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February 12, 2009

The Last Templar, The Holocaust and Jesus Deniers

Source: Lady Renouf
21st Century 'Heresy' -- Holocaust scepticism is the one unpardonable 'sin'

Source: Dennis Prager in WorldNetDaily
'Ahmadinejad' in the Catholic Church

Source: Ruth Gledhill of TimesOnLine
Holocaust-denying Bishop sacked from seminary

German leftists at a carnival in Dusseldorf
Portraying Bishop Williamson as the Devil and the Pope his friend

Shall we compare one Catholic Bishop, who diligently researches the Holocaust, and then calmly "denies" a part of the Holocaust, comparing that against the vile anti-Christian float in Dusseldorf and definitively say who is crazy?

Shall we compare a distinguished Catholic Christian Bishop against all of Jewish media-Scribe Hollywood, who fraudulently makes pro-Jewish Holocaust "based on a true story" movies from scripts they know have already been proven the be total frauds?

Or in Christian eyes, can there be any greater offense than to pay to see a Hollywood film, made by Jewish media-Scribes, who makes anti-Christian films, that are total frauds, such as The Last Templar, which denies the very divinity of Jesus Christ?

Or when a devout Christian Catholic, like Mel Gibson, dares to make a pro-Christian movie, like The Passion, which faithfully follows the true story of the Bible better than any movie ever made, the part of the Bible more fundamentally important to Christians than any other part, who is then mercilessly pummeled by the media-Scribe monopoly as an anti-Semitic. And this even after he bends to Jewish media-Scribe blackmail and agrees to remove some of the inflammatory text that the Jewish Pharisees actually said.

Or there is Dennis Prager viciously implying that the Catholic Church, one of the many respected Christian religions, is filled with leaders who condone the violent murder of innocent women and children?

Can we dare to compare which religion has been more offensive? -- Jewish or -- Christian?

Can we say who we trust with the truth and who we can despise for lying to us?

Whenever anyone asks questions about the 20 million dead Christians our friend and ally Uncle Joe Stalin was responsible for, you only hear crickets chirping.

Whenever anyone asks questions about any small part of the Holocaust, the Jewish religion has a media-Scribe monopoly that springs into action to weep copious amounts of crocodile tears for it. -- To demand condemnation and suppression. -- To demand a witch burning.

But this media-Scribe monopoly believes that a fraudulent Hollywood movie still needs to be made about the Holocaust, even after 253 others have already been made, because even though we now know it is not true, it is still a good story for all of us to watch and to weep, and so it must be made.

Meanwhile, the Christians have to suck it up whenever anyone alleges that their Savior was not the Son of God, because our Christian forefathers have given freedom of the press even to non-Christians.

And the Pope himself has to bend to non-Christian Jewish media-Scribe blackmail, or allow the continued slander against his Church to continue.

The double hypocrisy of the Jewish media-Scribes is repugnant.

For decades, they blasted any white men as racists, who did not want to associate with black men. A white man could have said that he would associate with black men, if not for the fact that their women were more likely than not to have syphilis, if not for the fact that the black man was more likely than not to have been in prison, if not for the fact that their black children were a terrible influence upon their own white children.

That white man was reviled and spat upon by the Jewish media-Scribes. He was committing the horrendous sin of stereotyping -- believing that all black men were the same. He was committing the horrible sin of discrimination.

Well, well! The Jewish media-Scribe has perfected that intolerant model of discrimination beyond anyone's imagination.

The Pharisees and Sadducees are refusing to enter the home of the Catholics until the Pope himself grabs a hammer and nails in the last nail sticking out of a billion nails in his home. In a Church with 1 billion members, the Jewish media-Scribes insist that the Pope cut one member off at the knees, or else they refuse to play ball with any Catholic. And if the Pope does not strike down this one member, then the entire Church of 1 billion is deemed to have the exact same character as the one member.

Now that is stereotyping, intolerance and discrimination taken to the extreme.

Imagine that. -- Our forefathers were concerned for the animal violence of the black man and kept him in chains, when they should have been concerned about the civilized violence of the Jewish Pharisee, whom they unleashed with the Constitution.

The Last Templar

Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson is The Last Templar -- Defender of the Christian Faithful -- not descended from the Sons of Satan, as depicted in fake phony-baloney Jewish media-Scribe Hollywood versions of the Knights Templar, as seen in The Kingdom of Heaven or The Last Templar.

Bishop Richard Williamson is not just being persecuted for his belief in a much smaller Holocaust, as opposed to the gargantuan Holocaust we are told we have to believe in. He has taken his Christian religious beliefs to a profound new level and I can certainly see why the Pharisees are demanding another Christian Crucifixion, for he is indeed dangerous to their beliefs!

I will save, until my next article, a discussion of these very profound Christian beliefs of his and how they impact our Jewish-Christian relations.

But first, I have to defend Bishop Williamson against the "heinous" charge of "Holocaust Denier" and to defend my religion from this slander.

The Holocaust Taboo

The PC crowd have commonly accepted and demanded to be taken as Biblical fact, that 6 million Jews died in WW2.

There are no discussions allowed. Anyone who questions the 6 million number is violently censored. They are called horrendous names and vilified.

In the eyes of the Jewish Pharisees and media-Scribes, this is one question that is not allowed to be asked.

Questioning any aspect of the Holocaust is heresy! It is a burn-at-the-stake offense.

Questioning this "accepted fact" demands censorship! You are not allowed to see any evidence that opposes the "accepted fact".

You are allowed to see 252+ Holocaust movies (and counting) which the Jewish media-Scribes have created for your entertainment however.

However, when a respected authority like a Bishop in the Catholic Church comes along and says he has evidence that the facts have been doctored, even he is not allowed the freedom to debate the issue. -- Speak your mind and the Pope himself is expected to fire you from your job!

No, not just fire you from your job -- worst -- the Pope is expected to deny you your own religion! -- You are to be excommunicated!

The Holocaust Taboo and Bishop Williamson

My former respect for Dennis Prager as a rational and fair Jew has taken a dive. In his latest column, Dennis Prager should direct some of his moral and religious indignation to his own media-Scribe fraternity, before trying to pluck an imaginary immoral speck out of the eye of the Pope.

At least he should correct his own illogical discourse.

    Excepted from "'Ahmadinejad' in the Catholic Church"

    "...Richard Williamson, announced in an interview aired on Swedish television in November 2008 and on Jan. 21, 2009, that "two hundred (thousand) to 300,000 Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps. None of them in a gas chamber."

    On the assumption that there are not only theological but also moral criteria to being reinstated in the Catholic Church, an excommunicated priest who denies the Holocaust should automatically remain excommunicated. Would a priest who denied that Jesus was crucified have his excommunication rescinded? Both Christians and non-Christians believe that Jesus was crucified despite the fact that we have so much more proof of the Holocaust than we do of Jesus' crucifixion. Yet, here is a priest denying the Holocaust of Jesus' people, as if those nearly 6 million European Jews all died of old age.

    One would love to ask these Holocaust deniers one question: Poland had 3 million Jews in 1939 and almost none in 1945. Where did those 3 million Jews go?

    A man who denies the Holocaust is either a liar on a magnitude difficult for most mortals to comprehend, or a manifestly sick human being for whom the difference between truth and lie is not discernible, or profoundly anti-Semitic.

    Such a person shouldn't be asked to "distance himself from his positions on the Shoah." He should be shunned by the man Catholics believe to be the vicar of Christ on Earth and by his church. If Williamson is ever to be a Catholic in good standing, he needs to repent from evil, not adopt another "position" on the Holocaust. There are no "positions" on whether the Holocaust took place any more than there are "positions" on whether slavery took place or whether there was a French Revolution.

    And if he does repent, we will know. That repentance will take the form of doing work for the victims of the Holocaust that he once said never occurred.

    In the meantime, there should be no place for an Ahmadinejad in the Catholic Church.

    -- Jewish media-Scribe Dennis Prager

What does this mean, "a priest denying the Holocaust of Jesus' people." Is he talking of the "Jesus' people" who crucified Jesus? Is this where Dennis Prager wants to go with this line of reasoning, in trying to obtain Christian sympathy to help him bash another Christian?

Mighty pompous that a lowly Jewish media-Scribe Dennis Prager, who happens to have America's microphone in his hands, has the audacity to dictate internal Roman Catholic religious policy to the head of the Roman Catholic Church! -- "Pope Benedict -- I, a Jewish reporter, command you to excommunicate your Bishop! I DEMAND that you throw him out of his Catholic faith!"

Let's be clear here -- Belief in the magnitude of the Holocaust is not a religious belief. It is not even a moral issue. It is a factual issue.

This is not even a Catholic issue. Germany is a majority Lutheran Protestant country and hence Hitler was NOT put into power by Catholics. And the German Protestants who voted for Hitler probably had about as much power in selecting a good leader as we Americans did in electing a good President. - "Do you want Obama or McCain?"

If Bishop Williamson personally and correctly researched the Holocaust and came to the conclusion that 300,000 Jews died by the hand of Hitler instead of 6 million, that does not make him an immoral man. It would actually make him a moral man for telling the truth. The only thing that could make him an immoral man would be if he lied about the true magnitude, knowing that the real number was 6 million.

We don't have any immoral people who would lie to us about things they know to be true, do we? -- Like, Social Security is in fine shape, trust us. Like, abortion is all about the human dignity of the mother. Like, white men are the root of all evil. Like, divorce and single motherhood are good for children. -- All tenderly reported to us by the Jewish media-Scribes as rock-solid, undeniable truths of life.

Is this Catholic Bishop a liar? Well, I don't know. Let me see his evidence and I will make up my own mind.

Perhaps it's my bias in being a Roman Catholic, but personally, until I am allowed to see the evidence Bishop Williamson has seen, I will tend to believe that Roman Catholic Bishops are NOT liars.

On the other hand, if Dennis Prager and others like him knew that the 300,000 was the correct number and they were giving Christians propaganda that 6 million Jews had died, with the intent of magnifying the Christian sympathy, gaining a psychological control over us, and helping to establish the State of Israel immediately after the war, then that would make Dennis Prager a very immoral man.

And EXCUSE ME for my not automatically believing a Jewish media-Scribe every time he speaks. After all, the next Holocaust movie has already been shown to be a known fraud, yet it will be made anyway.

I have yet to hear Bishop Williamson's side of the argument. Jewish media-Scribes like Dennis Prager are too busy trying to suppress his side of the argument by calling him dirty names like a bully on the playground.

I believe in freedom of the press, but if we insist on a "Fairness Doctrine", then can this next Holocaust movie, which has already been proven to be a fraud, be shelved, and can we let Bishop Williamson rewrite the screenplay from a Christian perspective? That should begin to counter the 253 Jewish media-Scribe-produced Holocaust movies, all portraying only the Jewish side of the story.

253 Holocaust movies for the Jews side and 1 Holocaust movie for the Catholic side. That would almost be "fair", right?

I know even this will be a hard battle. These types tend to say that "all the experts are in agreement" -- we are facing a "global warming" disaster and "evolution" is a fact that no one can deny. Anyone who argues otherwise is delusional.

And just try to get the national microphone out of their hands to tell them otherwise.

Oh -- by the way, "Jesus Christ was just an ordinary Jewish Rabbi"....

Jesus the Savior Denial

In the Hollywood media-Scribe movie "The Last Templar" which aired on ION TV last Sunday to millions of Christians, the Catholic Church was portrayed by the Jewish media-Scribes as hiding an earth shattering secret, known to the Templar Knights.

The secret was so damaging, that -- Catholic priests were driven to murder.

OK, right off the bat, I find this to be a heinous HATE CRIME where a team of film directors of the Jewish faith slanders the religious leaders of a Christian religion. Even if it was all just "fun entertainment".

Dennis Prager is no better as he slanderously equates peaceful Catholic Bishop Williamson to Ahmedinejad, a Muslim leader who is on record as wanting to kill Jews, including innocent women and children.

If I were to say that the evidence shows that a woman killed her youngest child by drowning, when someone else says she really killed both her children with a club, it does not logically follow that I wished to murder her children.

Likewise, Bishop Williamson saying that Jews were killed by Hitler, but not as many as biasedly reported by the Jewish press, does not make him a mass murderer, nor does it make him an Ahmedinejad mass murderer. I was really disgusted with Dennis Prager on this point.

So, now we have established that it is OK in media-Scribe logic to depict priests as murderers and to equate Catholic bishops with a Muslim terrorists.

But what was that earth shattering secret?

Oh! Just that Jesus was a run-of-the-mill rabbi, and the Catholic Church knew it all along. Hush, hush you know.

For two thousand years, Jews have not believed Christ was divine, or they would have converted to Christianity. In fact, the Jewish Pharisees believed just the opposite. -- They believed that Jesus Christ was a blasphemer that needed to be Crucified.

So again with the double standard.

Catholic bishops cannot deny the Holocaust (even though he never denies it, just the magnitude of it), but Jewish media-Scribes can not only deny that Jesus was the Savior and Redeemer, but they can make a blasphemous mockery of Christianity in a movie that Christians pay them to see.

Talk about laughing all the way to the bank!

Even Catholic-hating Protestants should get worked up enough over this to support the Catholic Church, when the divinity of Jesus Christ is being trashed in such a hateful way.

Why was Hollywood media-Scribes not excommunicated from American soil for producing The Last Templar?

Why has ION TV not had its license pulled for offending all of Christianity, in the most heinous hate crime imaginable?

When do we not get retractions and apologies from Jewish movie directors and actors who consciously denigrate the entire underlying basis of Christianity?

In answering Dennis Prager's question about where the 3 million Jews of Poland went, I am not a researcher, nor do I know the exact facts, but I do know that the vast majority of Poland was invaded and occupied by Russian troops under Stalin, not Hitler. -- A man who had already slaughtered 20 million Christians, but never gets a Jewish media-Scribe Hollywood movie made about his atrocities.

The only areas Hitler occupied, at first, were the formerly German areas of Poland. I would imagine that most of the Jews in the Russian-occupied section of Poland would have moved deep into Russia, to get as far away from Hitler's troops as possible. I remember vast quantities of Russian Jews mass-emigrating into Israel after WW2 and others who mass-emigrated into the United States.

We can go into details about the European Jews who changed their names to American sounding names and then became "missing" from the roles of European Jews.

We can talk about how funny it is that only Russian liberators of the concentration camps ever found "gas chambers", but never American liberators.

We can talk about how odd it was that the chemical analysis of the scrapings from the walls inside the Crematories did not find any traces of the poison gas one would have expected to have found.

We can talk about how odd it was for resource-starved and highly efficient Nazis, fighting a major war, to have used a common insecticides that would have been needed in large quantities, when German chemists had already developed several much more efficient chemical nerve gases that could have been used at a fraction of the cost.

We can even talk about how normal it is for a European "city" of 250,000 people, as were in these concentration camps, to have people die naturally of old age, diseases, and accidents and why these concentration camps would therefor naturally have a crematoria to burn the naturally dying inhabitants.

We can discuss the figures given by the World Almanac of world wide Jewish populations?

  • World Almanac, 1929, pg. 727 -- 15,630,000
  • World Almanac, 1933, pg. 419 -- 15,316,359, ["The estimate for Jews in the above table is for 1933, and is by the American Jewish Committee"
  • World Almanac, 1936, pg. 748 -- world jewish population = 15,753,633
  • World Almanac, 1942, pg. 849: World Jewish Population -- 15,192,089 ("Jews include Jews by race not necessarily by religion")
  • World Almanac, 1949, pg. 289: World Jewish Population -- 15,713,638

But, the Holocaust is a "settled" matter, is it not? It is "fact". And there is no need to talk about it anymore. We are still learning facts about the Roman Empire, but the Holocaust is sacred and taboo.

Besides, I would lose the argument. I do not read German, so I cannot research this myself, and all of Germany is under a Jewish gag order. If any German dares to defend any part of his country or his religion from Pharisee propaganda, then he condemns himself as an automatic criminal on par with Hitler and Ahmadinejad.

The Real Reason for the Persecution

Let's be clear, the Holocaust is not why the Pharisees have placed a target on Bishop Williamson's back.

The exact timing coincides with and to distract from the horrible masacres happening to Palistinians by the Israeli military in the lastest Gaza incursions.

Of secondary, but ultimately of greater importance, the Holocaust-denail charge at this time is only a detraction from what Bishop Williamson really has to say.

Much as the oral sex Bill Clinton had with Jewish Monica Lewinsky was just a detraction to take our attention away from a much needed lynching of Bill Clinton for selling America to the Chinese, both militarily and economically.

To discover the real reason for the persecution of Catholic Bishop Williamson, please read my next article. Shocked by the Bible!

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