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May 4, 2009

Montana First to Shoot Rounds at Feds

Source: KAHRIN DEINES - Associated Press
New gun law aimed at asserting sovereignty

"Congress shall have the power to..."

do several things.

But not included is the power of Congress (i.e. the federal government) to regulate guns.

Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution.

"Congress shall make NO LAW..."

to infringe upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

"Congress shall have NO POWER..."

not given it by the Constitution.

That power belongs with the States or with the people.

Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Yet, even with these three safeguards, a federal army, under the command of Bill Clinton, goose-stepped into the State of Texas, near the town of Waco, under the authority of federal gun laws, to lay siege, starve out, and eventually to completely destroy an entire religion of otherwise peacefully, law-abiding American and Texas citizens, consisting of innocent men, women and children -- the Branch Davidians.

Today, we are faced with a new Democratic administration who is looking to regulate the speech inside all churches -- with federal troops to enforce any federal judgement against any church should any resist.

To counter expected problems, the concerned legislature of Montana signed into law a bill that aims to exempt Montana-made guns from federal regulation, adding firepower to a battery of legislative efforts to assert states' rights across the nation.

Montana becomes the first state to put muscle into the 10th Amendment resolutions.

"It's a gun bill, but it's another way of demonstrating the sovereignty of the state of Montana," Democrat Schweitzer said.

Its supporters next plan to find a "squeaky clean" Montanan who wants to send a note to the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives threatening to build and sell about 20 rifles without federal dealership licensing. If the ATF says it's illegal, the gun bill's backers plan to file a lawsuit in federal court with the goal of launching a legal showdown that lands in the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Montana Shooting Sports Association, which drafted the bill, has said it will raise the money to pay for any legal costs.

"It doesn't cost us any money and I like guns," Montana Governor Schweitzer said after signing the bill.

"I like big guns, I like little guns, I like pistols, I like rifles, and I would like to buy a gun that's made in Montana," Schweitzer said.

Truthfully, what does this bill buy anyone?

How many Americans live in Montana, make antique western guns, and sells them to other citizens in Montana?

Not a breathtakingly broad-sweeping power grab from the federal government!

Its' only possible purpose would be to test the waters.

To extend this into general practice, the next logical step would be to form an Interstate Compact with one or more other states and extend to them the use of guns and ammunition from Montana.

According to the Constitution, the federal government should have no authority to interfere with Interstate Compacts. An interstate Compact between the States should be seen legally the same as a contract.

But federal judges will rule that the federal laws superceed any State laws, when they cite their authority for everything they do-- the commerce clause.

A test at the Supreme Court is only likely to get the same unconstitutional ruling as the unconstitutional federal gun laws did when they violated both Article 1, Section 8 and the Second Amendment. Of course, they were already violating the 10th Amendment with or without the States complaining.

In a recent example, California's medical marijuana laws were held by federal courts as not superseding federal marijuana laws, and this Montana gun law will be ruled the same way.

This feeble law is far from sending the Imperial Obama and pirate crew a shiver up their collective timbers.

Montana is telling the Feds, "You may ignore Article 1, section 8 -- indeed, you may even ignore the 2nd Amendment -- but just DARE TO IGNORE the 10th Amendment!"

This tactic is doomed to failure.

The Christian Solution

If the States were REALLY SERIOUS about getting their power back, they would convene a Constitutional Convention and wipe out every single Amendment from the 14th on up.

Just by wiping out the 17th Amendment itself, State legislatures would once again regain their "Checks and Balances" Power to appoint Senators who could be trusted to ensure their interests in the Federal Government. An critical power which they had held up to 1913.

The States would be restored to their rightful place, providing real muscle to the vertical checks and balances, allowing the States to hold the throat of federal power.

Lastly, all those repealed Amendments would be replaced by one new Amendment -- The Freedom of the Press Amendment.

The Founding Fathers never envisioned, and would NEVER HAVE TOLERATED FOR ONE MOMENT, a coast-to-coast television network, where one minority could dominate all information which an entire country receives.

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