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April 3, 2009

"Common Sense" by Thomas Paine (AKA Bob Basso)

Source: WorldNetDaily
YouTube star summoned to White House?

Source: Bob Unruh of WorldNetDaily
'Thomas Paine' waits on White House

Of course he will be invited to the White House!

He correctly points out the problems, but he's no danger to their plans of continuing with more of the same.

The John Birch Society has been pointing out these problems and even far worst dangers for 50-years now and not a thing has improved.

Bob Basso suffers from the same delusion as the John Birch Society does.

His solution? -- Write your Congressman. But your Congressman ignores you and still gets himself reelected every time.

His solution? -- Term limit Congressmen, same as the President. Don't see how it helped on the President side. The oligarchy running this country has an unlimited supply of stooges to sit in as President.

His solution? -- March on Washington. The press would not cover it other than to twist it into something looking like a Ku Klux Klan march.

His solution? -- Get rid of the Electoral College and direct elect the President. But we direct elect our Senators, don't we? How's that working.

The "Common Sense" Christian Solution

The real "Common Sense" solution is here.

Our Founders knew that leaders do not worry about "we the people" in a pure Democracy. That is why they did NOT give us a pure Democracy.

Our Founders knew that political leaders lie. That is why they DID give us a "Checks and Balances" government to keep them honest.

Outside the Civil War, the first one hundred and fifty year history of our government, we enjoyed a meek, responsive federal government. It was not repressive. It was not intrusive. It was not a threat to our liberties.

In other words, our Founders gave us a government that worked.

Then, a persuasive Jewish media-Scribe press talked Americans into amending their Constitution.

Not to amend it so as to prevent their monopoly on the new "electronic" press, a fact that was NEVER envisioned in the says of the Founding Fathers.

But to amend the way Congress itself was structured.

Now, I believe the Founders did a pretty good job in creating Congress.

They created a "Checks and Balances" between the States in the Senate and the People in the House of Representatives.

If the Jewish media-Scribes inflamed the People into a mob, and that mob demanded their Representatives in the House to do some evil, then the more reasoned, less influenced States would tell their Senators to reject this mob.

By constantly inflaming the People into a mob, and by the States constantly having to reign in the mob, then the same Jewish media-Scribe propagandist were successfully able to talk the mob of People into "fixing" the Senate by changing it into a direct vote of the People, same as they had in the House.

States found themselves shut out and bypassed. They no longer had their vertical "Checks and Balances" power.

  • They could no longer check and balance the power of the mob.
  • They could no longer protect their own Tenth Amendment power from the control of the Federal government.
  • They could no longer prevent the centralization of one non-caring monopolistic central power, as opposed to the friendly competing powers of 50 states.
  • They could no longer prevent the corruption of the federal government.
By the time FDR took his oath of office, the 17th Amendment, removing the States from the federal Senate, had worked its way through government.

Each two year election cycle, following the passage of the 17th Amendment in 1913, saw one third of the Senate convert to mob rule.

That same unlucky year of 1913, we had in place the 16th Amendment which created the IRS and we had created the Federal Reserve.

By the early part of the 1920's, America had finally thrown off the old-fashioned, restrictive, party-pooping States, and were ready to party big time. We had the Roaring Twenties.

Only the old-fashioned, restrictive judges appointed before the 17th Amendment, who were confirmed by a Senate where the majority of Senators were appointed by the States, were any hindrance to full-scale federal control.

FDR confronted these old-fashioned dinosaur judges when he threatened to "pack the court", so that his tyranny could be promoted.

The rest is history.

The Second American Revolution

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