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February 12, 2009

Trojan Horse pulled into Church:
Federal Money crowds out Private Money

Source: Ron Paul
Freedom From Government

Source: Ann Coulter
Goodbye, America! It Was Fun While It Lasted

Federal Money always crowds out Private Money.

    A collage of ideas from Ron Paul's "Freedom from Government"

    Money is the Trojan horse that government uses to infiltrate and infect organizations.

    Funding that, on the outset, is designed to strengthen and support, will bureaucratize and regulate in the end.

    This is the major problem with basing a private business model on the receipt of government funds. This money does not come without control, or the future possibility of control.

    We are seeing parallel control grabs in industries that have recently been the recipients of taxpayer largess.

    Government officials are now discussing executive compensation on Wall Street, banking, and in the auto industry. How much is too much to pay someone? When is a bonus deserved?

    But because politicians have bought their way into these industries, these are now political decisions.

    It is easy to utilize class envy to whip up public support for these interventions, but government always slides down the slippery slope.

    Politicians are also discussing other aspects of these businesses in which they are not expert, such as, what should lending standards be? What sort of cars should we direct the auto industry to make? Once government money infiltrates a balance sheet, "taxpayers" meaning "politicians" have a say in how you operate.

    Obama's executive order on faith-based initiatives

    President Obama signed an executive order last week continuing the faith-based initiatives program created by former President Bush.

    When the program was created, I warned that giving taxpayer money to private religious organizations would eventually lead to political control and manipulation of them.

    It is sad to see charities now having reason to focus on lobbying, regulatory compliance and paper pushing to get and retain money taken by force, rather than beefing up private, voluntary fundraising activities.

    The logic behind funding faith-based initiatives seemed reasonable to some.

    Private organizations are much more effective in charitable endeavors than government programs and bureaucracies.

    Therefore, why not "outsource" some of the government's welfare-state activities to these worthy organizations?

    This appealed to many conservatives, especially after the follow-up executive order exempting recipients from discriminatory hiring laws, which assured many that taking federal funds would not jeopardize their control over their own operations.

    Beware the government program started under an administration you like, for it may look a lot different under the one you don't.

    With the stroke of a pen, religious charities might not be able to take into consideration a job applicant's faith, sexual orientation or lifestyle if they wish to remain eligible for that taxpayer money that was so enticing a few years ago.

    Similarly, if FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) is passed, will Catholic Church hospitals be forced to offer abortion services to retain their federal funding?

    Can they remain solvent without it?

    --Ron Paul

Everyone agrees -- The "communist model" is to control every aspect of a person's life.

With the new medical "Big Brother" monitoring of your health records, your medical privacy is no longer a "Constitutional right".

Ordinarily, abortionists would be up in arms over the loss of their "Constitutional right to privacy" between them and their abortion doctor, but they will remain silent because Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian and Catholic Hospitals will be required to perform abortions in order to continue receiving federal aid and the federal government will have the electronic medical files to prove that the religious-based hospital is compliant with these federal regulations.

(Actually, abortion doctors and their pregnant female patients have nothing to fear -- they will continue to be totally exempt from any regulation)

Already, we see that Chile has had forced sterilization; whereas, China has forced abortions.

How many Americans would want the octuplet lady to have forced sterilization? Or even forced abortion of the octuplets, since she already had 6 kids at home with no husband to support her?

Using a bizarre story like the octuplet lady, it would take little Jewish media-Scribe propaganda to talk Americans into forced sterilization, if not "safe, legal and rare" forced abortions.

Medical privacy would become a joke. San Marcos Texas now has an ordinance requiring RFID chips implanted into their pets.

I see the day that your children will be required to be "chipped" before entering kindergarten, just as they are now required to be immunized. Who would complain about an inert glass vial injected under the skin, after the parents have already allowed doctors to inject a dozen deadly viruses under the skin already?

Or, I see the day that your child will have to have his Social Security number electronically implanted under his skin at birth. Didn't we already lose the battle where the politicians PROMISED that our Social Security numbers would NEVER be used for identification?

Why do we need to be chipped? Because, we can no longer afford to have paper records. All medical records need to be both electronic and portable from one doctor to the next. Also, as in the arguments for San Marcos Texas city officials who just want to be able to locate the owners of stray dogs, the argument is even stronger for federal officials who only want to locate the parents of a lost child. What parent can object to having all means available to idendify their children, should the little squirt run off.

And what better way to achieve the glorious goals of the state than to chip your child.

These types of Jewish media-Scribe manipulations of reason and logic are just around the corner.

Welfare Hospitals

But you say that Catholic hospitals can reject the federal aid and still remain private.

True, there are still a few private Catholic schools left in this country, but after paying taxes for public schools, who has the money left over to pay twice for putting your child in school.

For ordinary citizens, this will be the death of compassionate, religious-based, hospitals as well. These hospitals can now see they are on life-support and about to have their plug pulled. Goodbye Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian Hospitals.

Private hospitals will become like private schools -- only the super rich can afford them.

And of course, since the super-rich put their kids in private schools and private hospitals, that is all the proof Jewish media-Scribes need to further CONDEMN private schools and hospitals. Kick them when their down -- that is the standard mantra of Jewish media-Scribes.

Only the kicking is just beginning. After Obama finishes punishing the super rich (that is -- the non-politicians who actually pay their taxes) for having the audacity of being rich, the super rich will have more of a right to complain about the sad state of affairs in public schools and soon, public hospitals, since they will be paying for many more public school kids and public hospital stays then they will be paying for themselves in private schools and hospitals.

But they will only be vilified even more for not following the party line and getting in step with socialism.

Now, the super rich in ordinary America are the doctors themselves. Guess what? If Obama can limit CEO salaries to $500,000 in the banks he feeds money to, then once Obama starts feeding money into private hospitals, he can limit doctors to $100,000.

What future doctor is going to compete to enter a medical school for the 10 years it takes to get through medical school and residency, while incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars of school-loan debt?

Ordinary citizens are financially forced into the government-ran systems, no soldiers with machine guns has been needed, as they had to do in Russia.

Welfare Mothers

And as Ann Coulter says, the welfare mother is back.

More federal dollars will be taken from me, a husband and father of two, to pay for single mothers having octuplets, on purpose, while already having 6 other children at home.

Soon, I may not be able to afford to feed my own family.

I will also need to be a father who abandons his children to the State, so they can be fed with Federal Food Stamps, housed in Federal Subsidized housing and treated in the Federal public hospitals. Perhaps, I will return later and just shack up with my former wife.

Having a Christian-based family may also soon become a luxury that only the super rich can afford.

Religious Trojan Horse

If we allow the Herodian-controlled Federal government to continue to buy us off, even in our Christian Churches, we are indeed doomed.

    We should not be talking about a

      Separation of Church and State

    We should be talking about a

      Separation of Synagogue and State

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