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February 21, 2009

IRS at the Pink Floyd "Money" Tavern

Here is a simple explanation of taxes that most red-blooded American men can understand -- Drinking beer with their friends.


The 10th man leaving the country because of excessive federal taxes just does not happen for real Americans. He just quits working so hard. Or he cheats, by hiding income. Or the most popular for the super rich, he bribes federal officials to put loopholes in the tax code.

However, he will leave the city to live in the suburbs, for excessive city taxes And, he will leave the state, for excessive State taxes. For this reason, taxes should be pushed to the lowest level, in order to give people fair taxes. If you feel the city or State tax is unfair, you can move to where it is fair. Unfair taxes become self-correcting. One city or state will check and balance the other. Ordinarily called competition. You do not have that option for federal taxes.

The director of this piece obviously believes that only the Democrats impose Progressive taxes. This is wrong. Many republican RINOs go along with the plan. Trust neither the Democrats nor the Republicans, as even the Republicans only give lip service to the idea of a flat tax and certainly, neither political party proposes repealing the 16th Amendment altogether, while shrinking the federal government back down to its once appropriate size.

P.S. Any talk about taxes does NOT apply to politicians, who feel that they do NOT have to pay taxes at all.

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