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March 25, 2009

Questions that are never asked

Source: Anita Raghavan of Forbes
Terminated: Why the Women of Wall Street Are Disappearing

Source: John Edwards --
Black and white family net worth disparity true

Typical Politically-Correct Lineup of Wall Street Women
          (From left-to-right)

        • One Oriental Woman
        • One Black Woman
        • One Old Woman
        • One Ugly Feminist Woman
        • One Fat Woman

Don't get mad at me for identifying these woman in the photo. They were arranged by Forbes. Each one of them have their own protection racket.

On a higher level, I have questions at the end of this article which I personally want answered about discrepancies between groups of people.

Questions I never see asked by anyone.

It's not like Questions about Groups Can't be Asked.

For instance, I was over a friend's home yesterday watching CNN Headline News at lunch.

I saw where CNN felt it was perfectly acceptable to ask in the first story, "Why do whites have a net worth 10 times the net worth of blacks?"

In the next story, CNN asked the question, "Why are Wall Street firms laying off more women than men?"

So there you have it.

The first question implied that the group of blacks were being held down by the group of whites, and the second question implied that the group of women were being discriminated against by the group of men.

The same old "divide and conquer" technique used throughout time by the media-Scribes. It worked for them when they got the North and West to fight the South in the Civil War, and it still works today. The only thing to have changed is the way the propaganda is delivered. In pre-Civil War days, Jewish media-Scribe propaganda was delivered by the local Jewish backwoods peddler coming to your farmhouse, fresh with the latest news from New York City, slanted in the way he wanted to deliver the news to the farmers. Today, Jewish media-Scribe propaganda is instantly delivered nationwide through electronic communications for all to see, as CNN does when it tries to get blacks angry at whites or women angry at men, when there is no call for it.

Therefore, regardless of the known fact that women and blacks have for decades been given preferential treatment in applying for college, graduating from college, being hired into the professional world, promoted past the glass ceiling, and protected from unfair lay-offs, the fact remains that CNN found it news worthy enough to imply that blacks and women still have it bad in America.

Really??? Blacks and women are being discrimminated against today?

What a laugh!

Don't we already have tons of federal laws regulating the "former" free market, in order to prevent this from ever happening?

But CNN implies that a whole host of federal laws are being broken, as we speak.

I subscribe to the theory that there is an army of ACLU lawyers hungry, ready, and willing, to swoop in with a bushel of sexual and racial discrimination lawsuits and that no sane white man in his right mind would dare confront his masters.

But I may be wrong.

There may indeed be one white man left who will still say "damm the consequences", buck the discrimination commisars in the federal government, take the verbal abuse from the press, expose his company to bankrupcy, and insist upon breaking un-Constitutional federal laws, just to do what is his right to do under a free society.

It might happen.

I sure would like to meet this hero, if such a man could be found!

A few interesting comments on black/women suffering

For the suffering of Blacks, figures from the census point the way to more "wealth redistribution".

This, regardless of how more frugal and/or hard-working the average white may be compared to the average black.

    In 2000, the median net worth of a household headed by a non-Hispanic white adult was $79,400. The median net worth of a household run by a black adult was $7,500. The figure for Hispanic households was $9,750. These figures are based on a 2003 report.

    --Figures from U.S. Census used by John Edwards

As for the suffering of women on Wall Street, in a Forbes article, referenced by CNN, there were several interesting comments left following the article.

One comment of the report made the very good counter-argument that if women were in Wall Street before it collapsed, then they were also just as guilty for the fall of Wall Street as were the men, so why should we pity them over others?

Are you kidding? -- these over-paid Wall Street women lost their million dollar jobs and their multi-million dollar bonuses! -- Go cry on the shoulders of a woman working at J.C. Penny's, who got laid-off because these complaining Wall Street women were a part of the financial collapse.

    Posted by mjaybee | 02/28/09 09:57 AM EST

    Yeah, why don't we get more women on Wall Street.

    Bring back Erin Callan, CFO of Lehman Bros, or Linda Thomsen, enforcement head of the SEC.

    Women are party to this fire-sale, too, though the PC culture we live in prevents anyone from pointing this out.

    World economy collapses -- women discriminated against in total collapse!

    No one is more self and narcissistic than the American female, individually, or as this story shows, as a group.

The second comment I partially disagree with.

Because, contrary to the comment, these same Wall Street woman were also given preferential treatment at the time of their hiring.

In addition, lest we forget, the Wall Street women were also given preferential treatment when being accepted for their application into their Wharton MBA programs before that.

Truth is, if given an equally qualified man and woman, the hiring manager had better hire the woman, because the HR Commissar will be watching and reporting his findings back to the Feds. This is a test the hiring manager does not want to get wrong.

The second part everyone agrees with. -- The manager had better tread carefully in laying off a woman.

    Posted by lichau | 02/26/09 12:24 PM EST

    The fact is--women and protected minorities are discriminated against in hiring decisions. It is simple economics--you have two equally qualified people standing in front of you--one a straight white male, the other some protected group. You know if the white guy doesn't work out, or business conditions change--you hand him a pink slip and it is over. The protected type? Get ready for this crap, lawsuits, etc. Often, you will end up settling to make the legal bills go away. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

    So--which one do you hire?

    I know nothing about this case beyond what I have read. What I DO know is that any company that is functioning well is very reluctant to fire one of those protected groups--for fear of exactly this happening. So--if I had to bet--letting these women go was done after careful consideration. And, the belief that the company was on solid grounds as to the choice.

I really like this last comment.

If the company is so mismanaged that they keep incompetent male slackers and lay-off the super-star performing women, then these super-star performing women should start their own companies. They will be guaranteed success and the male slackers will be the ones on the streets!

Silly guy, that of course is the way a REAL "Free Market" would work.

This is a variation of the illogical arguments we hear of women being paid less than men for the exact same work.

If a company could get the same amount of work out of women for far less, then the companies would be stupid to hire anyone but women and it would also solve that other thorny problem, the one about being sued if you don't hire the woman in the first place.

But then you would have to ask how the same companies got so smart when they decided to layoff both American men and American women to have Chinese men and Chinese women workers who get paid only a dollar a day.

Only when operating inside the U.S. do companies have to comply with silly, but destructive, federal rules; outside the country, they can do anything they want.
    Posted by dbvanhorn | 02/26/09 08:47 AM EST

    Now this will sound harsh, but 'man up' ladies and do what 'men' have been doing for years when bad things happen to good careers... Go form your own company and beat your old employer at their own game.

    If you are really that good, you'll be miles ahead and you can do the right thing in your own firm. If you want to change 'the culture'--put Citi out of business, stop whining, stop the lawsuits, and get to the business of being better...unless you really aren't that good.

Here are the Questions I want to be Asked

  • Question #1: "What is the net income of Jews compared to Christians?"

    We should insure that the majority Christians are not unfairly treating the minority Jews in this country.

    We should insure that Christian white men are not holding back Jewish men in our "Land of Opportunity".

  • Question #2: "What percentage of Jews compared to Christians who were laid off at Wall Street firms?"

    Again, we would not want the majority Christians to benefit from the tragedy of this financial meltdown at the expense of our poor Jewish minority brethren.

    If we knew the percentage of Jews laid-off from Wall Street jobs versus the number of Christians, then we could help our poor Jewish minority better achieve success in this racist, anti-semitic, Holocaust-denying America.

  • Question #3: "Why is there not an investigation of Christians framing Jews for the world financial meltdown?"

    We need to know if Jews in Wall Street are being scapegoated as the cause of the world economic meltdown.

    Already, Jewish Madoff is being blamed for the biggest Ponzi scheme ever. Since Christians are well known to be magicians with money, investigations need to be unleased to determine if Christians are framing our innocent, but finacially naive, Jewish minority.

    We need to get to the bottom of who is responsible for all this misery. Those Christians responsible need to be imprisoned.

  • Question #4: "Are our numerous Christian news services covering up discrimination crimes inflicted against Jews?"

    It seems absolutely clear that Christian reporters are totally ignoring the plight of the Jewish minority on Wall Street and how much they make compared to the Christian majority.

    Why do they not ask these hard-hitting questions?

    All our reporters seem to care about are the economic fortunes of blacks and women minorities.

    Our reporters never seem to care about the Jewish minority when it comes to employment or opportunities on Wall Street.

    Our reporters do not seem to care one bit about the net incomes of our poor mistreated Jews.

    Sure, they give the poor Jew a bone here and there when they talk about a Holocaust 60-years ago, but what have they done to help the poor Jew today?

    If they had an ounce of caring for the Jews, they would answer the first three questions I am asking, so then the Jewish minority can be helped and defended from a cruel, harsh, anti-Semitic Christian majority.

    Are all the reporters Christians?

    Is that why we have such a massive coverup promulgated against the downtrodden Jews?

    We should insist that our news institutions are as sensitive to the plight of our poor Jews as they are to the plight of blacks and women.

    I certainly hope you agree with me on this miscarriage of justice!

    Call your favorite news organization and ask them to ask the tough questions!

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