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Jan 2, 2011

The REAL Definition of Anti Semitism


The Free Dictionary
Definition: anti Semitism

    Misleading Definition of Anti Semitism

    • One who discriminates against or who is hostile toward or prejudiced against Jews.

This false definition and many like them are incomplete and imprecise, if not outright wrong.

We have never heard of the word anti-Semitism being correctly used to denounce someone who is anti-Christian.

There are three different groupings of Jews and one is rarely hostile toward all three.

Christian Jews

The mainline, God-backed, Jewish groups are not even called Jews today. They were first recognized around 30-40 AD, and likewise became the largest group. They are the true Jewish followers of Jesus Christ and all those honorable Gentiles who were grafted into Judaism through a belief in Christ as the Son of God -- Christ the Redeemer -- Savior of Mankind.

In today's vernacular, these Jews are simply called Christians.

Many Biblically ignorant people do not even believe them to be Jews.

Mohammedan (Islamic) Jews

The second largest group were actually the last group to form, sometime around 600 AD. They are the Arabic and Persian Jewish refugees who had escaped and survived the Roman army put-down revolt by Bar Kokhba, a false Messiah. Haven forgotten that ordeal, were now off once again embracing another false Messiah called Mohammad, come to save Jerusalem from the rightful Christian Jewish inhabitants.

These misled Jews joined with the pagan Arabs following Al-Lah the moon God to create a fake part Jewish/ part pagan religion called Islam.

These half-Jews, converted to a half pagan religion we call Islam in today's vernacular, created to become a force powerful enough to dislodge Christians from Jerusalem, are anti-Christ, anti-God.

Kokhbanian (Simon Bar Kokhba) Jews

The smallest group of Jews are the remnant Jesus-denying Jews in Judea who falsely believed that Simon bar Kokhba was the Messiah. They were created from the anti-Christ Jews of the Cruxifiction about 100 years after the Cruifiction of Christ.

The Bar Kokhba revolt against Rome in 132-136 AD, forever separated Christian followers of the true Messiah Christ from Jewish followers of the false Messiah Simon bar Kokhba.

The resultant Roman rage against Bar Kokhba was to kill, exile or sell into slavery every Jew they could get their hands on. Most were taken to Spain, the opposite side of the Mediterranean, where they would become the Sephardi Jews. Many others escaped into Persia and Arabia, where, 500 years later, they would welcome Mohammad as their Messiah.

One supposes that these mislead Jews would be embarrassed to call themselves Kokhbanians since Simon bar Kokhba was such an obviously fake Messiah.

Nevertheless, these Jews who split from Christianity over Bar Kokhba, whom we still seem to still call Jews today, are also anti-Christ, anti-God.

So, What exactly is Anti-Semitism?

Obviously, everyone implies when they use the word anti-Semitism to mean the last and smallest of the three groups of Jews -- the Kokhbanians.

Again, obviously they would be dead wrong.

Here is what real anti-Semitism means.

  • Anti-Semitism is the hatred shown toward a Jewish-born lady by the name of Mary, from the lineage of Jewish King David.
  • Anti-Semitism is the extreme hatred and hostility shown toward the Son of God, whom God conceived in the womb of the Jewish woman named Mary.
  • Anti-Semitism is the rejection of all the Jewish prophets foretelling of the coming of the Messiah.
  • Anti-Semitism is the rejection of the prophesy and the mission of Jewish-born John the Baptist.
  • Anti-Semitism is in the minds of the ones who attack the Jewish-born disciples of Jesus and all the ones they have laid their hands on in succession through the ages to spread the Good News.
  • Anti-Semitism is the abhorrence shown toward the Church God established for his Chosen people by his only begotten Son Jesus.
  • Anti-Semitism is the idolatry shown toward disobedient Jews, believing that God favors their unrepentant souls.
  • Anti-Semitism is the heresy of saying that God does not favor obedient Jews and obedient Gentiles grafted into Godís chosen people.
  • Anti-Semitism is the heresy of believing that an incomplete Judaism, exclusive of the Son of God, rejecting the prophets who foretold of the Messiah -- without the salvation promised by Jesus -- having been given 2,000 years to think it over and remaining still yet disobedient, remains part of Godís plan.
In other words, anti Semitism means the exact opposite of what you were always trained to believe by the true anti-Semites.

The real definition of an anti-Semite is one who is anti-Christian.

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