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March 5, 2009

"Law and Order" Republican Party Asleep at the Wheel

Source: Sean Hannity
Another Obama Nominee, Another Tax Problem

Balance of Nature

These days, you cannot tell where business ends and government starts.

They have both become the same, controlled and managed by the same sinister group.

We have long ago abandoned our former policy of "Separation of Business and State", commonly called "laissez-faire", where the government would keep its hands off the economy, allowing the economy to find its own natural stability point.

The Green Democrats know that nature has its own balance and can survive much better if man does not interfere with it.

They know if we kill off the wolves to protect the deer, that the deer will multiple unchecked in such great numbers as to kill off all the vegetation, which would then lead to mass starvation of the deer. So, to protect the vegetation, we are then forced into the "unforeseen consequence" of also having to harvest the deer we wanted to protect.

Amazingly though, for millions of years, an unmolested nature has discovered how to balance its overwhelmingly complicated interlocking and mutually dependant systems into a very stable play of life, without any interference whatsoever from man.

Republicans used to believe the same about the economy. If left alone, the very complicated economy balances itself as smoothly as nature.

Republicans used to believe in the "Law" of Supply and Demand, while they also believed in the natural "Order" of the economy if left alone.

Reach across the Aisle

Today, the Democrats and Republicans are the same. One cannot tell where a Democrat leaves off and a Republican begins.

Each Party has also become just another tool controlled and used by the same sinister group.

Neither stands for any kind of principle. McCain has become nothing more than a cheerleader for Obama, but without the sexy outfit. And we argue amoug ourselves whether it was Republican Bush or Democrat Obama who ushered in a run-away federal government, a government who is probably now the biggest business owner in America.

Republicans used to believe there should be a Separation between America-first, conservative-Christian Republicans, and Globalist-first, semi-Atheist Democrats.

The Republicans used to believe in the rock-solid "Law and Order" of the Constitution, vs the Democrats "living" Constitution. No longer.

Fed Street

The Fed was created to establish financial stability, but we don't know if the reason it has failed was because the Fed chairman used to work for the industry he regulates and will return to it, or if they are just all totally incompetent.

Republicans used to believe the government's only purpose in finance was to establish fair "laws" on contracts and fraud, that would enforce a fair "order".

Today, it seems that Wall Street is telling the government what is "fair" in keeping a financial "Law and Order". It tells the government what it must do to prevent catastrophe. -- "Americans cannot survive without our credit cards and businesses cannot survive without getting a loan from us to pay payroll, so you had better loan us trillions of dollars or we us take everyone down with us".

Can't tell where Wall Street ends and the Fed begins these days.

Other divide and conquer battles

The Generation Gap of earlier years saw the young hippies fighting against the older "establishment". Now the older generation establishment is the same hippy Baby Boomer, and you cannot tell where their childishness stops and their adulthood begins.

The War of the Sexes was extremely bitter, but today, women no longer wear dresses and they take grueling jobs men never wanted to do. We can no longer tell where men stop and women begin, especially when faced with cross-dressing men who like men, or macho women who like women.

The Race Wars pitting Blacks against Whites has played its course. Today, you cannot tell if you are being discriminated against because you are black or discriminated against because you are white, or against a new form - being discriminated against because you are American and the job needs to be done in India.

The War between the States pitted the North against the South. The blacks in the South migrated up to the North to be treated better, only to find that the Northerners did want them as much as they had preached, while air-conditioning meant that the Northerners began to love the South more than the Southerners did. Today, in one of the few bright spots for our country, you can hardly tell a Northerner from a Southerner. But, that is mostly because the 17th Amendment has made state loyalty irrelevant, which is definitely NOT a bright spot for our country.

The War between Christians and atheists that has recently started brewing is strange in a way, because most Christians today are closer to being atheists than being Christians. Attending Church today is more a form of man-centered entertainment, than a worship of God. Why atheists would get worked up against Christians now is a strangely perplexing question. A reverse Search engine for the words "sex" turns up entertainment Christians searching for all kinds of Biblically forbidden sex, such as "wife swapping sex", while the same search for "Christian" turns up Biblically permissible sex phrases such as "Christian Singles". Perhaps Christians and atheists can all come together sexually?

Hats off to Obama!!!

To be fair, Republican apologist Sean Hannity has to give a hand to the Obama Administration in one respect.

For all its faults, the Obama Administration is doing a great, non-partisan job of finding tax cheats, Mortgage Fraud cheats and Ponzi Scheme manipulators.

To his credit, his own fellow Democrats, himself included, have been discovered to be tax cheats and they are now paying up under a Democratic Administration.

True -- these tax cheats are not being shackled with handcuffs and made to take the Ken Lay perp-walk, as the first Bush Administration did to people who broke the law, but you can't really expect a Democrat to lock up a criminal who violated "LAw and Order", unless he said something "hateful" against them or didn't pay his taxes. Democrats do love their taxes, so once agan, hats off to the consistency of Obama on this for making them pay-up what they were already expected to pay.

But, where has Republican "Law and Order" Enforcement been these last 8 years?

The hard question to ask Republican apologists Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh is to ask them where the "Law and Order" Party has been these last 8 years, while all these federal crimes were festering?

Oh it started off looking like "Law and Order" would be upheld.

John Ascroft was the "toast of the town" for a good while. Actually he was the "Roast of the Town", since the liberals bitterly hated him so much, therefor, in reverse psychology terms, he was a GREAT GUY -- the best man for the job of enforcing our laws!

Then there was the Far, Far, Far Right "Law and Order" applied to Muslims where they were routinely tortured and held without the right of habeas corpus -- well actually, without any rights whatsoever it appears.

After all, we were not attacked anymore -- if you neglect a few news stories like the months-long Washington D.C. shootings, by two Black Muslim men against innocent civilians in the name of Islam.

Appeasement can be the same as Keeping Order, right?

I suppose President Bush worked toward the "Order" part of the "Law and Order".

All Muslims living in the United States after 9/11, and not yet having flown a jumbo jet into a skyscraper filled with thousands of innocents in the name of their sacred religion, were perfectly free to stay in America and protest for Muslim Prayer rooms at their workplaces.

Worked at my former company.

An American citizen by birth, out of work for 2 years after the economy nosedived following the 9/11 Muslim attacks, upon returning to my former company, the Muslims, who had been working at my company all the time I was unemployed, had themselves a nice little Muslim Prayer room installed during my absence.

Appeasement has been likened to "keeping order", by many.

My question always goes back to "Muslims never had power in America before, while your typical American has no love at all for Muslims or their faith, so who gave power and influence to them and why?"

You are judged by the people you surround yourself with

But what happened to all that "Law and Order" that the Republicans used to preach about?

It started going downhill upon the replacement of John Ascroft as Attorney General, just days after Bush started his second term.

Republicans get worked up over the immoral and evil friends Obama likes to keep, but at the same time, Republicans have been friends with a Bush Administration that has been far less "Law and Order" than we have been led to believe.

Republicans have been Dumbed Down

Lately, the Republican Party has been dumbed down to only represent reducing taxes. While no longer reducing government, as they are perfectly OK with applying as much inflation tax as the government wants and says it needs.

But the Republican Party used to stand for seeing that the laws were enforced and it used to stand for the idea that stability has to be maintained in society.

No longer!

The Republicans also cannot be counted on to stand by the law of the Constitution anymore. Has anyone seen more than a few Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices lift their finger to declare Roe v Wade as the opposite of everything the Constitution stands for? Was the War on Terror a tab bit too much "Law and Order"?

But "Law and Order" within the United States was all but forgotten.

Crimes overlooked by the Bush Administration

Here are a few things that the Bush Administration Attorney General missed.

  • Barack Obama - Current President of the United States -- Tax Cheat and not eligible to run for the office of President

  • Ron Kirk - Black former mayor of black-majority Dallas, Obama nominated for U.S. trade representative - Tax Cheat

  • Tim Geithner - Jewish Sadducee Timothy Geithner, Obama nominated as treasury secretary -- Tax Cheat

  • Tom Daschle - Former Speaker of the House, Obama nominated as head of Health and Human Services -- Tax Cheat

  • Nancy Killefer - Obama nominated as chief performance officer -- Tax Cheat

  • Bernard Madoff - Jewish Sadducee -- Biggest Ponzi Scheme in history, outside legal Social Security Ponzi Scheme

  • Freddie Mac -- A quasi-governmental mortgage firm -- fraudulent mortgages by the hundreds and hundreds of billions

  • AIG - International Insurance Company -- In reality, ran as a gambling house

  • Illegal Mexicans - There are actually federal laws against invading our country without our permission.

There was one famous "Law and Order" Enforcement Bush was known for

What was President Bush's most famous internal "Law and Order" enforcement?

The arrest, conviction and imprisonment of border agents Ramos and Campeon.

The Christian Solution is the key to re-instilling "Law and Order"

Where can the "Law and Order" former-Republicans turn?

The best solution is The Christian Solution.

Constitutional "Law and Order" can be returned by simply repealing the 17th Amendment in a State-called Constitutional Convention (Con-Con).

We need the vertical checks and balances re-established between our State and Federal Government.

To do so, the State legislatures need to vote for U.S. Senators, and not allow U.S. Senators with lots of campaign contributions from China to be voted into office by media-Scribe brainwashed citizens such as ourselves.

The States Senators would then insure that Federal Judges were not arrogant, and that the Federal government would not step on the toes of the States in dealing with concerns inside the State, which is pretty much everything!

Citizens will be OK, they have always had, and will always have representation in the House of Representatives.

It is of vital concern for our safety that our States re-establish the original Constitutional government upon the Federal government.

The one we had prior to 1913.

The one we had before all the former State-nominated U.S. Senators were voted out of office by 1920.

The one we had before the Citizen-voted Senators confirmed the first majority Supreme Court without State-Senators, sometime during the FDR Administration.

The one that built this country to greatness.

Only the repeal of the 17th Amendment will restore "Law and Order".

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