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March 26, 2009

Fox's "Family Guy" is no Family Guy

Source: Donald E. Wildmon AFA - American Family Association
Offensive Family Guy Episode

Do you remember when the newly introduced FOX network was going to bring Christian values back to television after ABC, CBS and NBC had left those values out of public broadcasting?

Well, FOX is even worst than they are now.

Watch the video clip to see the sarcasm and utter contempt for Christianity displayed in the words below.
    At a "straight" meeting, the speaker talks to gays about Jesus and tells them, "He [Jesus] hates many people, but none more than homosexuals." Incidentally, Pepsico helped sponsor this program (

As you watch this disgusting clip from the gay episode of Fox's Family Guy, remember what I have said many times, "it is not Christians who own the mass-media -- it's Jewish media-Scribes."

And as well, through proxy votes gained from millions of Christian 401k accounts and Christian retirement accounts, we know Jewish Sadducees "owns" Pepsico, since they proudly and without hesitation sponsor this anti-Christian "Family Guy" show.

CAUTION: Contains vulgar offensive material

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