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March 20, 2009

America: The abused woman

Source: Reb Bradley
America: The abused woman

Why do Americans always believe the bald-faced lies of politicians, when we never allow anyone else to abuse us so?

America, the great lady, has been conned! And like a woman seduced by a smooth-talking scoundrel, we feel used.

He held us in his arms and looked us in the eye. He told us to trust him, and that he would make everything all right. All we had to do was give ourselves to him.

He played upon our fear and pain, and gave us hope when he promised to change our lives. His strength made us feel safe and secure. He said we would be a team and he wouldn't make decisions without us; he assured us he would share his heart with us and be transparent. He made so many wonderful promises and sounded so sincere.

We believed him, so we took his ring, said our vows and gave ourselves away.

But the honeymoon is almost over and he has done the opposite of what he said he would.

We came into this relationship with debt, and he promised to take care of that. He said he would come to our rescue and get us back the money that had been taken from us – but he didn't. Instead, he borrowed more money – lots more money – and multiplied our debt!

He said he would give up his friends and give himself only to us. We would be his one true love. But right after the ceremony he ran off with our credit cards, and when they reached their limit, he opened new ones in our name. He spent almost all of it on the friends he said he would leave behind.

He promised change, and he brought change all right, but change for the worse. We're no more secure now – in fact, the debt he created made things more uncertain than ever.

We feel so used!

But he's got explanations. He said it was all a misunderstanding. It had to happen – just this once, but never again!

He's so full of it!

He is no different than all the others. He says whatever will get him what he wants.

Why do we fall for guys that abuse and take advantage of us? Have we so little self-respect that after they use us and abuse us, we make excuses for them and take them back?

We are so vulnerable to those who know how to play us!

But now we are stuck in this relationship for four years. It's frightening – if he has done this much damage already, what will he do when the honeymoon's over! That's a long time to suffer abuse!

Is it too late for an annulment?

---Reb Bradley

Before marriage, America wanted to checkout the background of their soon-to-be husband, but as a blogger has said about Obama's past:

    "The evil machine that has put Obama in place seems supernaturally powerful. It is able to keep his college, birth and other records secret, not to mention able to keep any court from even hearing a case on his eligibility. I find it astonishing that there are no major leaks of his past."

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