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May 22, 2009

Nullifying the Federal Trinity

Source: Ilana Mercer
Statists struggle with states' rights

Have we not said many times here that the checks and balances of the federal trinity (executive, legislative and judicial) fail if the trinity collude with each other into an evil alliance in order to attack the power of the States?

Our States are expected to be our protectors from the federal government, but they were locked out of power after the 17th Amendment bypassed State power in the Senate.

The States no longer control the Senate.

    Excerpt from "Statists struggle with states' rights" by Ilana Mercer

    They may not call it interposition and nullification, but legislators in the Texas and Utah state legislatures are planning to practice the doctrine Thomas Jefferson and James Madison perfected in the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of 1798.

    Writes historian Thomas E. Woods Jr.:

    "The Virginia Resolutions spoke of the states' rights to 'interpose' between the federal government and the people of the states;

    the Kentucky Resolutions used the term 'nullification' -- the states, they said, could nullify federal laws that they believed to be unconstitutional."

    Explains Woods,

    "Thomas Jefferson considered states' rights a much more important and effective safeguard of people's liberties than the 'checks and balances' among the three branches of the federal government."

    And for good reason. Judicial review was intended to curb Congress and restrain the executive. But the unholy federal trinity -- the judicial, legislative and executive -- has simply colluded in an alliance that has helped to abolish the 10th Amendment.

Pharisee Ben Shapiro, lauds the highly divisive President who plunged America into a needless and bloody Civil War, when no other slave country in the world had to go to such lengths to rid itself of this evil practice.

Pharisee Shapiro correctly states that the federal government, with the priceless support of the Jewish media-Scribe cheer-leading section of course, pushed unopposed federal power at the expense of State power.

    The federal response to the slavery question was quick and right – President Abraham Lincoln's Civil War restored for all time the founding promises of the Declaration of Independence. Despite the Civil War, however, the legacy of Jim Crow further eroded the moral authority of states' rights. And the federal government, wielding the ethical imperative of racial equality, stepped in. States' rights advocates were forever branded as bigoted Orval Faubus types, standing in the doorways of segregated schoolhouses.

    Now states are surprised to find that their ability to resist federal directives has been all but extinguished. They are surprised that they are no longer able to set their own standards regarding social, economic or criminal policy. They are surprised that through a combination of moral blindness and drooling greed, they surrendered their role in the constitutional system.

    --Ben Shapiro, a know-it-all Harvard Graduate Pharisee

Ilana Mercer correctly assesses the error Pharisee Shapiro wants to propagate:

    Surrendered? Not quite.

    "Honest Abe" was victorious in the War Between the States because, to vanquish the South, he invalidated the Constitution and violated the compact and comity between the sovereign states.

    Lincoln created a reality on the ground by brute force, not by constitutional warrant. This savagery owed little to the Constitution.

    -- Ilana Mercer

Ilana Mercer continues her unrelenting logic.

She is in essence saying that if you try to run away from a bully and he beats you up anyway, the problem was not that you tried to run away -- the problem is the bully.

    Neoliberal Chris Matthews of MSNBC had a similar reaction when Gov. Rick Perry made it plain he would be asserting Texas' rights. "That's the kind of talk we heard in 1861. That's what killed 600,000 Americans," hollered the "Hardball" host.

    By this faulty logic, secession or state sovereignty is proscribed because last it was invoked, a bully launched a war. Or, as Kirkpatrick Sale, director of the pro-secession Middlebury Institute, countered:

      "The victory by a superior military might is not the same thing as the creation of a superior constitutional right."

Having Rick Perry and Tom Delay defend Texas sovereignty is like doing an interview with the wolf on security measures for the hen house. Nothing will come of it.

The 10th Amendment is not where the States have traditionally derived their power to keep the federal government in its place and these two men know it. The second Obama says "Boo", these State's rights weekend warriers will run for the hills.

State power over the federal government had always been vested with their hand-picked appointments, they made prior to the enactiment of the 17th Amendment, to the U.S. Senate.

Repeal of the 17th Amendment is the only solution.

Chris Mathews interview with Tom Delay

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