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March 13, 2009

Newsweek is pro-censorship

Source: Newsweek
Enough! A conservative's case against Limbaugh -- Why Rush is Wrong

Source: WorldNetDaily
Birds of a feather? Newsweek bails out Air America

Source: Newsbusters -- Seton Motley
Air America Begins Syndication Division With ... Newsweek, Whose Current Cover Story Bashes Limbaugh

Source: Newsbusters
MRC's Bozell Reacts to Newsweek/Air America Partnership

Source: Newsweek - Mathew Philips
Dead Air

Source: Newsbusters -- Seton Motley
Essay: The Durbin Amendment - The New 'Fairness' Doctrine with a Kicker

I love when two stories come together so neatly.

On the same day that Newsweek is highlighting a "conservative" who works for them, who also wants to Hush Rush, that same newspaper is shown to be financially supporting communist Air America.

As Limbaugh is want to say, "You just can't make this stuff up!"

Do you see this as propaganda?

  • Can we all agree that the photo above is unflattering of Rush?

  • Can we all agree that there is gag strip across his mouth?

  • Can we all agree that the suggestion "Enough" is for Rush to stop talking?

  • Can we all agree that this is censorship propaganda?

  • We can disagree about the meaning of the "Newsweek banner" across the brain of Rush.

    Was the Newsweek / Air America deal a business decision?

    Well we can certainly rule out Newsweek embarking with Air America as a business decision.

    Rush radio gets 20 million listeners a week; Air America radio might as well be an air guitar from looking at its listener ratings.

    If Newsweek were looking for a serious business decision, it would be begging Rush to allow their "Newsweek On Air" to have a spot on his sucessful show.

    Instead, with bad business decisions like this, their name should soon be, "Newsweek on Oxygen".

    I love the Newsweek article from Dec. 17, 2006, just after Air America files for Chapter 11 backrupcy, stating that the problems at Air America were simply that they hired "a bunch of comedians."
      Michael Harrison, publisher of the talk radio trade journal Talkers Magazine. "It has to do with them not running an effective business model and with people like Al Franken not living up to the hype. If they'd hired broadcasters instead of a bunch of comedians, they would have had a chance of succeeding."
    Now Jewish media-Scribe Al Franken is certainly a comedian, but he is not funny.

    And Al Franken is currently stealing the senate seat in Minnesota, along with his rich Jewish media-Scribe associations in both Hollywood and our news capital New York City -- both outside the senatorial representation area of the State of Minnesota. Also, not funny.

    The failure of Air America was never atributed by Newsweek to a failure to connect with Americans.

    Funny -- Rush has never had to declare bankrupcy.

    Well, that pretty much leaves ultra-liberal media-Scribes from Newsweek teaming up with ultra-liberal media-Scribes from Air America, to both bloviate against their competition - Rush Limbaugh.

    What about Censorship?

    By highlighting the gagging of Rush Limbaugh on its front page, one can only deduce that Newsweek strongly advocates censorship.

    Oh sure, I agree -- Newsweek's spokesman is only asking Rush's own people to censor Rush.

    But, let me ask you this question, "Shouldn't Newsweek be the first to defend against any form of censorship?"

    Why is Newsweek all for "selective" censorship against some?

    Why does Newsweek feel the need to be provocative enought to imply outright censorship?

    I can tell you why.

    As part of the gigantic Jewish media-Scribe monopoly, Newsweek has little to fear from censorship.

    Newsweek will never be censored, no matter what Durbin Censorship Amendment comes out of Congress.

    RINO running through Newsweek

    Case in point.

    The author of the hit piece on Rush entitled "Enough! A conservative's case against Limbaugh" is David Frum.

    Now David From goes into great detail displaying his "conservative" credentials. I put scare quotes around "conservative" because Mr. Frum finally gets around to his agenda on the 4th page and it is a liberal agenda.

    Should it be a surprise that an ultra-liberal news-magazine hires a "conservative" to editorialize how Rush should be censored.

    "Why, Newsweek is just publishing both sides of the story", their spokesman would say.

  • Truth is, David Frum is a Jewish media-Scribe, who while may have conservative leanings, is no doubt all for the Jewish media-Scribe monopoly being secured with a "Fairness Doctrine", that of course, exempts his own people.

  • Truth is, David Frum is a spokesman for Jewish Sadducee-owned Newsweek.

  • Truth is, Newsweek advocates for censorship.

  • Truth is, Newsweek advocates against the First Amendment.

  • Truth is, Jewish Neo-cons like David Frum are the ones who have hijacked conservatism and who have helped elect anti-Christian, anti-American men like pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Michael Steele as the National Chairman of the Republican Party.

    The Durbin Amendment

    And the Jewish Sanhedrin now have exactly the firepower it needs to censor America.

    In the Durbin Amendment, the FCC can capriciously pull a license anytime it wants. -- Boom, you're off the air!
      Seton Motley of Newsbusters

      Written by Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, S.160's Purpose is "To encourage and promote diversity in communication media ownership, and to ensure that the public airwaves are used in the public interest."

      And the worst part of the Durbin Amendment is the possibility that Obama's FCC may now be empowered to prematurely pull the broadcast licenses of radio stations they deem as failing to meet these new "Fairness" Doctrine-esque guidelines. Several lawyers who do this for a living see this rider's wording as amorphous enough to allow for this interpretation.

      This would be absolutely devastating to talk radio. Stations currently carrying Conservative and Christian talk would be perpetually under the FCC gun - never knowing when the regulatory hammer would fall and crush their businesses. They would feel tremendous pressure to change formats so as to be able to stay on the air.

      And no one would be able to justify the enormous expense of getting into talk radio if their lifeline - their broadcast license - could be pulled capriciously at any time.

      These licenses would then be awarded to more "diverse" owners who show a greater desire in meeting the Obama FCC's definition of the "local" and "public interest." You know, ACORN activists and hosts who couldn't cut the mustard on National Public or Pacifica Radio.

      In the real world, the public interest is best served by what the public is interested in. Conservative and Christian talk radio survives and thrives because people listen, and Liberal talk fails because they don't.

      But none of this matters in this brave new "diverse" world. Liberals never liked the free market with it's equality of opportunity. They have always preferred an equality of outcome - where shows that have listeners are forced to share the airwaves with those that don't.

      The Durbin Amendment solves the Left's "Fairness" Doctrine dilemma. It gets them what they want - radio free of Conservative and Christian talk - without the political baggage of carrying the "Fairness" Doctrine name.

      For them, a rose by any other name still smells as sweet if it serves to silence the opposition.

      --Seton Motley is Director of Communications for the Media Research Center.

    The Christian Solution

    Solutions will no longer come at the national level from either national Democrats or national Republicans.

    The only Christian Solution remaining for America is for our States to call a Constitutional Convention in order to repeal the 17th Amendment, which has totally cut The States out of the "checks and balances" power loop with the federal government.

    And inside the Christian Solution is a suggestion that Christian Americans can and should take away the microphone monopoly that the Jewish media-Scribes use to talk us into all kinds of trouble.

    For that is not censorship, that is a call for freedom of speech.

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