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March 28, 2009

The Little Red Hen,
the Principles of Property
the IRS

The Little Red Hen

Children love the story of the Little Red Hen.

The Little Red Hen is an industrious, diligent, hard worker even when faced with a huge job that she must do alone.

The end result is her beautifully baked, delicious smelling, warm bread.

Of course, everyone wants a piece of the bread although no one was willing to put in the effort it took to produce the bread.

The Little Red Hen chooses not to share citing the fact that she alone put in the hard work it took to bring the bread into being.

The Principles of Property

This is a great story to introduce children to John Locke's principles of property which our Founding Fathers used as a basis for our republican form of government.

The principles are a right to: Life, Liberty, Property (possessions).

Most people are familiar with these rights referenced as a right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as pointed out in our Declaration of Independence.

Property as seen through the eyes of children

The Kindergarden students understood the concept easily as it is not a hard concept to grasp.

  • No one has a right to physically harm or bully you.

  • You are free and a slave to no one.

  • If you earn it, or labor for it, then it is yours.

  • You may choose to share, but you are not obligated to, and no one can force you to share, because they do not have that authority, as we are all equal.

Kindergarten Stdents tackle the question of taxes

After reading The Little Red Hen and discussing the Principles of Property a student brought up the question of taxes (from a previous lesson).

Truth is not always pretty and we reviewed what taxes are, who collects the taxes, what happens if a person refuses to pay, and where the taxes go.

The majority of students did not think that taxes were fair and had a lot of comments on the issue.

So, we tried to brainstorm other ways to help needy people besides taking from those that work.

Just for fun, we thought of what the Little Red Hen would say if the IRS came knocking on her door to make her share her bread.

The students' comments are listed below.

Reactions of Kindergarteners on Taxes:

Taxes are not right because they're not asking at all. They are just taking it. That is kind of dumb.

They can't take your stuff away.

It hurts you to take money from you to give to someone else.

You (IRS) don't take anything away from anyone else or we will put you in jail for 2086 days without any food.

People can share if they want to, but they don't have to, just like the Little Red Hen.

They are just sneaky and stealing your money away.

If the government steals money from my mom and dad they would be sad because then they can't buy me a present.

What if your neighbors don't have money and the other neighbors don't have money? Then you have to get a job.

Taxes aren't fair because when you give all of your money then you won't have none of your money and you will have to work a lot more days to get money. People need to make their own money.

If they steal money then they will go to jail.

It's not nice because whenever you work the government says, "Give me some of that money for your neighbors that don't work!" It's not fair because you worked for it and then you don't have no money because they took it.

It's not fair for the governor to take your money because you worked for it and you earned it. You earned it so you can make good choices with it.

It's like the Little Red Hen because some do the work and some people didn't except no one is making her give them her bread. She would tell them, "But I did all the work so they shouldn't get none."

People can share money if they want to. If they don't want to share with their money they don't have to.

It's bad to take money from people.

One Pro Tax comment:

Taxes are fair because the other people can't do the stuff that the people that work for their money can do.

Ideas to help people without labor taxes:

They can bring the work to people that don't work.

You could share money.

They should ask people to share their money instead of just taking it.

If they ask for help building something, you can give them some money if you want to.

Families can help each other.

The Little Red Hen vs. the IRS:

If they try to make her share, she'll say "No!"

If they knock on her door the Little Red Hen won't answer it and she can go out the back door and escape away.

She tells them "I don't have to share. I did all the work. It's mine."

She doesn't answer the door and she hides.

The IRS comes in your windows to arrest you. They're kind of like the S.W.A.T. team.

She could put some stuff on the floor and then make tracks on the floor to make them think she went somewhere else.

She might slam the door on them.

She wouldn't open the door.

She would sweep them off her porch.

She'll say "No!" and might tell them "$#@&%."

(Of course this led to a short reminder of appropriate words to use at school.)

If they knock on her door, she might shoot them.

Deanna Newberg

Nixon-Smiley Elementary


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