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May 22, 2009

Homosexual Necrophiliac Jeffrey Dahmer
was himself Homosexually Abused

Source: Leonard Zeskind
Blood and Politics

Source: Jack Cashill
It's Torquemada time in the heartland

Source: Judith Reisman
Gay-on-gay 'hate crimes'

Source: David Island and Patrick Letellier
Men Who Beat the Men Who Love Them

"Rather than present socialism or Marxism-Leninism as their goal," Wilcox writes, "they piggy-back it onto anti-racism, which is far more popular."

The watchdogs have dealt with the objective decline of racism, Wilcox notes, "by expanding the definition of racism to meet their needs, to include more and more behaviors, and to require more and more invasive remedies."

One methodology of choice is that old Stalinist standby, "ritual defamation." Says Wilcox bluntly, "The primary purpose of watchdog organizations seems to be to call people names in the hope of defaming, discrediting, stigmatizing or neutralizing them."

As to Zeskind, he has imagined an impending "white Christian nation" that somehow manages to accommodate both anti-statist Christians and pagan Nazi socialists.

There is no greater name-calling watch-dog group than the Jewish Anti-Defamation League.

Tell anyone that you believe in a decentralized government which follows Christian morality and all of a sudden, the ADL is calling you a Neo-Nazi, fascist, socialist, central-government, control freak, theocrat, tyrant who needs to be defeated at all costs.

OK, to be fair, the ADL has not made any of these vile ad hominen attacks on me yet, but I recently got that exact fanatical back-handed treatment from the local Libertarian Party members for my rather even-handed article on Florence Shapiro.

(In fact, I was quite taken back at how anti-Christian the Libertarian Party had become. Not a one of the Collin County Libertarians appeared to be either pro-life or pro-Christian, even when abortion was framed as a political argument that the federal government had formed classes of people, one born and one unborn, who they would allow to be snuffed out. Now that is as scary as it gets! Oh boy do they scream when someone attacks a single Jew though!)

The point of the blockquote above are well taken.

One never hears anyone being overtly racist towards blacks or Jews any more, so the Judeo-Communist agitators needed a new "cause celeb" and have now moved on to pushing homosexual immorality onto Christianity and importing anti-Christian Muslims to offend Christians.

The social injustices which the Judeo-Communists fight here in America are never ending.

Like parasites, they pick at the sores of the country, many imaginary, until it bleeds. And they keep at it until they either get their way or until everyone erupts into violence.

If anyone else points a finger at them, the Judeo-Communist Pharisees, then they are grievously offended and pretend to be innocent victims.

Going forward, the Judeo-Communists are beginning their attack on the last stronghold -- Christianity itself.

Only the Christian faith is attacked, as their Judaic religion will ABSOLUTELY NEVER be attacked with any substance.

And for all the bluster of fighting Islam, Islam does seem to get stronger by the day in this country, does it not? Indeed, Islam should not even be a problem at all in America, as no Christian I ever knew ever advocated the need of allowing Muslims to immigrate into America and to live here for all eternity.

No, make no mistake about it, the religion under attack is the Christian religion and only the Christian religion.

Just like whites and men had to give way to blacks and women, so we are told that Christianity must give way to Islam and homosexuality.

Homosexuality and Islam at Texas Instruments

I first encountered this at Texas Instruments where you had to walk past a company sponsored Gay/Lesbian/Bi-Sexual/Transgendered (GLBT) poster on the way to the Muslim prayer room -- about as polar opposite in world viewpoints as one can imagine.

But the intent of both proposed ideas coming together is not to picture a logic framework for a just, peaceful and stable society -- indeed, they are recipes for explosion and disaster!

Instead, the purpose of both these tools are to supply the means to defeat Christianity.

The GLBT protections are to infer that government is the only power in America who can dictate all morality for all Americans. Americans are forced to admit that the morality which Christianity espouses is subservient to the morality that the government espouses. The reversal of the sheep watching the wolf I talked about.

As for the prayer rooms, the fact that government refuses to tell Texas Instruments that they, a public business chartered by the State, cannot install places of worship for a non-Christian religion, implies that our government is subservient to Islam, not Christianity.

See a problem here?

Government to decide Church morality

Government has twisted the Church vs State principles of checks and balances completely around.

It was expected that the role of Christian Churches in American life was to hold the government to a Christian morality. Hence THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH needed a freedom of religion and a freedom of speech to do their duty of monitoring and sermonizing about the lack of Christian morality in government.

Never did the Founding Fathers intend for the government to hold Christian Churches to a non-Christian morality.

Hate Crime legislation is intended to usurp and reverse the right of the Churches in this country to determine Christian morality for Christians.

The government now determines if homosexuality is moral, as this morality is tyrannically imposed upon the Churches.

Churches are real Democracy

I like Churches to determine morality instead of government. It is the most democratic process ever imagined, for if Americans do not like the morality any Church espouses, then Americans stop giving their tithes to that Church and find one that fulfils their needs better. The good ones flourish while the bad ones wither and die.

Ultimately, just like economic supply and demand laws establish a natural equilibrium, so too, the morality of the majority of Churches follow the morality of the majority of people, or they "go-out-of-business".

If I do not like the morality of the federal government, say in its abortion policy, then I am still forced to tithe (pay taxes) and I cannot leave (, unless I want to move to another country).

Having facilitated millions of Muslims into our country, the last push for "government" to insure "justice" will be for Christianity to give up its moral Christian principles against not just things like homosexuality, but to give up the very essence of the teachings of Jesus Christ so as to not offend any Muslims, Even the ones who try to blow up Synagogues.

A Short History

With the first communist revolution taking place in Europe in 1850, upon the publication of The Communist Manifesto that year by Karl Marx, the Judeo-Communists, expelled from Europe following the failed coups, came to America and incited North against South into our Civil War of 1860.

Facts are that Pharisees have never been any more emphatic to black slavery than white Europeans were.

Actually Jewish Pharisees have been less emphatic toward blacks, for far longer.

For the entire history of Judeo-Islam up until the Spanish Reconquesta, Jews were mostly living comfortably in Judeo-Muslim lands, where Judeo-Islam was well known to have employed armies of black eunuchs to work their mines and perform other slave work.

Mining involves trading the minerals for more black slaves. Jewish Sadducees had to have been the backbone behind the Islamic slave trade.

Christians NEVER castrated black men.

And Judeo-Islam forbade castration, yet the Arabs did not want blacks replicating in their lands.

So that would leave only one religion to perform the castrations -- the same ones who routinely performed circumcision. OUCH !!!

The castrations were require to be performed before the slaves entered Judeo-Islamic lands, so the owners of the trade caravans took carry of business while still in Africa.

In addition, Judeo-Islam had no problem with white slavery as well. Christian women captured by Muslims were thrown into harems where they were serially raped for years. The children of these women were sent to military schools where they were raised to be cannon fodder for Islamic conquests against their own homelands.

The First Jews in New Amsterdam

Often portrayed as a poor defenseless downtrodden people escaping cruel Christian persecutions, especially, the Spanish Inquisition, the first Jewish settlement of New Amsterdam were anything but the way they were depicted.

These Jews were forced to leave Brazil because they were "Dutch", not because they were Jewish. Brazil had belonged to Portugal as a result of her explorations. The Dutch had managed, by shear power, to establish a colony they called New Holland near Recife.

The sole purpose of the New Holland colony was to grow and process sugar.

As everyone school kid knows, all manual work at sugar plantations were done by black slaves.

Portugal was eventually able to wrest control away from Holland, at which point in time, over half of the white population of New Holland were Jewish.

These Jews had gotten filthy rich off the slave labor of plantation black slaves.

They would repeat their successes in America.

And the Governor of New Amsterdam, Peter Stuyvesant, would be ridiculed by Jewish media-Scribes forever for calling Jews the deceptive race.

Southern manners

We can see that Sadducees have long enriched themselves on the slave trade, but now saw a "cause" to empower themselves in their new home of America.

Having first enticed Christians into instituting slavery, now they were reminding Christians of their Christian principles.

The South was not fighting to preserve slavery so much as to preserve their "right to property". It was well established, (indeed, under the Constitution, it had to have been established legally), that blacks were a man's property. If the Federal government was to take his property to free it, they had to pay him for his property first. In other words, they had to follow "due process".

This was the method England used to eliminate slavery without a Civil War.

But the Pharisees needed a bloody Civil War to establish their "rights" as Jews, since they were never slaves in need of protection.

Lincoln never indicated he would follow due process and provoked a fight with the South intent upon seceding from the Union, by resupplying Fort Sumter in the State of South Carolina with Federal troops.

The honorary end result for the blacks was freedom by way of the 13th Amendment.

The dis-honorary end result for the nation was the 14th Amendment.

The 14th Amendment was the camel's nose under the tent.

The 14th had no teeth and caused no damage at the time, as the State-appointed Senate could block each and every bill, block each and every judicial appointment and each and every treaty entered into by the federal government, which would dare to impose tyrannical federal government upon the States.

But that would pass as well with the enactment of the 17th Amendment, which now allows the States to be bypassed, and allows easily manipulated citizens to directly vote for Senator. Only then could the full force of the power grab of the 14th Amendment be realized.

False and Fraudulant Priorities in Government

If one baby drown each year in swimming pools with gates and 500 babies died each year in a common bucket of water, anyone with a love of babies would attack the problem of the common bucket of water first.

A politician may instead tackle the swimming pools with gates first, saying his purpose was to save babies lives, but anyone with any sense could see that his priorities were messed up. The real reason may be more a hatred of people with swimming pools because they have more money than others, than a love of children.

This is the situation with blacks and gays.

The Pharisees and Jewish media-Scribes pretend to love blacks and gays, and pretend to want to protect protect blacks from whites and pretend to want to protect gays from straight men, but anyone who looks can see that the Jewish media-Scribes and the Pharisees are frauds.

A black man is more likely to be killed by another black man than by a white man.

Yet the Federal Government is protecting the black man from white men, and does not protect him from black men.

Likewise, the loving and caring Federal Government protects and defends gays only from straight men. They refuse to lift a finger to help a gay man hurt by another gay man.

Senate bill 909, the "hate crime" bill, is called the Matthew Shepard Act.

In 1997, just before Matthew Shepard was murdered, the homosexual Washington Blade reported 1,566 cases of same-sex domestic violence and 1,490 cases of "bias" incidents in six cities in 1995.

In 2004, 818 bias-motivated crimes of persons against "gays" were reported, while an earlier study recorded 5,046 homosexual domestic violence reports in just nine cities. Remember, bias "incidents" can be graffiti, theft, mean remarks, etc., even absent evidence. The FBI "Uniform Crime Reports, Offense Type by Bias Motivation," Table 4, cited one alleged "anti-homosexual murder" in 2004 and none since.

This "Hate Crime" bill is not love and compassion for gays, this is pure unadulterated political power for evil and sinister purposes.

Dirty Little Secret

Hetero-sexual battery is simply not a top problem for neither lesbians nor for homosexuals.

Homosexuals need more help from AIDS, drug use, cancer, and their own partner beating them up than they need federal protection from cross-sex abuse.

How do federal politicians show their love and concern? -- By making laws that will not have much impact.
Top Hazards for Homosexuals

"Three major health hazards" for homosexual men and lesbians. After AIDS and chemical abuse, same-sex battery is the third major health hazard for homosexual men. Lesbians' first health hazard is cancer, followed closely by chemical abuse and, yes, same-sex battery.

And here is the really explosive part.

Homosexual men who molested little boys were a main culprit in having these little boys grow up with a hatred of men so great that they were murderous.

The homosexual press commonly reports that the killers of "gay men" are often young male prostitutes who murder their "tricks."

Andrew Cunanan, a homosexual prostitute, and Jeffrey Dahmer, a homosexual necrophiliac, were both early child sex-abuse victims.

Were they and scores of other vengeful homosexual murderers guilty of bias or gay "hate crimes"?

How many "hate crimes" involve men and boys who, like women and girls, react to males who solicit them? Do men and boys not have the same rights as women and girls to curse, slap or punch those who sexually harass them?

Homosexuals then are directly responsible for more crime than any straight person.

Think about that before we decide who needs protecting from whom.

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