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February 27, 2009

Slumdog Trillionaire

An Ugly Bias:

Blaming the Jews for Financial Woes

Source: Brad A. Greenberg Yahoo News
An ugly bias is back: blaming Jews for financial woes

Source: The God Blog -- by Brad Greenberg Feb 26, 2009
Jews, mammon and anti-Semitism

Source: VATICAN CITY (Reuters)
Bishop's apology over Holocaust denial not enough: Vatican

Source: Daniel Treiman of The Jewish Daily Forward
Funny, Brad Greenberg Doesn’t Look Christian

Uncle Sam is not the Slumdog Trillionaire. That title goes to the Jewish Sanhedrin that runs the American show behind the curtains.

And they do not plan on putting our house in order.


Blackmail Continues Against The Catholic Church

  • The Pope is still yielding to Jewish blackmail in condemning a member of his own faith, because that particular member publicly believes the agony and suffering of the Jews was indeed bad, vile and cruel, but not as massively bad, vile and cruel as we are led to believe by biased Jewish media-Scribes.

    You have to know that Freedom of Speech for the Catholic Church is forbidden under their self-proclaimed International Jewish law.

  • The government of Argentina has succumbed to Jewish blackmail by deporting Bishop Williamson, thus violating their nation's sovereignty.

    Our Jewish media-Scribes tell America that she has to keep millions of ILLEGAL immigrants and let even more in, but if Argentina has one LEGAL immigrant who speaks his mind, a Catholic Bishop in a country of Catholics -- then out he goes on orders of the Argentinian Jewish community to the officials of Argentinian internal affairs. Wouldn't it cause less tension if Argentina just expelled the argumentative Jewish community instead.

    Jewish media-Scribe Kate Winslet gets an Oscar playing a Catholic nun
    (Holocaust Movie # 253 -- The Reader)

    "I don't think we need another film about the Holocaust," Winslet says. "It's like how many have there been? We get it; move on. No, I'm doing it because I've noticed that if you do a film about the Holocaust, guaranteed an Oscar."

    Is it ironic that Jewish media-Scribe Winslet, of course, won an Oscar for best leading actress in "The Reader," a film, not coincidentally, that deals with the Holocaust? I don't think so.

    Blackmail Continues Against American Christian Taxpayers

  • Our own government has succumbed to Jewish blackmail by telling the taxpayers that if they do not pony up trillions of dollars to bailout and pay off the Jewish Wall Street guys, then the taxpayers will be responsible for all the damage that occurs to our economy.

    The Jewish Sadducees on Wall Street are not to blame for this mess -- you Christian taxpayers are responsible! This has got to be the biggest BLACKMAIL in all of history! The Jewish Sanhedrin is stealing trillions of dollars right from under our noses, while Christians sit by watching it being done to us.

  • Brad Greenberg himself admits that a Jewish Sadducee named Madoff, made off with $50 billion dollars in an evil, conspiring, financial manipulation of innocent investors.

      "Crooked. Evil. Innately able to rob you blind while shaking your hand and smiling,"

      --Jewish-Herodian media-Scribe Brad Greenberg self-ridicules.

    Close Examination of a Jewish Media-Scribe Spokesman for Blackmail Against Christians

    Editor's note: Brad Greenberg was given a chance to review and rebut anything said in this article. Since this article was published, Mr. Greenberg has replied saying that he is a "God-fearing Christian with devilishly good Jewish looks". Truth is the Mr. Greenberg is three quarters Jewish ethnically and identifies as a ethnic Jew. The fact that he is Christian is irrelevant since his beliefs place him squarely in the Christian Herodian category.

    Let's look at Jewish-Herodian media-Scribe Brad Greenberg's three opening remarks of shame against Christians.

      Quotes from Brad Greenberg's
      "An Ugly Bias is Back: blaming Jews for financial woes"

      "Zacchaeus was a greedy little tax collector."

        -- TCS: A greedy little tax collector, who by the way, became a Christian upon meeting Jesus; and who thereafter, personally stopped taking financial advantage of others, when he started treating others as he would want them to treat him. (Luke 19:1-10)

        Nothing could be so vile as for a Jewish-Herodian media-Scribe to take a Christian Bible verse out of context and turn it into something vile, evil and sinful, in order to attack Christians.

      "Fagin was a hideous creature who forced orphans into his organized network of pickpockets."

        -- TCS: Fagin was a character, from the Charles Dickens fictional novel "Oliver Twist", but based upon a real Jewish criminal, referred to as a "receiver of stolen goods".

        Per Wikipedia,
        "Fagin's character was based on the criminal Ikey Solomon, who was a fence at the centre of a highly-publicised arrest, escape, recapture, and trial. Some accounts of Solomon also describe him as a London underworld "kidsman". A kidsman was an adult who recruited children and trained them as pickpockets, exchanging food and shelter for goods the children stole."

        Dickens claimed that he had made Fagin Jewish because "that class of criminal almost invariably was a Jew."

        In one of his final public readings in 1869, a year before his death, Dickens cleansed Fagin of all stereotypical caricature. (In other words, Charles Dickens had been worked over and made to see the light)

      "Shylock, perhaps the most infamous Jewish moneylender of all?"

        -- TCS: Per Wikipedia,
        "In the Shakespeare play, The Merchant of Venice, Shylock is a Jewish usurer who lends money to his Christian rival, Antonio, setting the bond at a pound of Antonio's flesh. When a bankrupt Antonio defaults on the loan, Shylock demands the pound of flesh, as revenge for Antonio having insulted and spat on him the week before. Meanwhile, his daughter, Jessica, elopes with Antonio's friend Lorenzo and becomes a Christian, further fuelling Shylock's rage."

        "Shakespeare in all probability had never actually met a Jew in his lifetime - at least, not one who admitted to his or her own Judaism. The Jews of England were expelled on July 18, 1290, at the decree of Edward I and were only officially re-admitted by Oliver Cromwell in the year 1656, forty years after Shakespeare's death."
        (TCS: Cromwell was a Protestant - Now that is an interesting "Oliver" Cromwell "Twist"!)

    Thus begins Brad Greenberg opening with a typical stereotypical Jewish media-Scribe account of backwoods hick Christians haboring an unfounded bias against Jews, while the Jews are always totally innocent of whatever was embodied in the expressed bias.

    Venomous attack against all of Christianity
      Canonized in the Christian Bible and two classics of English literature, these characters reinforce prejudices that Jews have struggled against for centuries. This scapegoating has been particularly venomous during difficult economic times. And these are those times. -Greenberg

    Even using the Catholic word "canon", Jewish-Herodian media-Scribe Greenberg attacks all Christians by implying that Jesus "scapegoated" against Jews.

    We now know that Greenberg believes that Jesus was prejudiced against Jews. -- Wow, you figure?

    The ONLY thing that would satisfy Greenberg would be you throwing out your Bible and begging his forgiveness for having followed such a backwoods prejudiced and venomous man like Jesus. -- But remember, Greenberg is a God-fearing Christian.

    Blame the Catholics
      "Ironically, their edge as money-lenders was courtesy of the Roman Catholic Church, which forbade Christians from charging each other interest; Jews had the run of the market. Instead of teaching their children to farm or be blacksmiths, these financiers -- at the time, more like glorified pawnbrokers -- passed on the art of lending money. The tradition would pay off when boatloads of Central Europeans landed at Ellis Island in the 1800s." -Greenberg

    There you have it. Per Greenberg, Europe was full of anti-Semitic Catholics with an ugly bias because -- well because -- Jews were engaging in an ugly, un-Godly, anti-Christian vice -- money-lending.

    The same Roman Catholic Church that the Protestants love to demonize as "the Church of the Anti-Christ", was simply enforcing a morality on their people which would have served us very well today. -- "Neither a borrower nor a lender be."

    In fact, isn't Brad Greenberg saying that there was a dual morality? Jews could get away with money-lending sins that Christians could not.

    His quote, "Jews had the run of the market", would probably cause envy and disdain, but it probably had nothing to do with religion.

    Originators of the gossip line
      Jews have historically taken advantage of the opportunities afforded them, and in those days there was hardly a better way for a poor German Jew to cut his teeth than selling cheap goods in rural America. -- Greenberg

    I have said many times that the biased and anti-Christian gossip these Jewish backwoods peddlers peddled as news to the isolated rural American Christians was the spark that ignited the Civil War. These young Jewish radicals expelled from post-French Revolution Europe, who became the backwoods Jewish peddlers were responsible for pitting East against West against South, until finally America was split apart and at war with each other.

    Lehman Brothers
      The story of the Lehman brothers -- turning an Alabama cotton business into a global financial titan -- is typical, almost a cliche, of how Jews rose from peddlers to shop owners to international financiers in the course of a few decades.

      The saga of Lehman Brothers came to a sudden end Sept. 15, not coincidentally at the same time that Jews once again became the scapegoat for this country's, and the world's, economic problems. - Greenberg

    Duh.... Is telling us that the Jewish Lehman Brothers became international financiers in a few decades and then practically blew up the world's financial system supposed to somehow make us NOT believe that the Lehman Brothers were not -- First off, taking too much money from poor Christians to become so powerful so quickly and -- Second off, mismanaged and lost the rest of the money the Christians had invested with them of their life's savings.

    Am I missing something here that would prevent me from developing an "ugly bias"?

    Conspiracy Theories abound
      Since then, conspiracy theorists and anti-Semites alike have been busy bombarding financial blogs, Jewish journalism outlets, and their self-serving forums with comments about how former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, current Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, Lehman Brothers, and others are orchestrating this crisis to crush the goy. -Greenberg

      It's the same trope that's been repeated since long before the rise of the House of Rothschild: The "international Jew," as Henry Ford deemed this global tribe, starts wars and manipulates markets for self-gain and schadenfreude. --Greenberg

    Yelp, once again, we are in the dark and it is all our fault that we then make up wild stories to try to explain what is happening to us. Thanks Jewish media-Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees for enlightening Christian Americans as to what is really happening. -- NOT!

    Are Jews really an "Underwhelming" Minority?
      And it's just as vacuous now as it was then. Jews are certainly prominent in the US financial market, but they remain an underwhelming minority.

      Time magazine's list this month of the "25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis" includes, by my count, six Jews -- which means that more than 75 percent of the culpable were not Jewish. Among the blameworthy were former President Bush, disgraced sub-prime lender Angelo Mozilo and, ahem, the American consumer. -Greenberg

    Again, it is all your fault -- you ugly consumer. You are expected to resist the 24/7 coverage of Sadducee-controlled Visa and MasterCard, paid for by world-class marketing gurus, knowing every psychological trick in the book, all trying to convince you that having a VISA card is priceless.

    You succumb to their relentless pressure and it is all your fault.

    "Buyer Beware!" -- Greenberg says so!

    And President Bush and President Obama are not Jews either.

    No, in reality, President Bush and Obama are Jewish-bought Herodians.

    President Bush was surrounded by Jewish Neo-Cons, while President Obama cannot sneeze without first getting permission from his chief of Staff, PHarisee Rahm Emanuel, and then after the sneeze, his Jewish media-Scribe press equates it to a royal pronouncement.

    Hillary Clinton could not possibly have gotten elected as Senator in her home state of Arkansas, but she sure got elected in Pharisee-controlled New York easy enough.

    Now Hillary is Secretary of State, repaying her keep, by insuring that the country of Israel gets top priority in American foreign policy.

    Moral Equivalency
      Though some Jewish money managers have proved to be scoundrels at best, like Shylock, it is not because they are Jewish -- just as Christianity did not inspire Ken Lay to cheat Enron's shareholders. Indeed, Jews may be the easy historical target, but scapegoating misses the moral of our own failures. The real responsibility lies with all of us. -Greenberg

    Greenberg ends on a "everybody does it" moral equivalency. -- Imaginary Jewish Sadducee Shylock was a made-up money managing thief while real life Christian Ken Lay was a real time thief.

    At least Mr. Greenberg could have made his moral equivalency between a real Jewish Madoff and a real Christian Ken Lay.

    Note to Brad Greenberg --- Christian Ken Lay was taken to prison in shackles for all to see his shame. And the Jewish media-Scribes crushed him over and over relentlessly. The Jewish media-Scribes in Hollywood made movies about his greed. We have yet to see any of this over Sadducee Madoff. So far, we have only had stories wondering how a nice Jewish boy could have done such a thing to his own people. ---And doing it to Christans would not be so bad?

    Double standards abound. Jewish Sadducee Marc Rich just pays Bill Clinton to pardon him. And of course, Shylock could not possibly be sent to prison, as he is a fictional character.

    But that is where Greenberg's sense of moral equivalency ends, as he would not get caught dead accusing any Jews he knows that some Jews are "anti-Christian" or that some Jews harbor an "ugly bias" against Christians.

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