the age-old roots of slavery, what's truly remarkable about the American founders is not the injustice they practiced or tolerated, but the fact that they acknowledged, and enshrined as the basis for America's political life, principles that revealed and condemned that injustice.

Better to have [Founding Fathers] with the will and courage to establish the premise of right, though constrained by lack of power from its fulfillment, than powerful [media-Scribes] who treat wrong as right in order to free their power from all constraint.

-- Alan Keyes

The Jewish media-Scribes cannot confront the wisdom of the Founding Fathers in constructing a Constitution for the people of the United States, so like the cowards they are, they indirectly denigrate, with ad hominem attacks, the Founders who wrote the Constitution.

We are being led to believe ourselves superior to the Founders because "we don't have slaves" and "we are not racist dead white men deeming ourselves superior to all others".

But here is where the hypocrisies of the media-Scribes are exposed.

The same media-Scribes who believe that Barack Hussein Obama rules this country by divine right, even without proving he is Constitutionally qualified to do so, have no right to question any puny personal affliction of George Washington, who steadfastly refused to rule America by divine right when that right was offered to him.

The same media-Scribes who believe that a mother, having a child in her womb totally dependent upon her, may dispose of her child at her convenience, with no rule of right to hinder her from doing so, try to have us recoil in horror that Thomas Jefferson inherited slaves, totally dependent upon him, but didn't free them until his death.

The same media-Scribes who believe that the federal government can come into the States, to their airports, and order them stripped searched at will, without warrant or suspicion, cannot say they are superior to the men who had all the power in their hands after the American Revolution and still voluntarily restrained themselves from sexual or non-sexual libertines upon the people, just because the media-Scribes describe some of the Founders themselves as sexual libertines.

Truth is that the media-Scribes who trumpet the Obama mantra of "Yes we can!", have little use for a government constructed to say "No You Can't!"

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