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Jan 16, 2011

Blood Libel Witch Hunt:
The Need to Censor the Media


Jim Meyers
Chris Matthews Blames Savage, Levin for Shooting

Patrice Lewis
The Tucson witch trials

Larry Klayman
Remember the Bastille!

Tim Daughtry
Mainstream: We must seize the initiative

Mother Jones by Nick Baumann
Exclusive: Loughner Friend Explains Alleged Gunman's Grudge Against Giffords


    “Most Jews today associate the calumny of the blood libel, that Jews require Christian blood for sacramental purposes, especially the baking of matzo at Passover, with the Middle Ages. Indeed, the majority of these hideous, false accusations occurred in medieval times.

    The early Christians were accused of the same crime.

    In fact, the second century church father Tertullian complained in his writings,
    "We are said to be the most criminal of men on the score of our sacramental baby killing...”

    -- Geduld, Herb, “Sad tales of blood libel accusations against Jews” Cleveland Jewish News 03-02-2001

In other words, Jews accused the early Christians of a Blood Libel, while Christians later accuse Jews of a Blood Libel.

Did not the Jewish fathers hideously and falsely LIBEL against Jesus Christ to Pontius Pilate?

Are the Jews so saintly that they alone can still pity themselves from acts which took place 1,000 or 2,000 years ago?

So it was sad to see this week, even before the burial of the dead in the Tucson shooting, that the Jewish Media-Scribes were LIBELING against any and all conservative Christians they could find, even if they were a thousand miles away from Tucson.

Overnight, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords became a saint -- a political representative from a Red State the media-Scribes love to hate and revile for their rational immigration laws and manly local sheriffs: excluding the dupe Sherriff Dupnik whom the Jewish media-Scribes gave the national spotlight in order for him to spread hatred about his own State of Arizona.

Why the rush to judgment against all decent Americans?



A very Jewish-looking Jared Loughner
Because, Congresswoman Giffords is one of their own – She is Jewish!

Their interests in the story is because a fellow Jew got shoot. Or, to be more exact, because a fellow liberal Jewish Jew got shoot.

But tell me from looking at this photo of Loughner that this shooter does not look Jewish himself.

In fact, according to that far-right-wing---anti-Semitic---hate-site Mother Jones (tongue in cheek), and since denied by all Jews, the shooter was also Jewish.

    Tierney believes that Loughner was very interested in pushing people's buttons—and that may have been why he listed Hitler's Mein Kampf as one of his favorite books on his YouTube page. (Loughner's mom is Jewish, according to Tierney.**)

    **Tierney says Loughner's mom is Jewish. But a columnist who researched the subject doesn't think that holds up. Tierney also said that Loughner himself was definitely not religious.

    --Mother Jones reflecting on how Jared's listing of Mein Kampf on his Youtube page was intended to push his Jewish mother's hot buttons

Humm...A Jewish kid putting Mein Kampf on his Youtube page...makes him what? -- an Anti-Semitic Jew - or - a Self-Hating Jew ?

Well this self-hating Jew showed the world he realy meant it did he not?

Perhaps those rumors of Adolph Hitler's Jewish heritage was true after all. Just makes one wonder.

See how libel can be spread so easily?

And so, Sarah Palin’s comment about Blood Libel was exactly on point.

Libel is an evil instituted among men that Jews can be just as guilty of propagating. She could have gone further. She could have invoked the symbolism of Witch Hunts, another aged Christian event that the Jewish media-Scribe love to rub Christian noses in, for these Jewish media Scribes were on a witch hunt against conservative Christians, just as ignorant and barbaric as any event in the past.

In fact, witch hunting and Blood libels are evils that Jews are especially adept at propagating.

Let’s review a few Jewish evils in America’s history.

Blood Libel that Caused the American Civil War

Following the put-down of the Jewish-led Communist Revolution of 1848, many young radical European Jews, barely one step ahead of the law, immigrated to America.

Many of those communist Jewish radicals became back-woods peddlers of goods and merchandise.

In those days, New York City was the center of the American universe. The Northern States lay to the North of course, while the Southern States lay to the South. The West opened to its West. All trade between the North, South and West funneled through New York City and that city was decidedly Jewish controlled.

It is not surprising then to learn that the only Americans who routinely traveled between North, South and West were the Jewish back-woods peddlers. Jewish ship owners would also pick up large shipments of cotton from Southern ports to load into their Jewish ships, in exchange for industrial goods from the New England States, but the backwoods peddler was the one who came to each isolated farm and town across the fruited plain.

With no television, telephone, radio, widely circulated newspapers, or super highways, the Jewish peddlers were the real means of interaction between the three main segments of America. They would bring dresses, pots and pans to the Western woman, food to New England households and fine European ornaments to the Southern plantation lady.

It’s what else these young radical Jews from Europe brought that caused the great rift in American society just after they arrived in 1848, culminating in disaster with the election of the President from the West, Abraham Lincoln in 1860.

The blood libel of the worldly Jewish peddler was intriguing to farmers who rarely travelled further than a few miles from home.

And in their stories given while visiting Northerners and Westerners were highly embellished fantasies that all the Southern Plantation owners routinely beat and maimed all his slaves without the slightest provocation but when traveling to Southern States, the fantasies told to Southerners were of Northern Industrialists whom treated their white Irish Christian immigrants as mere rented slave chattel that could and would be thrown out onto the streets at the first industrial accident involving a broken bone, for them and their families to starve to death.

While all the rest of the civilized world resolved to peacefully rid their countries of slavery, the Jewish peddlers were marching America toward a massively bloody Civil War with a hideous BLOOD LIBEL.

Blood Libel that Caused the World Wars

We have covered the Blood Libels of the Jews in Europe who convinced English and French Christians to protect and defend Muslims from having their capital conquered by Russian Christian Czar Alexander the Liberator intent upon reestablishing Constantinople as the center of the Byzantine Church.

We have covered the Blood Libel of Jews who instituted World War 1, pushing Germans to also attack the Russian Czar, this time fatally, so that their Communist Revolution would succeed, plunging all Russian Christians into a 70-year nightmare.

We have covered the Blood Libel of Jews convincing Americans that only European Christians were guilty of Holocaust ethnic cleansing, as they were planning their own Holocaust ethnic cleansing of Palestine, which they talked English Christians into capturing for them.

A Blood Libel that left tens of millions of dead Christians in its path.

Witch Hunt for evil in America
Tools of the Trade:
Radio, TV, Newspapers, Telephone, and Internet

    Chris Matthews said:

    “What's been the role of talk radio in fueling the heated language?

    “I’ll mention a couple of names.

    People like Mark Levin, Michael Savage, for example, who every time you listen to them, they are furious.

    Furious at the left.

    With anger that just builds and builds in their voice and by the time they go to commercial they are just in some rage every night with ugly talk.

    Ugly sounding talk, and it never changes, it never modulates.”

Manly witch hunt talk from Chris Matthews, but not manly enough.

Even Matthews will not point out the obvious...

    Mark Levin and Michael Savage are
    Jewish haters on the Right to match the
    Jewish haters on the Left.

Between the two groups of Jewish haters, America is being led to yet another American Civil War.

All based upon Blood Libel and Witch Hunts propagated by the Jewish media Scribes.

At least McCarthy was right, even though he was falsely characterized by the Jewish communist media-Scribes as conducting a religious witch hunt for non-religious communists.

We have well documented how the Jewish media Scribes have harnessed the invention of movies to dominate Hollywood, pumping out hundreds of Holocaust movies, but not a single Holodomor movie.

We have documented how the invention of television, allows the Jewish media-Scribes to come into our homes every night with their TV news, situated just before the evening pornography viewing hours, and how it rarely contains an assessment of true American beliefs and ideals.

Even the Jewish peddlers of Bloody Kansas days did not have that great an access to the typical American Christian family and look what evils they wrought.

But, we have never documented here at The Christian Solution how the invention of the simple telephone opened up yet another new avenue for massive propaganda for Jewish interests.

In James Petras book “The Power of Israel in the United States, Richard Cohen of the Washington Post shows figures of 60% of Democratic financing comes from Jewish pro-Israel PACS, as well as 35% of Republican fundraising.

Ever wonder why the two parties resemble each other so much?

And for the most part, that is not even Jewish money. It’s Christian money fraudulently embezzled by Jews playing to Christians sense of compassion and concern.

Here is how it is done.

Jewish PACs will organize around a single issue like abortion.

Then they will establish phone banks(or letter writing campaings) and start calling on Christian families from their Democrat or Republican phone lists to enlist donations either for or against abortion. That charitable money is then spent, by Jews, to help them influence the Representatives of these Christian families, but not help them the Christians who donated the money. The money is mostly used to help finance the campaigns of Senators and Representatives who are sympathetic to the cause of Jewish-based Israel. With sympathetic American politicians comes billions and billions of U.S. aid dollars to Israel.

And in a circular pattern, some of that tens of billions of dollars the American Christian family graciously donated to Israel in taxes, comes right back to the Israeli PACs, under the table, so they can spend even more money to influence our Representatives to give yet more Christian money to Jewish Israel.

The opening sequence in the "Left Behind" series shows hundreds of missiles inbound for Israel, but just before entering Israeli airspace, all the missiles disappear from the radar screen.

Israel is saved.

A Work of God to protect his “Chosen People” of Jesus-denying Jews?

No, more probable, the missles were deactivated by a kill-switch Jewish engineers implanted deep into the electronics of their part in the assembly of these missiles, put there when Jews convinced American defense contractors to outsource part of the design to Israel.

The Jewish Media-Scribes are always looking for their Reichstag Moment

    Watching the aftermath of the Tucson tragedy made me realize that if the left had their way, we would all be castrated. (That's metaphorically castrated. I'd better specify that because the progressives apparently don't understand metaphor.)

    We would have...

    NO free speech,

    NO right to bear arms,

    NO right to peaceably assemble,

    NO right to worship in freedom,

    NO right to be free from unwanted search and seizures (TSA anyone?), and certainly

    NO rights for the states to decide matters on their own rather than the federal government (education, health care, light bulbs, etc.).

    – Patrice Lewis

“You can’t let a crisis go to waste” -- You know that saying.

There is another saying that the media-Scribes constantly tell us – “We have free speech in America until someone yells “Fire” in a crowded theater”

To that regard...

  • ...Is there any conceivable way these tactics of the Jewish media-Scribe industry cannot be construed as yelling “fire”?

  • ...Is there any conceivable way that these tactics of the Jewish media-Scribes are not intended to cause all Americans to panic and try to claw their way to the exits?

  • ...Is there any conceivable way that these tactics of the Jewish media-Scribes are not intended to create another Civil War?

  • ...Is it not the Jews who need to be censored here – instead of the Christians?

    The Broadcast media "Tyranny of the Minority" needs to be censored

      Mainstream America has surrendered control of the narrative for too long. We need to realize that disputing the left's bizarre accusations with facts and evidence may be a rational response, but facts and reasoning are useless with the left. They know they are lying.

      It is time for the mainstream to change the narrative and seize the initiative. The question to be discussed is, "What kind of people would exploit such a violent act in order to slander, intimidate and silence mainstream taxpayers who are concerned about the growing arrogance and irresponsibility of the government we fund?"

      Maybe Congress should hold hearings on the propaganda and hate speech coming out of the liberal media. Maybe we need to consider a neutrality doctrine for network news and let the left defend their freedom of speech for a change. -- Tim Daughtry

    Free Speech cannot mean that one tiny group of people gets to control the handful of microphones speaking out to 350 million Americans and that majority of 350 million does not have a means of speaking back.

    The phrase "Tyranny of the Majority" originates with Alexis de Tocqueville in his book “Democracy in America”. But the Jewish media-Scribes have cautioned the majority about becoming a tyrant to the point that we have democratically allowed a "Tyranny of the Minority".

    I use the word “cautioned” wrongly of course, for the true intent all along was for the Jewish minority to tyrannize the Christian majority.

    Hence, the minority Jewish media-Scribes, using the modern invention of radio, television, telephone, mass distributed newspapers and magazines, and now the Internet, none of which was envisioned by the Founding Fathers, having many times been proven to be instigators of riot and destruction, need to be strongly censored for instigating blood libel and witch hunts among peaceful Christians.

    By censorship, we do not advocate the federal government, controlled by the same interests as the media, to control the media, but instead, propose a Constitutional Amendment allowing for a consortium of representatives appointed by the 50 State legislatures, free from “interpretation” by the "federal" Supreme Court, but regulated by representativies of a "States" Supreme Court, insuring that deliberate lies and slander are not continuously propagated to innocent Americans by any group of people in control of the nation'a means of mass-media.

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