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July 2, 2009

How law school LSAT tests
discriminate against

Source: Ann Coulter
So Much For Wise Latinas

Source: Thomas Sowell
A tangled web

Source: The Christian Solution
Cheaters now Control America

Ann Coulter nails it dead on in her July 1 article.

The ground-breaking SCOTUS decision, Ricci v. DeStefano came out this week.

This was the white firefighting "discrimination in reverse" decision which Sotomayor decided wrongly in the lower courts.

Hispanic Sotomayor is a bigot!

Ann Coulter comments about the case and in Ann's article we find that Sotomayor's legal decision to discriminate against white firefighters was rejected by all nine Supreme Court justices!

Hence, proving, once and for all, that:

    Sotomayor is a flaming racist!

Then Ann makes the marvelous observation that this entire case was decided over fear of a lawsuit by blacks claiming discrimination. So Ann points out that this is just a clever, complicated way of saying that it is OK to discriminate against white men, but it is not OK to discriminate against black men.

In other words, the city felt that the white firefighters had to lose their case, because the black firefighters may feel they were discriminated and file a lawsuit, which we, the city, would naturally lose.

Which is exactly what quotas have always have been -- discrimination in reverse.

Jewish Ginsberg is a bigot!

Then, Ann does us her best service -- she slams the Jewish Pharisee Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

    Based on her lifetime of experience working as a firefighter, Ginsburg said: "Relying heavily on written tests to select fire officers is a questionable practice, to say the least." Liberals prefer a more objective test, such as race.

    Isn't excelling on written tests how Ruth Bader Ginsburg got where she is? It's curious how people whose entire careers are based on doing well on tests find them so irrelevant to other people's jobs.

    In the middle of a fire, it can either be a great idea or the worst possible idea to open a door. An excellent method for finding out if your next fire chief knows the correct answer is a written test.

And exactly the point!

Jews in America are a minority.

And are not the Jews the most downtrodden of all minorities, for what they have gone through for the last 3,000 years? Or for that matter, for what they went through in the Holocaust? Or even in newly-born Israel?

No one comes close to claiming the pity that the Jews can muster -- especially after 252 Holocaust movies.

And was it not the Christians who were the most evil, dastardly, monstrous, hateful, discriminating people who have ever harmed Jews so much over the years, even these days taking a seat to the Pharaoh?

Can a Jewish minority discriminate against the Christian majority? Evidentaly!

    Many groups whose performances have greatly outstripped the performances of others in a particular field have often been in no position to discriminate, even when the disparities have been far greater than those between blacks and whites in the United States.

    In a number of countries, powerless minorities have so outperformed the dominant majority that group preferences and quotas have been instituted to favor the majority group that has otherwise been unable to compete. This has happened in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Fiji, among other places. Before World War II, quotas to benefit the majority were common in a number of European universities, where Jewish students outperformed others.

    -- Thomas Sowell

How is it that a small minority of 2% can graduate more than 50% of the Yale Law School graduates in this hateful racist Christian country of ours?

People of Jewish descent represent 50% of the top lawyers in this country exactly because they insisted upon "objective tests" as the most fair way to select the best law school candidate, knowing full well that they would score the highest on the tests, and Christians agreed that tests were the most fair judge of ability.

No one asks, "Where is the diversity of Christian lawyers in proportion to their percentage of the population?"

No one asks, "Where is the diversity of Christian judges in the system (,who are also lawyers)?"

No wonder that the media-Scribes want judges to decide everything:

    All our judges are called -- Solomon!

Ann continues on her attack on Pharisee Ruth Bader Ginsberg:
    Unleashing the canard of all race-obsessed liberals, Ginsburg observed that courts have found that a fire officer's job "involves complex behaviors, good interpersonal skills, the ability to make decisions under tremendous pressure, and a host of other abilities -- none of which is easily measured by a written, multiple choice test."

    So does a lawyer's job. And yet attorneys with absolutely no "interpersonal skills" get cushy jobs and extravagant salaries on the basis of their commendable performance on all manner of written tests, from multiple choice LSATs and bar exams to written law school exams.

    I note that Ginsburg has not shown any particular interest in rectifying the "disparate impact" of legal exams: She never hired a single black law clerk out of the dozens she employed in more than a decade as an appeals court judge. (Her hiring practices on the Supreme Court are a state secret, but I can state with supreme certainty that her clerks do not reflect the racial mix of Washington, D.C.)

I will complete Ann's thoughts for her.

    Jewess Ruth Bader Ginsberg is a flaming RACIST!

Let's face it, firefighters are unlikely to be Jewish, while lawyers and judges are likely to be Jewish, and hence, we have two separate sets of laws for these two separate jobs.

And I do indeed like Ann's tongue-in-cheek finishing barb:

    This suggests that a wise Jewess, due to the richness of her life experiences, might come to a better judgment than a Latina judge would.

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